You Deserve It! What is Your Money Block?

What is stopping you as a holistic practitioner from making the money you desire and deserve?  You! Your mindset around money is a critical success factor!  The sad truth is that most holistic practitioners are struggling to believe they are worth it.  Most of you would rather work more hours than charge more. I am […]

Holistic Practitioners Avoid this FATAL Error

There is a rampant problem within our industry. More on that in a minute. First, let’s talk about why we all decide to become healers. Most of us describe feeling inside, a passion and desire to help people. Some of us have struggled with our own health concerns and want to ensure others do not […]

Don’t End up Like Your Patients….SICK (and tired)

Looking back, would you go out on your own and start a business as a holistic practitioner? If given a choice, 84% of all small business owners say they would do it all over again.  This is an extremely positive outlook as published in this recent article at What is not so positive are […]