The First 90 Days

Are you feeling overwhelmed on how to get started?

Starting a wellness biz feels lonely.

You work so very hard to take the leap, follow your passion, take on the financial burden and head back to school.

You spend 1-4 years learning, stretching, growing to become the best practitioner you can be in your field.

You graduate and are on top of the mountain (CELEBRATING, I hope!).

Then you’re (not gently) booted back down to the bottom.

You quickly become clearly aware of the climb ahead, and it’s much greater that the last.  You start out tired. Your ignorance was bliss.

Now is the time to channel that passion and begin gathering the tools in business to become successful.  Do not go it alone, leverage those who came before you and seek guidance and advice.

PLUS, read this post about simple ways to invest in yourself and your business!

Having been there before you, here are my top three “must get done” in the first 90 days for new wellness practitioners:

Write a business plan and set goals

Do not skip this step!  If you are horrified by writing a business plan too bad.  You need a simple and realistic plan showing if your business is viable, how you’ll make money and how you’ll measure success.  SCORE offers free resources in this area or work with your coach.


Assemble a team of trusted advisors

You absolutely need an accountant and an attorney.  These are individuals you can call with questions as you are navigating contracts, setting up your business entity and beginning the bookkeeping process.  A small investment here can save you ALOT of money later.  Do not wait until you need them, interview potential candidates early so they know you and are ready and waiting for your call!


Get out, see and explore

The best way to determine what you want and do not want is to get out and interview for jobs, see spaces for lease or sublease and find out what other (non-competing) practitioners are doing.  Consider everything from location, clinic aesthetics and structure.

Please do not skip these extremely important steps in your first 90 days!

Many practitioners ask me what I did in the early days of my practice to get started and create such acceleration.  These are the things I did.

They also ask, what might I do differently. 

I reached out for coaching and mentorship around the one year mark.  In retrospect, I would have done it right away!  It would have saved me time, money and some tears.

xx Michelle