Nagina Abdullah

How to Create Something that People Want | Nagina Abdullah | MTM098

You don’t have to be a superstar to make connections, you just have to know how to reach people.


Nagina is the Founder of, a blog and weight loss coaching program for females and entrepreneurs. She lost 40 pounds after having 2 kids while having a demanding corporate career. When friends started asking her how to lose weight, she launched her business to help other busy women take control of their body and weight. And made ZERO DOLLARS!

We chat about this epic fail and how it led to the creation of her flagship 8-week coaching program, Spice Yourself Skinny. Became focused on upleveling and was a passion inside of her. Researching and responding to her audience and list building have been huge successes for her! On the side, she is still holding her day job. She’s been featured on, Insider, Fox News.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* She was a management consultant for a Top 4 firm in NYC. Was her dream job!

* It was everything she imagined, but she decided she wanted something bigger with more flexibility that worked in her life. Her entrepreneurial dream was planted!

* She didn’t know how to dream bigger until she achieved the biggest dream she had for herself

* How did she begin the entrepreneurial path after realizing it was what she wanted?

* Nagina didn’t even realize it was beginning as it was going on!

* By losing weight through a purposeful plan after having her second child and it quickly became the topic of conversation around her

* She started documenting her recipes and would share with people around her. She soon realized she wanted to spread it out to more people

* Soon, she worked on starting a simple website and blog

* Nagina took a course on how to create an online business and found that instead of sharing recipes, she wanted to focus on helping people lose weight. She now had a result to focus on.

* Her first week she got 101 subscribers through her positioning

* She listened to what people wanted! She began by doing what she wanted to create, but learned the key was to listen to her audience.

* Read between the lines

* Do the research and get it right up front!

* Began building this business on the side as a mom of 2 with her demanding job

* Would spend every free second working on her online business. When she was flying for work, she was always working!

* She would take vacation time from her day job and just work from home on her new business

* Was able to push forward and build her business because she got so much energy from it

* Made $30K her first year on the side, while still working full-time

* Nagina doesn’t have any fancy certifications or degrees in this work. She found that when she actually accomplished the goals she set out for herself and her clients saw it, that’s what they were after.

* Lesson is you don’t need to spend tons of money getting certifications in things that ultimately won’t matter.

* Things have changed today. You don’t need to go through all of these hoops and have degrees. People will believe you if you can help them and prove it.

* By doing, that’s how you get better, you train yourself, and people can see the results

* Took her about a year to realize her business was growing and was scaleable and took a step back in her corporate career.

* She still holds that corporate job today but goal is to ultimately leave her day job

* Didn’t want to worry about money at this point and is now able to make the investments in her business that she wants to

* Transitioned to more group programs to scale easier

* At first, it totally bombed and she didn’t make a thing. But it taught her what to change and now it’s better than she could have imagined

* Spent 3 months reviewing things and having people involved in helping her to change things.

* Special gift for Making The Maven Listeners – she is going to share her 3 easy recipes to banish late night cravings

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Maven Moment


Focus on one thing at a time and get really good at it. This reminds me of a conversation I was having with one of my private clients. If you’re struggling with who you serve with your message and communicating what you do in a way that people aren’t taking action, the best thing is not to build an audience online. You need to work on practicing in the one-on-one environment. It gives you practice and become more smooth in your message. Communication is key for building a successful business! Shift your mindset, work locally and finesse that message and product!

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Kelley Hunter

Look to the Stars to Help With Your Business | Kelley Hunter | MTM097

Astrology is a great tool for self-awareness, personal growth and supporting our pathways to success.


Dr. Kelley Hunter is a longtime Depth Astrologer and Mythologist. Studies in psychology, cosmology, spirituality, and holistic consciousness, and over 1001 stargazing nights enrich her teachings and personal consultation work. She considers astrology to be a language of the soul that illumines our paths through life and connects us to the greater cosmic forces. Author of two books on LILITH, she also enjoys the creative arts, which led to her recent publication, Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book (for ages 7-adult). An international lecturer, she has served on the Board of the International Society of Astrological Research and writes for various professional journals. With a special interest in the Divine Feminine, she is also member of the Goddess Scholars Network.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* Why does Kelley call her work Depth Astrology?

* What is astrology and what can it do for you and your business?

* She picked this date specifically for our podcast because it was the first day Mercury was turning forward instead of backwards!

* Those who know a little about astrology know about the Mercury retrograde. Happens for 3 weeks every 3-4 months.

* Mercury Retrograde can mess with business operations, so it’s important to know how this is fitting into everything!

* Launches during Mercury Retrograde? Not so much!

* Astrology is an observational and technological science that goes way back in all cultures. Not just a “cookie cutter” 12 sign astrology that you can look at in the newspaper for your sign

* How does the sky move and what happens in relationships within those seasonal cycles?

* Learned how to do the math early on how astrology worked, started doing individual’s charts and could start to see how relationships were moving according to people’s charts

* You are more than your Sun sign. Your birth chart is a map of the planetary patterns, the cosmic dance, when you were born — A LIFE MAP and LIVING MAP

* Astrology is an intuitive science. We have the science of astronomy data, but how to interpret it is the art. It’s like learning a language.

* Not all astrologers are good at communicating this to people. You need good counseling and listening skills, which is how Kelley learned

* Discussion on LILITH and how it has been a part of her life and business

* Suspicious on how powerful women can get negative reputations

* How can this be used in a greater way in your business?

* Know what your strengths are and what planets will guide you to your successes in life. What is the career area in your chart all about?

* Opening a new business between the new moon and full moon, energy is growing

* Also need to look at the chart of the business, not just of your career

* Where is the spot on our charts where we can find money, satisfaction and happiness in life?

* Talks about how much things have changed in this business and in astrology since she started in the 60’s and 70’s

* Developed specialties and is known for her publications on LILITH. Not much is written in English on that topic in astrology

* Make sure to check out her services, email list and webinars available on her website for more information on how to learn more

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Maven Moment


Something I want to encourage you to think about… you’re a business owner! No matter where you are when you’re going about your day and you always have an opportunity to share your message, results and outcomes for your clients. When you do that, there is a lot of opportunities you can uncover throughout your day.

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Planetary Gods and Goddesses Coloring Book: Astronomy and Myths of Our New Solar System

Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine

Black Moon Lilith


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Kathy Goughenour

Outsource Today and Get More Done | Kathy Goughenour | MTM096

When you’re looking how to change yourself to get that elusive promotion, it may be time to see what needs to be changed in your life instead.


Kathy comes in with such a great mix of knowledge in today’s podcast! She has paid her dues in the Corporate World for 20 years. She even earned her MBA, just to feel stagnated in lower management. After a life-changing realization struck her, though, she took matters into her own hands, quit that corporate job and life changed dramatically! Now she helps other entrepreneurs find the perfect fit for outsourcing work in their business to a Virtual Assistant, along with training and coaching VA’s to be the best that they can be! Learn all about what you should be looking for in your next VA hire today!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* Many are curious about how to get more hours in their day, but there is a lack of knowledge in this topic in the wellness industry, and in many others!

* She started in Corporate America for almost 20 years, but just wasn’t getting promoted and stuck in middle management

* She thought about how she could change herself in order to get promoted, which caused a lot of self-doubt

* Finally, she read Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and it changed her life

* She realized she could be a business owner and make even more money than she thought, even though she was 45 years old at the time.

* Her boss and many people closest to her told her she was making the biggest mistake of her life when she quit her job, but soon was earning double what she was making in Corporate America

* Was terrifying, but was more terrified of living her life being miserably unhappy in the Corporate World.

* Now she teaches others on how to become a VA, trains and coaches in an all-inclusive program

* Dirty secret about the VA industry – the majority of VA’s don’t actually know what they’re doing!

* How do you know what VA you should steer clear of?

* You get what you pay for. Professional VA average rate is $45/hour. If you’re looking at cheap VA’s, there may be a reason why they are so cheap (don’t know what they’re really doing).

* You’re only paying for the work you need a VA to do, so while it seems like a lot, you only need to use them as needed or for special projects.

* Hire a VA before you really need them so you aren’t stuck when you actually need them. Make sure you talk with them about what they charge and how they invoice.

* VA should be providing an invoice, an onboarding process, etc. If they don’t have these systems in place, run!

* Make sure you have a cap in place so you have budget flexibility

* Kathy recommends a 15 minute productivity secret – a weekly, biweekly, or monthly phone call on the day you usually plan your week on a consistent, standing date where the VA runs the meeting

* The more hours you have the VA working for you, the more frequently you should be meeting

* She is offering a free service, 1-time opportunity to meet with her for a VA matchmaking session

* Will talk about skills you are looking for, what you’re struggling with, goals and what a VA may be able to do and will email you 1-3 options to interview to see what may fit best with you and your business

* Email her for this deal and say that you heard this on this podcast

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Maven Moment


Even though it feels like it may be too soon, you always want to make sure you have someone under your umbrella before it’s too late! It will feel uncomfortable and it will feel like you’re not ready, but guess what?! You’re suddenly going to have more hours to do what you do best – coaching! And that, my friends, will bring in more money for you and your business.

Now, you may not always hire the right person the first time around but don’t let them scare you off from bringing someone in. I always recommend talking to 2-3 people before hiring your VA. You’ll see how is a great fit for you and who is not. Another thing my hubby and I noticed – if I talk about someone at home at the end of the day and it’s negative or a struggle and it happens more than 3 times, it’s probably time to let them go! Nip that problem in the butt!

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Alissa Daire Nelson

Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason | Alissa Daire Nelson | MTM095

We create our futures and the situations around us. If something happens, you can usually back up and find out what caused that.


After being a Registered Dietitian for 8 years, Alissa Daire Nelson decided to pursue her nursing degree. But after becoming an RN, she drastically shifted course. Now, a Certified Strengths Strategy Coach, Alissa helps entrepreneurs and small business owners catapult their businesses to the next level without sacrificing their sanity, integrity, or personal lives. She’s an accomplished Success Coach, Speaker, host of the Maximize Your Strengths podcast, as well as published Author of a hot new book. She’s also able to focus on what’s most important in life – being a proud wife and mother of two, who loves helping others discover how to make their businesses and relationships thrive in harmony!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* Believe it or not, fear was the primary motivator on Alissa Daire Nelson starting her business

* Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but good can come out of the bad. Something positive can come from any negative situation.

* Alissa is always searching for connection and externally processes the things that happen around her.

* During her time in health care, she wasn’t great at self-care. Between kids, learning how to be a single-mom and life, it was overwhelming.

* Emotional health, though, was always at the forefront and she sought out counseling.

* Counseling or coaching doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you have a handle on the importance of working through things in life with support.

* Her first entrepreneurial journey failed because she didn’t have the items she needed to succeed. She lacked confidence in herself, but she didn’t give up!

* Started working on educating herself on how to be a business owner through books, conferences, webinars, etc.

* Than she hired coaches and joined coaching programs, went through the steps and knew the entrepreneurial road was her calling

* She won’t take on clients for long-term because she doesn’t want it to be such a comfortable relationship that they’re just getting together for coffee.

* There needs to be a constant push for growth.

* It’s not a bad thing to have multiple coaches to help you work through different things in your business

* She works with her clients a lot on strengths and doesn’t work within any specific industry

* Doing her own strength finder was so impactful and life-changing for her, so that is what really changed her course when she was building her coaching practice

* Coaching is all about dragging their best self out of them

* Her new book is a little bit of self-development and a little bit of productivity blended to keep growing!

* The book is intended to be reread to keep growing in 3-month periods!

* Get the First Two Chapters Here NOW for FREE, Mavens!

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Maven Moment


Well, I took a strengths test with Alissa and it looks like I’m working in my A+ zone and my zone of genius! Hurray! Since we’re on this topic, I want to reinforce the importance of knowing, owning and leveraging your strengths for success in your business! I don’t believe in cookie-cutter, which is why I don’t sell courses. I have an individualized coaching program. Not every course will work for everyone and nothing is cookie-cutter in business. Get to know yourself, outsource when you can and know your limitations!

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New Book – From Frustrated to Fricking Awesome

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Sarah Louisignau

Be the Most Important Authority in Your Life | Sarah Louisignau | MTM094

As entrepreneurs, we have to be really honest with ourselves. If we’re not succeeding, we’re the reason!


Sarah is an empowered sensuality & fertility coach, with over a decade of experience helping driven women and entrepreneurs reclaim healthy, happy sex lives, and discover deep wisdom, love, and trust within – through the process of claiming shameless pleasure and sensuality. She’s had her own podcast, led workshops & retreats, coached individuals and groups, and created a complete program for women looking to reclaim sensuality & fertility. This girl has been around the block, searching for the best non-dogmatic methods and philosophies to empower extraordinary women in their search for well-being and we’re so lucky to have her here today!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* Sarah discusses how sensuality and pleasure are the touchstones for lasting empowerment, and the ultimate path to breaking through plateaus in business.

* She has found parallels between birthing babies as a doula and birthing a business

* Rupture to rapture – What was her personal journey?

* What broke down for her and led her to this empowering place.

* Sarah has a really unique background

* As someone who has always thought outside of the box and branched out to do her own thing, she’s comfortable making the “next step” and helping other goal-oriented women do the same.

* She finds that she doesn’t even really fit into a category when doing her taxes anymore because what she does is so unique!

* Her outer work is reflected in her inner work and it has helped her come to know herself as a woman and entrepreneur

* Enjoyed teaching yoga and body work working with women one-on-one was when things really launched for her

* Now tailors her work with women to focus on reproduction and pre/post natal care, as well as being a doula

* She has found powerful synergies between personal growth as an entrepreneur and how a woman grows and develops physically and emotionally when birthing babies

* Works with women entrepreneurs to open themselves up for self-care and self-love

* How do women realize that having a deeper connection and love with your body is an important part in their business and life?

* Sarah walks us through her very own rupture to rapture and how hitting rock bottom helped her move forward and slow down

* What are the warning signs women have

* Sarah has openings in her calendar for discovery calls. Are you a fit for my RADIANT + Sensual Entrepreneur program? Website below

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Maven Moment


I found Sarah’s message to relevant, since I called my first business my business baby. Literally! This was my rupture to rapture moment! I built it from the ground up and it was a reflection of everything about me! But I got myself too attached. I was willing to give anything to this business, but it really had to stop. It was getting detrimental to everything else in my life. I was putting too much pressure on myself and I’ll never make this mistake again! I gave more to my business than I did to myself and it was so hard to disconnect from that business. It almost felt like I had to kill my “baby” in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle! While it was a powerful experience, it’s definitely not recommended. Think about how much you’re giving your business and how you’re balancing your business and life! It’s so important!

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