Neal Niemiec

My Wife’s an Entrepreneur | Neal Niemiec

It comes down to this: Happiness first.


Neal Niemiec is my lovely and amazing husband, who has stuck by me since day one of quitting my corporate job. I just wasn’t happy, and he could see that. This conversation was a bit eye-opening on many levels. Neal talks on what it’s like being a spouse to an entrepreneur, and how to manage expectations from the get-go. I wasn’t just leaving my job, I was taking on a bigger risk for the both of us. Neal also speaks to how he was able to be unbelievably supportive, when I was going through my own, and sometimes messy, entrepreneurial journey.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Today’s guest is my husband, Neal!

*What went through Neal’s mind when I told him I was quitting my job?

*What was Neal thinking about, on a deeper level, about the additional risk our household was about to take on?

*Neal is currently working at a corporate job, but he gets excited by my success and business ideas.

*How did Neal get to such a supportive place? Was it always like this?

*Set your expectations from the get-go.

*It can be tough, when you have a spouse who is focused 24/7 on their business. People in Neal’s position have the weekend to look forward to, and entrepreneurs don’t necessarily always have that luxury.

*What advice does Neal have for others in the same position?

*It’s Neal’s role to provide the runway.

*Neal understands there are no sick days, no paid time off, nothing!

*Neal flips the script! He asks me what was the toughest thing about being in a relationship while I was starting my business, and he was still in corporate?

*What has Neal learned about entrepreneurship?

Maven Moment


Let’s talk about risk. Neal talked a lot about this. Our household was going to be taking on a lot of risk as I left my corporate career to pursue this ‘unknown.’ Our tolerance for risk does increase overtime as we step into the deep side of the pool. Every dollar I spent made me cringe, during the early stages of my business. Truth be told, I felt guilty. Over the years though, this mindset has changed, as I’ve become much more confident in myself and my abilities.

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A Bad Foundation = a Faulty and Rough Start

A Bad Foundation = a Faulty and Rough Start | Maven Mini

After working with you guys, day in and day out, and hearing your struggles, I constantly see the same things, over and over again, happening to you guys. A Bad Foundation = a Faulty and Rough Start! It actually doesn’t even matter at what stage of your business you are, currently, whether you’ve got your brick & mortar company, or fresh out of school, or even currently working for someone else, I see the same patterns happening!

A solid foundation makes all the difference


At the end of the day, so many of my clients and students are not nailing down the foundation to their business. And to me, that’s where it all starts! A strong foundation can’t happen if you are struggling to get focused, you don’t have clear goals or expectations, you don’t know what you’re doing, or even why you’re doing it!

And let’s just talk about visibility, our theme for this month. Oh my goodness! Visability!!! Trust me, you guys aren’t going to get burned at the stake by putting yourself out there. You might be struggling with consistently showing up for your audience. Even if you might believe you think you actually are showing up, but in reality you’re not.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I am drilling down on these very important foundational themes for you guys. Right here, right now! You don’t have to feel like you’re alone, because you’re not! Remember to download the ‘You Don’t Suck’ worksheet that I’ve provided to you for free on my website and below. For free! This will certainty get you headed in the right direction on focus, clarity, and visibility.

Jen Hemphill

Stay in the Game! No Matter What | Jen Hemphill

Money mindset does play a big role in your business.


Jen Hemphill is a money coach, podcaster, mom, and wife! She shows people how to have a good mindset towards their money, and offers practical advice so that anyone can achieve financial success. Money is one of your top properties, which is why it should never get neglected! Jen shares some great tidbits on how she overcame her bad money mindset, and the best investment you can do with your money when it comes to your business.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Don’t forget to download my free “You Don’t Suck” PDF.

*Being a military spouse has its challenges!

*It’s Jen’s goal to give others the right, and practical, advice on money and money mindset.

*Jen’s bad money mindset has held her and her family back, in the past.

*Find the right medium to provide your audience with value.

*You have to stay in the game! No matter what.

*What has been Jen’s biggest challenge so far? Patience.

*A lot of entrepreneurs end up suffering from shiny object syndrome, especially when they’re first starting out.

*What’s the number one investment for your business? Outsourcing some of the tasks as quickly as possible.

*How does Jen manage perfectionism?

*How does Jen juggle her business and her family?

*Due to her membership program, Jen does have to work at night to serve her clients, but there also has to be balance.

Maven Moment


After this interview, I really want you to start thinking about your money story. In the beginning of my business, I never really thought about my own money mindset. In fact, I remember how I was so afraid to even spend $50, or even $100, on my business. Once I became more confident in my abilities, and changed my thoughts on seeing these extra services as an investment, not an expense, then that’s when things really began changing for me.

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