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Increasing Exposure for Your Wellness Business

When Increasing Exposure for Your Wellness Business visibility is not a “nice to have”, it’s a requirement! You better start making getting exposure your top priority! When I was first getting started with my holistic health clinic, getting exposure was definitely a top priority. Visibility wasn’t an issue for me. I did it very, very […]

Making Money in Wellness

Today, in Making Money in Wellness, I want to talk about how a lack of focus will literally kill your business. Let’s talk about why it’s so important to start moving those big boulders instead of pushing all those little pebbles around, getting nowhere. I’ve done this the hard way! Let me share a story […]

Build Your List the Right Way | Maven Mini

This week’s guest did such a great job on list-building and focusing on her clients and talking about how to Build Your List the Right Way. I’ve talked about this before, I’d do this so differently if I was just starting out! I’d put much more emphasis on building that list! I just can’t impart […]