Build Better Relationships Without Being Promotional
Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick

Making the Maven Episode 108:
How can you break into an industry when you know nobody?

Michael Roderick went from high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. How did he do it so darn quick? Michael says it’s due to the connections he’s built. Michael explains that going to networking events is so cringe-worthy because you often get bombarded by people trying to promote their stuff and who, frankly, have the whole ‘building meaningful relationships’ thing all wrong. How can you avoid being like one of those people and how can you break into an industry where you know no one? Michael shares his tips!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

  • You want to grab a pen and paper for this podcast episode and listen to it twice!
  • How did Michael Roderick go from an English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years?
  • The first year of teaching completely destroyed Michael. He had to break up a ton of fights and got things thrown at him.
  • How can you make a good connection with someone at a networking event without being too ‘networky’ about it?
  • So, why did Michael leave his career as a Broadway producer and how did he get to ‘here’?
  • Where does Michael’s very strategic thinking come from? How does he have so much wisdom?!
  • How do you break into an industry when you know nobody?
  • Michael has 4 networking archetypes: The sharks, the dolphins, those who are drowning, and the lifeguards.
  • How can you approach and build a relationship with a stranger? Let’s do a quick recap.
  • Michael explains his GATE strategy, which stands for Give, Ask, Thank, and Experiment.
  • Very, very rarely does someone say a proper ‘thank you’ to someone.
  • Formulas are great for marketing but awful for real-life implementation. It’s easy to consume 3 tips, but following those 3 tips to the letter will not give them the same results.
  • If you’re not being you, people will see it and they will not be able to build trust with you.

Putting Yourself out There Without Being a Sleazy Salesman
Nicole Barsic

Nicole Barsic

Making the Maven Episode 107:
Are you really struggling with what to stay and how to say it? Here’s a coaching call you don’t want to miss.

Nicole Barsic has been working her butt off with her new health business. She and I sit down to talk about how she can approach new clients and prospects without it being weird or awkward. In this coaching call, I offer some tips on how she can feel more comfortable in front of someone at a networking event or even in a group setting. It’s okay if you don’t click with everyone, but there are still ways you can build a relationship without being a weirdo!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

  • Want to know how to launch and grow your wellness business? Join the Facebook community!
  • Where is Nicole currently stuck in her business?
  • What was Nicole doing before she became a health coach?
  • Nicole started taking her business seriously in March of this year.
  • It’s difficult getting things done with a new daughter in the mix.
  • Nicole desperately needs a structure or some sort of outline for her business.
  • How can Nicole make a true connection with potential clients or even just build more meaningful relationships?
  • If you simply don’t ‘click’ with a fellow business person, then don’t try and force the relationship.
  • Nicole recently scheduled a coffee meeting with a potential client. What’s the best ‘non-awkward’ way to pay for the coffee (since she invited) without it being weird?
  • Are you struggling with what to say to a potential client and how to say it? Here’s my take on why you are.

How Many Customers Does It Take to Grow a Six Figure Business?
Jason Van Orden


Making the Maven Episode 105:
How Many Customers Does It Take to Grow a Six Figure Business?

Jason Van Orden has been an online marketer for the last 13 years and has launched over 60 online courses, has 7,000 students, and has done $7 million in revenue. On the show, Jason discusses where online marketing is going, how to grow your email list where you can successfully grow a 6-figure business, and how he ‘overcame’ imposter syndrome.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

  • First things first, is Jason still in a band?
  • Truth be told, Jason had no idea he’d end up as an entrepreneur.
  • Why did Jason quit his job cold turkey?
  • Do you have the confidence in yourself to rise to the occasion and figure it out when things go wrong?
  • How much does mindset play into Jason’s day-to-day life?
  • Despite the amount of success Jason has received, when he tried to start something new, he had impostor syndrome.
  • When it comes to online marketing, how does a total newbie get into this field?
  • With the popularization of the internet, more people are able to show up and be seen. The gatekeepers have essentially been removed.
  • If we depend only on those blockbuster #1 sellers, they are only capable of solving a fraction of the world’s problems. This is why the world needs small businesses and people like you.
  • If you have 3,000 people on your email list, you are able to tap into a six-figure business.
    *How does someone first grow their list to 3,000 people?
  • Jason stays connected with his community by having zoom chats with them. This allows him to understand his target audience a lot better.
  • Is it possible for you to be too niche or too targeted?
  • Show up consistently and results will start snowballing for you.

Creating a People Business in a Tech Business
Gavin Zuchlinski


Making the Maven Episode 104:
Creating a People Business in a Tech Business

Gavin Zuchlinski is the Founder of Acuity Scheduling for the last 11 years. Acuity is an online appointment scheduling software. He originally created the product for his mother who was just bombarded with client appointments the manual way. On today’s show, Gavin discusses the very human aspect to his tech business. Gavin is hyper customer-focused and whenever he has to bring more people on as his company grows, he feels slightly guilty! He believes a small company can best serve their customers and make that experience very personal.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

  • Don’t forget to join the free Facebook community!
  • Gavin created Acuity for his mother, who is a massage therapist.
  • What kind of things did Gavin ‘invent’ when he was a young child?
  • Did Gavin grow up with a lot of ‘woo-woo’ in his life?
  • Gavin’s product is the perfect product for a wellness practitioner.
  • When did Gavin take the leap from having Acuity as a side hustle to making it a full-time job?
  • Gavin was heavily into Buddhism when he was in high school and college and that has really influenced him on how he conducts his business.
  • Gavin prides himself on having not just good customer service, but a good customer experience, as well, for his product.
  • The Acuity social media page is filled with puppies and kittens.
  • Fun fact: I have four cats.
  • How did Gavin grow from geeky/tech guy to a leader?
  • Gavin always has personal struggles when he hires new people. He wants to keep the company small and personal.
  • Gavin has a special gift for Michelle’s audience!
Dixie Reynolds

What to Do When Your Clients Wants to Back Out | Dixie Reynolds

Making the Maven Episode 103: What to Do When Your Clients Wants to Back Out


Dixie’s client is getting cold feet and finding reasons not to continue. What should Dixie do? Dixie Reynolds is one of the members of my Maven Inner Circle. She is fairly new to business, only having started her LLC just last year, but she has over 30 years of experience as a nurse in the healthcare industry. Right now, she’s made her transition from nurse to health coach but is running into some resistance with one of her clients. What should she do? Well, on the show, I offer her some advice on how she can prevent this from happening in the future and what she can do now to help her client succeed.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Who is Dixie and what does she do?

*What is Dixie currently struggling with right now?

*Dixie is very new in her business right now. She has two paying clients.

*Why did Dixie leave her career in nursing to become a health coach?

*Why did it take Dixie 30 years to transition into this new career path?

*Dixie opened her LLC just last year but has only just recently started making money.

*One of Dixie’s clients is backing out right now and getting cold feet.

*How did Dixie structure the sessions with this client?

*How can Dixie prevent this from happening to her in the future? Here’s where I chime in!

*Dixie’s client has expressed resistance, this is what Dixie can do to help her client overcome these feelings.

*People want to back out all the time. It’s their way of trying to sabotage themselves. You need to call that out.

*Dixie realizes she needs to give a bit of tough love to her client. But think about it this way, no one else is helping her succeed. The best thing you can do is just be honest.


Dixie’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


Still the focus in traditional medicine is on treatment, vs. prevention. I think that’s really sad. Click To Tweet People don’t see the results, because what kind of society do we live in? Do it now, pill, quick fix. Click To Tweet The best thing you can do is be honest; because no one else is helping your client. Click To Tweet

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