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Moving Those Big Boulders | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 106: Do you feel like you’re just pushing tedious sand? Here’s how you can fix that. This week’s episode just has yours truly, Michelle McGlade, talking one-on-one with you! Do you feel like you’re just pushing sand in your business right now? How do you go from sand to moving full-on […]

The Killer Intro

Let me break it down for you. I help people like you make Money in Wellness! I’m passionate about healers and practitioners just like you, because you have literally changed my life! I’ve had my own health struggles and you are the ones who have brought me back to wellness! And let me tell you, The […]

5 Steps to Open and Close New Clients

When we all first got into the wellness field, it was to reach and touch more people. It was to bring holistic healthcare options to the same stage as Western medicine and to make it more accessible. But… You’re struggling to make a living in your business! This is what I’m so passionate about. We […]