Suhani Shah

Maven Spotlight: Suhani Shah, Practitioner of the Week

Please help me in welcoming this week’s Practitioner of the Week, Suhani Shah! She started practicing as a naturopath in July of 2015, but felt pressure to open after passing her board exams and obtaining her license. She didn’t really know how to build her practice and marketing was daunting! So she took the needed time to work on herself, which has brought her to a place of confidence. She now has a clearer vision for her practice. She now has a better understanding of her ideal client and has found the clients that are a good fit. Naturally, marketing and social media has become that much easier, as well! Learn more about her business below!

A brief story of what Suhani Shah does and why she does it…

I am a naturopathic doctor and see children and adults with a variety of concerns. However, I have a focus on stress management, hormonal health such as women’s health concerns and thyroid health, and mental health. I address digestive health in all my patients, as many conditions originate from an unhealthy gut. I work with the patient to help identify and treat the root cause and use a combination of diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and lifestyle counselling.

I chose this profession because I enjoy healing people, talking with patients and learning about their stories. I like working with them to figure out what the cause of all their symptoms are and how they are all connected. It’s like detective work and sometimes even the smallest change can make a huge difference in their health.

How did you get into holistic health care?

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in nutrition, I developed a keen interest in food as medicine. I took some time off and one day, I went to visit a naturopath to pick up something for a family member. I remember she was explaining the female hormonal cycle to me, which made me recall my undergrad physiology course. All it took was a 20-minute encounter with this naturopathic doctor to make me think that this is what I wanted to do. I researched naturopathic medicine and found the principles made sense and reflected my own values, creating a connection. This connection, made this kind of medicine feel like the right choice. I could use nutrition to treat, but still immerse myself in biomedical sciences, which I use to diagnose and figure out the root cause of symptoms in my patients.

What makes you special, unique and different?

I strive to be authentic with all my patients as well as authentic on my social media accounts. This means I share what my lifestyle really is, which helps people to connect with me. They can see I lead an 80% holistic, natural lifestyle with the occasional 20% indulgence in not so naturopathic delights. This is more realistic in today’s society, as it is very hard for people to have a completely natural lifestyle! When individuals find a connection, it leads them to be more likely to book appointments.

There is a stigma in society that if you are a naturopathic doctor, you must lead a 100% natural, healthy lifestyle. If one was to see a ND they would have to do a complete diet overhaul, which reduces their willingness. By me being authentic, I hope to alleviate this stigma!

I also don’t take away or restrict my client’s favourite foods. My role is to empower the individual and provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make healthy lifestyle changes. I want them to understand the impact of certain foods and bad lifestyle choices on their health! Once my patients are educated and have better control of their own health, it makes it easier for them to be and eat healthier.

What or who are your inspirations?

My biggest inspiration are my parents, especially my dad. Every time I feel this entrepreneur lifestyle is hard, I reflect back on what my parents went through. They moved to Canada and started a business from scratch, requiring long hours and hard work, while raising two young children. We were adjusting to a new city and western society. In those days, most marketing happened via print or word of mouth – social media didn’t exist to help with spreading the word. If my parents could start up a business from scratch then, I can build my naturopathic wellness business now, with having even more technology available to me.

My fellow naturopathic colleagues are another source of inspiration. They always help me generate creative marketing ideas and new things to do in practice when I feel like I am hitting a wall and not generating enough patient revenue.

How are you making a difference in your life?

I continue to try and challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone by doing things that either make me nervous or things that I am fearful of. This is because only when you push yourself into areas you are not familiar with, you will grow and learn. I feel this has a huge influence on why, even though I have been practicing for almost 2 years, I feel like it is only now I am clear on my ideal patient population, my career goals and vision.

Moving to a new city was the biggest step out of my comfort zone, which then pushed me to go to networking meetings, get out and meet people to make friends and also to build professional relationships. Over time, through my experiences and opportunities, I am slowly tackling my fears and improving my life for the better.

What has been your biggest business challenge?

My biggest challenge has been confidently explaining what I do and what naturopathic medicine is all about. Many people still don’t know what a naturopathic doctor does. When people don’t know what you do, it makes it harder to get them through the door and become patients. I am still working on this, but working on myself and getting a clear vision about my practice and goals has made it easier to more confidently discuss what I do with others. This has increased booking appointments and I have been getting more inquiries and consults.


Suhani is a licensed naturopathic doctor currently practicing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She sees patients with a wide variety of concerns but her special interest lies in mental health, hormonal health (PMS, menstrual health, menopause, thyroid disorders, adrenal health), stress management, and, school age & adolescence health. Outside of seeing patients, she loves cooking and experimenting with different foods and recipes. She loves dancing, too! You can email Suhani at

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Siobhan McAuley

Best of Month | Episode 57 | Siobhan McAuley

You don’t need to crash and burn every time you want to make a change.

Siobhan McAuley has such a fascinating story. Siobhan has been a health practitioner and healer for nearly her entire life, but throughout her career, she was broke and constantly struggling to find the financial freedom she craved. She kept waiting for ‘life to happen’ and grew somewhat resentful because of it. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer that she found inspiration in life and decided to change her life around for the better. She said something powerful on this interview, but you’ll have to wait till the end of the show to find out why Siobhan’s words, ‘burning to the ground to create change’ left a lasting impression on me.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Siobhan was waiting for inspiration and it came, but only after being diagnosed with cancer.

*Unfortunately, Siobhan had to live off of welfare because she could not afford her medical treatments.

*At the time, she was also telling a very negative story about her partner, who lived in a different country.

*Siobhan got this crazy idea one day…what would it be like to earn $20k a month? Well, long story short, she was able to achieve that goal in 9 months.

*Siobhan has been a part of the yoga industry for the last 15 years.

*How did Siobhan discover her passion to teach?

*Siobhan is a vision person, not a details person.

*We have to be willing to lead ourselves before we can lead anyone else.

*How do you go from welfare to $20k a month?

*Siobhan took on 30k in debt during the first year of her business. By the way, she already had 40k in debt when she owned her yoga studio, way back when.

*You don’t need to crash and burn every time you want to make a change.

*Make sure you pay yourself first. This is the best form of self-love you can do for yourself.

*Break the whole problem down into pieces.

*Siobhan was very clear on her end result. She didn’t want 20k a month just because. She wanted 20k a month so she could have the freedom to visit her partner.

*The universe is an ‘and/both’ option, it is not a ‘neither/or’.

*You can’t come into a productive healing relationship when you are broke, tired, and stressed. This is why you have to practice self-care on yourself first!

*Healers are following a broken model in the industry that doesn’t put themselves first.

*I resonate so strongly with Siobhan’s ‘crash and burn’ model. Here’s why…

Maven Moment

Let’s be real with each other for a moment. Drama and the deconstruction of oneself can be a very powerful (and often times painful) thing. When Siobhan spoke about burning everything to the ground in order to create change, it opened a box for me. I never heard anyone put it quite the way Siobhan did, but I’m glad she opened up and shared some very deep and personal insights about herself.

The same thing happened to me when I had my brick and mortar business. There was a part of me that knew it was time to let go, but another part of me was struggling to find the strength to drop everything and pivot. I really had to go through a journey in order to finally set myself free from that business. Listen to the end of the interview to hear the full story.

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Samantha Eaton

Maven Spotlight: Samantha Eaton, Practitioner of the Week

Please help me in welcoming this week’s Practitioner of the Week, Samantha Eaton! Learn about her business, Healthy Eaton  with many details of what she credits her success to below!

A brief story of what Samantha Eaton does and why she does it…

I help women overcome the stress they have around food and their bodies to live a happier, healthier life. I used to battle daily. I was so unhappy with how my body looked and restricted by food rules. I didn’t feel confident or happy and didn’t come close living my life to its fullest.

I’m now passionate about helping others learn how to look and feel their best in a way that is not restricted. Doing what works best for their unique body and lifestyle!

How did you get into holistic health care?

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 8 years ago. This rocked my world. I researched and learned probably the 2 worst things: it’s incurable and gets worse over time. I was determined to figure out how he got it and how we could slow the progression of symptoms. I started peaking under the curtain and discovering all these things we’re told are “safe” for us. Turns out, they are actually far from it! My family made some dietary tweaks to foods and products we used and my dad’s symptoms improved. I just had to figure out how to spread this information to help others.  There are actions we can take NOW that will help us feel better!

What makes you special, unique and different?

I think my background makes me special, unique, and different. If I hadn’t gone through the extremes of what I struggled with since childhood through post-college and my family didn’t experience what they did, I wouldn’t be nearly as effective a coach.

I learned key pivotal lessons that have formed my unique approach, and have changed the lives for the women I’ve worked with. I focus first on the underlying reasons people are making the decisions they’re making. These mostly stem from the mind and thought process, which makes everything else happen so much more naturally. It eliminates the forcing, the reliance on willpower, and the deprivation most diets come with.

What or who are your inspirations?

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I had the privilege to learn dietary theories and innovative coaching methods from top expert leaders in the fields of nutrition, health, and wellness. I am absolutely inspired and motivated by those leaders who dared to question the “norm”. They have moved forward pursuing what they knew was socially less accepted and it will change the world!

I’m also inspired by my parents. My mom is an entrepreneur, as well, and my dad instilled the BEST work ethic and drive in me by his example.

How are you making a difference in your life?

Every single client I work with teaches me something. Everyone has such unique situations, that the challenges and obstacles are different for everyone. I get to problem-solve with them to help them reach their goals, and every time that teaches me something and betters me as a person. Plus, I was able to turn my true passion into my career! I get to help people live happier and healthier lives every day. I cannot describe how much joy, happiness, and fulfillment I get from it!

Samantha Eaton is a Certified Health Coach who is passionate about helping women learn how to eat better and live a healthy, happy life they love. Her customized health coaching empowers women to ditch the stressful diets and deprivation, and create a healthier relationship with food and their body. Samantha’s unique approach gets them the motivation, accountability, and tools they need to overcome the overwhelm, clear up the confusion, and build healthy eating and lifestyle habits that last! You can email Samantha at

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Krisha Young

Best of Month | Episode 42 | Krisha Young

Krisha’s one piece of advice when starting your own business is to strictly focus on the blog and the Facebook page.

Krisha Young is a food and lifestyle ninja who has been in business for herself over the past three years. When Krisha first started her online business, she was working a full-time job and raising two small children.

Wow! To say that this lady has drive is an understatement.

There are so many points here that I want to mention, but one of the things we touched on was shifting from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. This can be hard when you’re bootstrapping your business and trying your best to stay afloat, but once you’re able to take care of your core necessities, you can actually expand your growth and reach even more people.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*When you’re selling, look at trying to help people first.

*Thank you for your feedback!

*Krisha is a food and lifestyle ninja and a registered holistic nutritionist.

*Krisha has been in business for herself over the past three years.

*Just keep believing and just keep doing and it will work out!

*Ask yourself: What does a woman who makes x amount of money do every day? One of the things she focuses on is mindset.

*Get comfortable with failure.

*Krisha struggled with ‘how to sell’ for a long time, but the reality is that selling is helping.

*When Krisha was starting out she had a scarcity mentality towards money.

*Now that she’s no longer stuck in fear mode, she knows she can help even more people.

*Once you’re able to provide for yourself, you’re able to give back to your community in a greater way.

*There are people out there willing to pay the price you set for your services.

*What kind of things has Krisha struggled the most with? Mindset.

*Finding a good mindset coach is incredibly helpful.

*Krisha started her business when she was working full time AND had two small kids!

*When Krisha first started, she thought she had to be like everyone else.

*Coaches have had a big role in Krisha’s success.

*The best coaches have coaches. You can’t do this alone. If you’re struggling, find a coach.

*You can download all the free stuff you want, but nothing beats the one-on-one support.

*When Krisha started her business, she made $0 the first year. The second year, $25,000. Year three? 30K in three months.

*When you’re first starting out, you might be stuck trying to do ‘all the things’.

*All you have to do is start a Facebook and start a blog.

*Krisha did everything free and bootstrapped her business for the first two years.

*We do a lot for people and sometimes there’s a bit of shame on our part for charging them for it.

*We need healers to come to the forefront in such a huge way.

*When you go online and try to be everything to everyone, then you end up helping no one.

Maven Moment

Not many of my guests have talked about the selling aspect of the business. I know I have mentioned before that selling can sometimes seem ‘dirty’ because we, as healers, want to help others and not crave a big financial hole out of our clients’ pockets; but Krisha knows her stuff and knows how to sell in the most authentic way possible. When you’re able to take care of yourself on a spiritual, mental, and physical level, this allows you to help even more people!

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