Maven Spotlight: Carmen Hunter, Practitioner of the Week

Carmen Hunter

Join me this week for our Maven Spotlight, with Carmen Hunter. Learn how she has built her business, Carmen Hunter Health! Launching a coaching method that no one else knows, along with improving the skills of coaches all over the world is one of her biggest accomplishments, so don’t miss all of the inspiring details that Carmen discusses below!

A brief story of what Carmen Hunter does and why she does it…

I am a health coach who teaches coaches how to empower their clients to be successful through my signature three step approach: Education, Preparation and Action. I give coaches back their peace of mind and quality of life through a more efficient method of coaching.

How did you get into holistic health care?

A history of unexplained chronic pain and no diagnosis made me an investigator into my own health. In order to have a quality of life I had to find out the cause of my issues on my own.

What makes you special, unique and different?

I believe in doing the easiest things first and staying within our scope of profession by using experts in the wellness field. Health coaches don’t have to BE the experts….I teach them how to be successful and have a low risk business in this profession.

What or who are your inspirations?

Every functional medical leader that ever stepped out and spoke for what was right in our health care world, entrepreneurs who have led the way for people do find their passion. Sean Croxton, Chris Kresser, Reed Davis, Kelly Brogan, Roy Nelson, James Maskell, Jodi Cohen, Summer Bock…I have a list of 260 resources that I have learned from so this is a tough one. 🙂

How are you making a difference in your life?

I work hard to stay present in my life and always GIVE when I can. Free services, free content, advice and time in my work and personal life.

What has been your biggest business challenge?

Teaching coaches how to market themselves because of their fear has been a big challenge.


Carmen Hunter is a certified health coach with a functional approach to wellness. She’s also a wife and mom of a very active young son and three furry rescues. After struggling with symptoms and no diagnosis for over a decade she was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Learning so much about the human body and it’s relationship to food and lifestyle became the key to getting her active life back. She now uses that passion and education to help others live more optimally no matter their health concerns or issues. Being in charge of our health is the only true path to wellness.  In addition to coaching one-on-one and in groups for almost 6 years she has been working to teach coaches her unique trademarked method of coaching so that more people can begin to live optimally. She focuses on five foundations of health to include, whole food, optimal sleep, safe movement, stress improvement and fun and her method of delivery is like no other. You can email Carmen at carmenhunterhealth@gmail.com.

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