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Are You Always Just Learning, But Not Doing? | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 102: Are You Always Just Learning, But Not Doing?


Hey everyone. For this episode, it will just be yours truly talking, Michelle McGlade! I am so passionate about helping you guys succeed, but one thing I’ve noticed is that you have a hard time putting down those books. You might feel like you’re not good enough, not experienced enough; not ready, but the truth be told, you have to stop overlearning and start getting your butt out there and helping people who desperately need you! On today’s show, I share my personal story, the defining moment if you will, on why I had to help other people with their pain.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Today it’ll be just yours truly talking, Michelle McGlade! It’ time to do a quick solo show and talk one-on-one with you.

*I’ll be taking your questions at the end of the show!

*Do not forget to join the Facebook group community! You won’t regret it!

*It’s time to put those learning books down and get those clients in the door.

*I slipped on wet ice while I was at a skating rink (I wasn’t even moving) and I pretty much broke my entire leg. I had to get surgery and I was deathly afraid.

*My leg was so bad, the doctor wanted to present my case at a conference!

*I was in acupuncture school at the time and my husband had to literally carry me into class! I had a walker, but it was just too painful getting from the hallway to the classroom.

*I did everything I could to be the 1 in 10 to recover from my type of injury. Physical therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, massages, everything!!

*One day when I was getting acupuncture done, I just start balling my eyes out crying, and my acupuncturist told me that this was a gift. That this experience will make me a better doctor. I didn’t believe it at the time, but he was right.

*At the end of the day, the experience I had, and the passion I have for helping other people, extends way beyond acquiring another degree. I hope this story inspires you to stop constantly trying to learn and learn and learn without any action and instead forces you to take action!

*What about continuous learning?

*How can you leverage your personal value?

*Stay till the end and I’ll answer some of your questions!


Michelle McGlade’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


Education will only get you so far. At the end of the day, you need to get your butt out there… Click To Tweet It is time to put those books down, own your personal value, and get clients in the door. Click To Tweet 1 in 10 make a full recovery from my type of injury. I decided I was going to do everything… Click To Tweet Ultimately, I realized that the value I brought to the table for my patients extends way, way… Click To Tweet

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Lowering Your Price by $5 Won't Get More Clients, But This Will

Lowering Your Price by $5 Won’t Get More Clients, But This Will

Lowering your price by $5 won’t get more clients, but I’m 100% confident that having a lead generation process will absolutely lead to more clients! And even better? It’s easy and it works!

I was inspired to discuss this based on a question in my free Facebook community. This person happened to be a massage therapist in the Midwest and did a lot of customized massages, like therapeutic deep tissue, along with incorporating acupressure, Reiki and reflexology. She’s been charging $75 for a one-hour massage for the last four years and up until recently, she hasn’t had any problems retaining business.

However, she questioned her price-point and asked me if she lowered her price to $70, would she get more clients? She knew the average in her area was around $65, so her thought process involved lowering her price to attract more clients.

NO! Absolutely not!

$5 doesn’t matter to a buyer if they already value what you’re offering. Even if you see those client numbers decreasing and it’s killing your confidence, you’re going to start feeling a little desperate. You want more clients in the door!

The mind games start happening because you’re seeing numbers go down, along with your income.

The last thing you want to do is get caught in the hamster wheel where you have no plan, no process and no clients! That’s a huge problem!

Instead, let’s talk about creating a lead generation process, which is basically just a recipe. It’s something you can go back to time and time again and follow step-by-step.

When you have a recipe you’ve never tried before, what do you generally do? You follow it to a T! You measure everything out perfectly. You do everything exactly the way it’s laid out and once you start feeling more confident, you might start experimenting a little bit. Maybe you start adding a little of this or take away a little of that and you make it work for you.

Soon, you may not even have to look at the recipe card anymore!

That’s what lead generation is. It’s a process for your business.

When I was first getting started I was running from process and procedure. I ran from phrases like “lead generation” and “sales process” because I thought I’d just throw everything at the wall and see what would stick. It worked in the beginning to get clients, but I can tell you, it was completely overwhelming. It was exhausting and definitely wasn’t sustainable.

I didn’t have something that was repeatable to go back to and easy to follow. I didn’t know what I was going to do when the ups and downs came in my business.

But now I’m older. Wiser. More seasoned.

Think about it. Why go it alone? Why try to figure everything out the hard way? Why not just take a recipe, practice it, and tweak it until you make it work for you?

Here’s the thing. When you’re going through those ups and downs and need more clients in the door, lowering your price by $5 isn’t going to bring in more clients.

But a lead generation process will!

I want to give you an easy recipe for getting clients in the door. There are four parts:

  1. Use your existing network

Reach out to the network you already have! I call this low-hanging fruit. Reaching out to potential clients that are cold and don’t know anything about you or your business is so much harder. You’re much more likely to get business right away through your network. So make a list of people you’ve worked with in the past who haven’t been in in awhile, people who have expressed an interest in coming to see you, or maybe even partners or other practitioners who said that they may have a referral for you. Make that list!

  1. Invite them into a conversation

Depending on what type of relationship you have with them, it could look and feel a bit different for everyone. If it’s somebody you know well, you’re going to set up that coffee date. If it’s a patient, or someone you haven’t seen in awhile, send out that email. Think about the relationship and what form of contact would make the most sense.

  1. Follow-up

People are busy! Just because you reached out doesn’t mean they will immediately remember to get back to you. Many of us put our health as the lowest priority on our list, so this means you need to remind them! You need to be that little bug on the wall!

  1. Bring them to a decision

That’s right. Yes or no. Follow-up forever until you get that final decision! I know that sounds simple, but 99.9% of you aren’t doing this!

Remember that lowering your price by $5 isn’t going to be bringing more clients in the door, but creating that lead generation process absolutely will!

Lisa Mitchell

What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You? | Lisa Mitchell

Making the Maven Episode 101: What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You?


Lisa Mitchell is the premier Indianapolis-based communications expert specializing in Body Language and Nonverbal Skills training. Lisa started her career in corporate, but she quickly burned herself out of it by saying yes to too many things. She did not set boundaries for herself and one day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. In retrospect, it was one of the best lessons she could have learned for herself. Although Lisa is a people pleaser, every ‘yes,’ every opportunity out there has its costs, and you must be very careful as to what those are and how they will affect you long term.

Key Insights & Aha Moments:


*Who is Lisa and what is her purpose in life?

*I have a gift for you! A new workshop is available on my website and it’s free!

*As a body language expert, Lisa has had quite an interesting career journey how she got here.

*Lisa burned herself out so fast that she left everything behind, including her husband at the time.

*Lisa has learned now that she did not set appropriate boundaries. She let other people push her around, and one day she just couldn’t do it anymore.

*Opportunities are not free. As Lisa was saying yes to more and more things, she was not considering the other, more important things that she was giving up, like spending time with her child.

*Saying no is so, so hard. Lisa is such a people pleaser.

*What kind of lessons did Lisa learn, and how does that translate into what she’s doing right now?

*It took Lisa around four to five years before she really began to invest in herself. She did not feel worthy enough at first.

*What does Lisa’s mindset practice look like?

*First impressions begin in as little as seven seconds and they can make or break a work relationship.

*Before you really meet someone, you need to be ‘on’ before you’re really ‘on.’ Lisa explains a bit more.

*It becomes a game changer when you learn how to decode other people’s body language.

*If you can make people seen, heard, and valued, you’re pretty much set!

Lisa’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


The moment you start letting someone else define what success should look like, you’re in for… Click To Tweet I just had to be okay disappointing people and be okay with not letting people get what they… Click To Tweet Here’s the catch-22 of having the appearance of success: Everybody tells you how great you are… Click To Tweet There is always, always an opportunity cost. Opportunities are not free! Click To Tweet


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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown

Are You Struggling to be Visible to Potential Clients?

Struggling to be Visible to Potential Clients

Are you struggling to be visible to potential clients?

I hate to break it to ya, without clients you can’t be a healer and help people! It’s your job to do everything possible to grow your business, so you can’t hesitate to be visible!

It’s time to stop hesitating to put yourself out there for fear of rejection, being viewed as too “salesy” or even looking stupid in front of your wellness peers. This is your business!

You may not notice this right away for yourself. But, if you have these traits you more than likely have a fear of putting yourself out there.

Are you constantly preparing for any of the following?

  • How you’re going to be working with people
  • Going over your notes
  • Studying and restudying the treatment plans that you learned in school
  • Telling yourself you need to take another course in “fill in the blank”
  • To become more of an expert in “fill in the blank”

Sound familiar?

The thing is… you ARE the expert! You are the maven in your field, but you need to stop focusing on your expertise and start focusing on what to do to grow your business!

Fear of Rejection

My clients talk a lot about this as they resist going on social media and being visible. They don’t even want to start a Facebook page or posting to it because they don’t want to be rejected.

Maybe it’s not sending up a follow-up e-mail to a lead or to your friends and family because you don’t want to be rejected.

Or maybe you think you don’t know what to say and you let the fear win!?

Looking Stupid In Front of Peers

I’ve felt this way.

It can show up as you not wanting to speak up or speak your mind. You’re afraid to put your opinion out there, especially if you don’t agree with the majority. You shrink. You’re not willing to be visible and you’re afraid you will be judged or they will tell you you’re wrong.

Being Viewed as “Salesy”

This is avoidance. When you’re afraid of this, you start avoiding contacting people or avoiding following up with a lead. Or, you just don’t reach out to anyone. Do you claim you’re just too busy? I see this one often with clients. What is really happening is fear and resistance and ultimately self-sabotage. You’re really screwing yourself because you’re not growing your business and you’re avoiding it for all of these reasons.

Fear is real!

The difference between successful wellness biz owners and those who aren’t? Visibility.

So how can you specifically reach out to people in your network?

Client #1 reached out with a great question about what to say to people.

“What do I say to an acquaintance who I’m talking to and let them know that I help women avoid overeating and show them how to reverse pre-diabetes when they are overweight? I don’t want to feel like I’m targeting or judging them.”

Great question!

Client #2 asked:

“Can I just reconnect with someone on my list, ask them to meet for coffee without talking about my business until we meet? It feels better and more natural for me. I just want to catch up with them and I genuinely do want to. Is that okay?”

What you need is reassurance because of all the fears that are coming in.

These tactics and tips will help you feel more confident and be more visible.

1. You need to be more clear when you’re reaching out to people.

Be clear on the relationship that you have with the person before reaching out. It will help you identify what you should say to them, how to position it and what to expect in return!

So around Client #2’s question above, yes! Send that email, make that phone call and connect! There doesn’t have to be a lot of pressure around telling them about your business. Just get together!

If you’re genuinely interested about what is going on in their life, they will probably be genuinely interested in learning more about what is up with you. Let the conversation flow naturally.

This is a little different than Client #1’s question above, when reaching out to an acquaintance.

I would say something more like, “Hey, I haven’t heard from you in awhile and I was thinking about you. Actually, I’ve started a new venture lately” or “I’ve launched a new business” or “I’m doing health coaching and wondering if there is a potential for us to partner or cross-refer or help one another in some way, shape or form. Would you be interested in getting together?”

In this scenario, I’d call it out. It will NOT feel genuine if you’re pretending that you want to get together with them and really only want to discuss your business and haven’t chatted with them in years. Be upfront and clear.

Just ask!

So again, be CLEAR about what type of relationship you have with the person you’re reaching out to and go with what feels most authentic.

2. Remember the people you reach out to.

They are busy running around and worrying about all of the things going on with them. They’re not thinking about you and helping you grow your business! So remember, they’re not rejecting you, they just aren’t going to respond right away because they have many other things going on in their lives. You need to bug them a little bit!

That being said, you have to bug people in a really kind and gentle way and you will need to follow up…maybe two or three times before you hear back! A creative way to this is to say, “Hey, don’t know if you saw my email or not. You’re probably busy like everybody else, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m genuinely interested in getting together. Can we find a time in the next week or two?”


That’s it! If you don’t hear back, you could say something like “Hey, are you dead? Are you okay? Just kidding, but I haven’t heard back from you and I’m wondering why. Nudge, nudge. Don’t mean to be a pest, but I’m really interested in catching up with you!”

The big take-away?

You can’t reach out just one time!

Remember, they’re not rejecting you because they don’t respond right away. It’s OK to bug them a little bit because they have a million other things going on, just like you.

3. Persistency wins the day.

It’s a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to find a lead and/or client. The more no’s you’re getting, the closer you are to that yes!

You need clients and the number one job you have right now is to do everything you can to grow your business! Growing your business means being visible and reaching out to your network.

Take action!

Make a list of five people right now to reach out to and follow-up with. Get that definite yes or no, because you deserve to make the money that you desire in your wellness business!

Leadership in Your Wellness Business

Leadership in Your Wellness Business | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 100: Leadership in Your Wellness Business

The big 100 is here! A break was much needed over the summer but I admit, I missed you! And you are in for a treat…I’m going back to the beginning and laying out my story. Where I came from, the journey to get here, and my big vision for you and me and our industry.

Here’s what’s I want you to takeaway from our convo today: confidence and leadership are required in your wellness business. As you grow in confidence, as you grow in leadership in your wellness business…it elevates us all. Allowing the industry to get to new heights.

Before we dive in…

Check out my new workshop at michellemcglade.com/profit

It’s a perfect fit for you if:

  • You are struggling with charging a premium price for your service
  • Wondering what to charge for your service
  • Need support in how to handle discounting with family and friends
  • Desire to create a clear strategy to meet your income goal

Key Aha Moments & Takeaways

  • I suffered from childhood with migraine headaches
  • My first year in college my mom was sick with potentially the big C word
  • My health began to decline due to emotional stress during this time
  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in college
  • The treatment plan was to “grow out of it”
  • I decided to take matters in to my own hands
  • My flute teacher was a huge influence in helping me to take the lead in my own health care
  • I cleaned up my diet, went cold turkey off all medications and cut back my schedule and eventually I healed myself
  • My passion to ensure others did not have to suffer as I did was ignited
  • I was unsure if I had chosen the right path after college, thinking maybe I should have went in to health care
  • The interest never left me and I decided to take massage therapy classes as a hobby
  • After being laid off from my Corporate job, I worked as a CMT but realized quickly it was not a fit
  • So I spent another 10 years in Corporate
  • I was miserable, I was not happy with my “stable job” making “good money” and I felt like I was being held back
  • So I left my job in 2008 after finishing an MBA program and went back to school to become an acupuncturist
  • I knew I wanted my own business and wanted to become a leader in the holistic health care industry
  • I started my clinic right out of school and purchasing a second clinic within the first year
  • A major life event caused me to look at the bigger picture
  • I asked, who am I to want something bigger for myself. I was worried what others may think.
  • I dreamt too small for myself {wow}
  • Instead of hiding, I asked myself what more can I do.
  • I am location independent and now choose to live in Vermont while supporting and coaching other practitioners
  • There is an epidemic, instead of reaching out for help, practitioners are closing their doors
  • Without your success and leadership in this industry, we are in trouble

Michelle’s Tips Discussed in this Episode

“Get focused on what it is that you want. Business is personal, and you need to be clear on the business model that fits your lifestyle.”

“Get clear on the one thing that you do really well for your clients. You cannot be everything to everyone, so get clear on your super power.”

“Understand who you serve. Who are the people who want what you have to offer?”

“Show up, be present, visible and own your leadership in your community.”

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