Build Your List the Right Way | Maven Mini

Build Your List the Right Way

This week’s guest did such a great job on list-building and focusing on her clients and talking about how to Build Your List the Right Way. I’ve talked about this before, I’d do this so differently if I was just starting out! I’d put much more emphasis on building that list! I just can’t impart […]

Look to the Stars to Help With Your Business | Kelley Hunter | MTM097

Kelley Hunter

Astrology is a great tool for self-awareness, personal growth and supporting our pathways to success.   Dr. Kelley Hunter is a longtime Depth Astrologer and Mythologist. Studies in psychology, cosmology, spirituality, and holistic consciousness, and over 1001 stargazing nights enrich her teachings and personal consultation work. She considers astrology to be a language of the soul […]