Death by Comparison

Do you ever find you compare yourself to other holistic practitioners? Do you find you are telling yourself: >>>You should be making a certain amount of money >>>Your schedule should be fully booked with clients >>>You should use social media to grow your email list because that is what others are doing >>>You should be […]

Do You Have Goal Sickness?

I had the pleasure of spending time at an ethics workshop with local high school students this past week. I showed up clearly knowing my role as a “community leader” and “role model” for the students. I understood my tasks for the day and figured I would volunteer my time as planned and then be […]

What Keeps Me up at Night?

Sleepless nights are not uncommon for a busy holistic practitioner by day and business owner by day and night!  So what keeps me up at night? If there is ever a night to toss and turn or just a time when falling asleep seems to be a chore, it is always because of PEOPLE. Think […]

The Importance of Celebration in Your Wellness Biz

Let’s Celebrate! Boy oh boy it’s about the journey and not the destination.  A favorite quote of mine and a lesson I’m always working to learn in a deeper way for myself. In our world where every picture worthy moment is captured for all of your social fans to see, it’s difficult for a business […]