What Do You REALLY WANT? Know Your WHY!

You have an opportunity in front of you.  You are presented with the option to expand your practice space.  You will be at prime street level, you will have walk in traffic, can now add retail products, hire employees, add practitioners to your clinic, GROW and make more money!

How exciting! Your friends and family are impressed, your colleagues can’t believe how quickly you are growing and having your new light up sign on the building boosts your ego even more.

Of course no one knows you are fully leveraged financially, that this will be a complete risk, eat up any cash flow you have and that it creates instant anxiety and many sleepless nights for you.

The opportunity may look different, but the story is typically the same. You do not have a plan, this opportunity fell in to your lap and it appears to be fantastic so you go for it.

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I have experienced this lesson many times. It is a place holistic practitioners find themselves over and over again.  The opportunity was dreamy, shiny, appeared so fabulous……that you forgot to consider if it was even what YOU wanted.  You forgot to take a look at your business plan to determine if it was a fit for you. You did not even consult your coach because you needed to provide an answer right away.

You are drawn to MORE.  Me too.  And if you are anything like me, you have no problem generating more.  That’s a great problem to have.

Now comes the difficult part. What do you really want?  Are you able to define what you want and understand WHY you want it?

This is a conversation I have over and over again with my clients.  You can have whatever it is YOU DESIRE, but you absolutely need to know what you want and why you want it.

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Make the Leap in Your Holistic Practice

I am an expert at making the leap.

At 24 I changed my career direction from Finance to Sales and moved to Colorado.

At 29 I transitioned from West Coast living to pursue a new opportunity on the East Coast.

Around 34 I finished my MBA program and only months later left my Corporate career to head back to school full time to become an Acupuncturist.

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When I graduated, I took on the role of entrepreneur full time and built a 5 room, 8 practitioner clinic from the ground up.

I am now in the midst of my biggest leap taking on my second entrepreneurial adventure, writing a book and doing it all to help more people than I ever imagined.

What have I learned you might ask?

>>>YOU must think big for yourself and continue to redefine what your dream looks like for you.

>>>YOU will need to take risks despite the unknown outcome.  The good news, your tolerance for risk-taking increases as you practice it.

>>>YOU need to be action-oriented.

>>>YOU need to go your own way, do things different, find inspiration everywhere, create and make your own rules.

These are just a few things that come to mind!

I love a new challenge, I run towards the unknown and I am always ready to take the leap.

This is what has provided me the opportunity to travel across the globe, live in different cities, take time away from my practice and so very much more.

Does this sound like you?  Tell me more in the comments below!

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Death by Comparison

Do you ever find you compare yourself to other holistic practitioners?

Do you find you are telling yourself:

>>>You should be making a certain amount of money

>>>Your schedule should be fully booked with clients

>>>You should use social media to grow your email list because that is what others are doing

>>>You should be …….because others are doing……..

I have.

Sometimes I have found myself paralyzed by comparison.  Watching so closely what others are doing and telling myself what I am NOT doing instead of focusing on how much I have achieved so far.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you experienced these types of feelings?

This type of self communication can literally stop you in your tracks.  It is difficult because many holistic practitioners are feeling overwhelmed with knowing where to start.  They feel like they are on an island.  They are so inspired by helping people and so depleted by the day to day activities of running a business.

I find this is when death by comparison sets in.

When you are frozen in place of not knowing what to do or how to do it.  When the idea of writing a business growth plan sounds unfamiliar.  When putting together a marketing strategy and calendar are always on the bottom of your list.

Death by comparison is a common trap we fall in to as holistic practitioners, female entrepreneurs and business owners. Click To Tweet

At some stages in growing my practice I knew exactly what to do and how to do it.  At other times I did not.  This is when death by comparison set in for me.

How do you overcome this trap?

Here’s what has worked for me:

>>>Talking with colleagues, uncovering the truth that we are all feeling this way at every stage in business

>>>Working with my business coach provided structure and focus, along with reassurance I was on the right track – I also had the opportunity to take some short cuts!

>>>Hanging out with my cheerleaders – those people who could give me the pep talk I needed to get back on track

>>>Writing down and reviewing all the great things I had accomplished to date

There are ALOT more ways to avoid death by comparison.  What are some of your ideas?  Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,


Do You Have Goal Sickness?

I had the pleasure of spending time at an ethics workshop with local high school students this past week. I showed up clearly knowing my role as a “community leader” and “role model” for the students. I understood my tasks for the day and figured I would volunteer my time as planned and then be heading home for the day.

You know how the universe has a way of placing you just where you need to be?

Instead I had a thorough review of ethics as it applied not only to my personal life, but also my professional life. I had meaningful conversations with well-adjusted and articulate students about their career plans and daily challenges. I enjoyed time with other community leaders and had a relaxed day away from my business.

And here is what really “stuck” for me:


Teleopathy, aka GOAL SICKNESS, is the unbalanced pursuit of purpose.  Our ability to become fixated on one goal to the point of obsession.  The opposite would be determination or perseverance – which are viewed as positive traits.  Goal sickness, on the other hand is quite negative.

As practitioners, you will see this trait in your patients.  They are so fixated on getting a promotion, providing for their children, being present for everyone else – they forget about themselves. They focus outward instead of inward.  They push and push through the symptoms until they cannot go any further.  This is when they show up at our clinics looking for treatment.

Does this sound familiar? 

GOAL SICKNESS also applies to many of us as business owners.  I talk with so many practitioners who are focused on one goal.  Typically a financial goal that solely defines success in their minds.  They set their goal based on what others are doing instead of focusing on what is right for them.  They give and give of themselves to their patients, discount their prices, and at the end of the day are focusing on the one goal that they can never seem to reach.

I hope this is not you, but the truth is, there are a lot of practitioners out there feeling this way.  I have been there.

Let’s end the cycle now.  I believe strongly holistic practitioners deserve the money they desire and that the financial goal is different for everyone.  We need to compare ourselves only to what is right for us.  We need to stop discounting and start focusing on balance for ourselves and our patients.  We need to support and celebrate the success of our colleagues.

A six figure (and beyond!) practice is within your reach.  It does not require fixation.  Goal-setting is an important component but goal sickness is not.

Are you suffering from Teleopathy?  Have you seen the symptoms of goal sickness in yourself or your patients?  Please share your comments!