What Keeps Me up at Night?

Sleepless nights are not uncommon for a busy holistic practitioner by day and business owner by day and night!  So what keeps me up at night? If there is ever a night to toss and turn or just a time when falling asleep seems to be a chore, it is always because of PEOPLE.

People play a great role in the success of a business. Click To Tweet

Think about it.

Patients first and foremost.  Without potential new clients walking in your door, without glowing testimonials of your exceptional care and without referrals from those who love you most – there would be no business.

Your support network.  We need a strong network of individuals around us who keep us grounded, help us block out the noise and those who do not believe, and we need a shoulder to cry on from time to time.

Your colleagues and mentors.  Do not go it alone.  We need to learn from those who have blazed the trail before us.  We need individuals who can provide reassurance when we are unsure of the path, people who can offer guidance and advice.

Co-workers and employees.  These individuals interact with your patients. Who you chose to be around reflects on you.

Who are the people in your business life?  Do you view and treat them like your greatest asset?

So what is keeping you up at night?

I have a suspicion whatever may be on your mind, it relates back to PEOPLE.

Investing not only in yourself, but the people around you is a powerful strategy that leads to success for holistic practitioners.

Tell me more about your challenges running a holistic practice by leaving a comment below.

The Importance of Celebration in Your Wellness Biz

Let’s Celebrate!

Boy oh boy it’s about the journey and not the destination.  A favorite quote of mine and a lesson I’m always working to learn in a deeper way for myself.

In our world where every picture worthy moment is captured for all of your social fans to see, it’s difficult for a business owner to not begin to look around and see all of the “should have” and “should be doing” as compared to our competition and colleagues.

The most successful wellness practitioners I know run their practices with great confidence in who they are, where they are going and why they are doing it.  They understand being successful is not defined by doing things the way others are doing them.  They strive to not just be different, but to follow their true north in a way that is true to themselves.

As a coach, I’m asking the practitioners I work with these types of questions – powerful questions you can be asking yourself!

>>>Who are you? What makes you special and different from others?  What do your patients LOVE about you?

>>>What is your business plan and how do you measure success for yourself?

>>>Why do you want to be a practitioner? Why do you want to own and grow your own practice?

Once you’re able to quiet the noise around you and focus on your special sauce, this is your opportunity to take YOUR UNIQUE RECIPE and leverage it!

Now success will look very different for everyone.  Some practitioners want a six figure solo practice, others desire a part-time schedule making just enough to supplement their family needs, while some of you are working to manifest a full integrative clinic.  All are FANTASTIC goals, and all require business planning and goal setting that look quite different.

So the next time you find that inner voice comparing what you have achieved versus another practitioner.


The path looks so very different for everyone.


Celebrate the success they’re achieving.  Honor their efforts because when they are successful we are successful as an industry.

Most importantly, never forget to celebrate for YOU. #maven #mindset Click To Tweet

The climb as a business owner and practitioner is a long one!  The road is bumpy, there are ups and downs.  You’ll go the wrong way and have to retrace your steps.  You’ll do a lot of things right, you’ll do some things wrong.  There is never a short cut but some times you’ll find a coach or colleague who can show you the way.


xx Michelle

Invest in Yourself & Your Business

5 Ways to Invest Without Spending a Dime

Wellness practitioners are often on a budget!

Heck, any smart business owner is always on a budget especially in the first few years of practice. I totally get it!

That’s why understanding ways to invest in your business that won’t break the bank is a must!

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to jump start your existing practice, these are are my recommendations and top five:


Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is critical to your success as a business owner! I built my entire practice by leveraging my strengths, knowing my areas of weakness and hiring for the gaps.

TAKE ACTION! A couple tips on drilling down to uncover your strengths.

>>>Get yourself a copy of StrengthsFinder by Tom Rath and complete the self-assessment

>>>Email a few colleagues and request their feedback


You can learn soooo much from other business owners within (or outside) of your industry. I’ve found most small business owners LOVE to talk about their business to anyone who will listen and are a wealth of knowledge about what has worked well and not so well.

TAKE ACTION! Ideas to collect valuable industry data and connect:

>>>Interviewing is free. Apply for as many jobs in your area as possible with the goal of interviewing at 3-4 places just to learn more about the opportunities available

>>>Go see space that is for lease or sublease in your area and make a list of all the things you like and do not like 


Statistics show business planning increases your probability of success. Writing a business plan will most importantly inform you if your business idea is valid and then allow you the opportunity to thoughtfully put together a step by step process to achieve your goals.

TAKE ACTION! Use these steps to get started:

>>>Write: take a pen and paper and paint a picture with words of what your ideal practice looks like, who is there and how it looks and feels when you walk in the door. Share why it is important to you to own a business and how you are uniquely positioned to make sure it is successful.

>>>Seek advice from trusted advisors: SCORE offers free tools and counseling for small business! Review your business idea with them for feedback prior to writing the full business plan to ensure you are on the right track.


Successful business ownership requires an army, and you cannot do it with an army of one. Design your team with intention to ensure your success!

TAKE ACTION! Begin to create a network of support by ensuring you have people on your team to fill these important roles:

>>>Inner circle: these individuals are your cheerleaders, they may not know a lot about your business but they do know you very well. You can share with them your challenges and fears and they offer valuable guidance and advice. Make sure you have 3-4 people on this team so you do not place too much expectation on any one person.

>>>Trusted advisors: identifying those individuals you will hire to fill in where you have gaps in knowledge prior to needing them will position you for success. These individuals may include an attorney, accountant or business mentor. Do not wait until you need them! You want someone who understands you and your business so they can properly advise you.


There is such a wealth of information available for business owners and I see many individuals focusing on what others are doing and getting caught in the “I should do that too” circle. Using your time wisely is critical.

TAKE ACTION! Consider these thoughts on free resources and how to leverage your time:

>>>The Internet offers the opportunity to download and access A LOT of free content, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Instead of getting lost in the sea of free, make sure you have a well thought out plan that identifies your gaps then seek out resources you need you need to fill those gaps.

>>>When you are not sure what to do, instead of looking around at what others are doing, seek the advice of your business coach or others on your team who know you well. I always found my business coach could connect me with the resources I needed to move ahead.

These are ideas to get you started but by no means the full process to success.  This is not an adventure to go it alone and I believe finding like-minded colleagues and coaches have been the key to accelerating success!

xx Michelle