Step Into Your Authentic Self
JP Sears

JP Sears

Making the Maven Episode 128: Do not let fear paralyze you! Do not stop the work you are meant to do!


JP Sears is a popular YouTuber, emotional healing coach, and student of life. JP’s YouTube videos have often gone viral, reaching over millions of views. On this episode, JP Sears discusses fear, authenticity, and why you should take your own medicine when it comes to helping others. Help yourself, heal yourself, and if something doesn’t feel right, go towards the path that does.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*JP explains his ‘inner mother’ about the monkeys in Costa Rica.

*JP is very authentic and in touch with himself. How did it all start for him?

*When JP had been attending college for all of 3 months, he dropped out.

*Don’t stay blind to the help that you, too, might need as you try to help others.

*The real learning begins after you think you’re done learning.

*If we stop becomes of our fears, we also stop the work. You have to keep going through the fear.

*How has JP’s relationship with fear changed over the years?

*When was the last time JP said no?

*Why did JP decide to start the YouTube channel?

*When you honor your authenticity, you win every time!

*What’s JP’s next 60ft cliff that he needs to jump off of?

*JP asks me what my 60ft cliff is!

Meet Your Clients Where They’re At, and Then Heal Them
Dr. Deanna Minich

Dr. Deanna Minich
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Making the Maven Episode 120: You can’t force your clients out of their routine overnight.


Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist. She has more than 20 years of diverse, well-rounded experience in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine, including clinical practice, research, product formulation, writing, and education. On today’s show, Deanna shares how she helps her patients change bad health habits into good ones, how medicine and healing are an art, and so much more!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Are you struggling with your online marketing? Struggling to get clients? I have a webinar coming up for you!

*Deanna’s mother was a health nut and Deanna would rebel against that, which ended up causing some emotional eating issues for her while growing up.

*Deanna had to discover herself and through that, she found out what being healthy really meant.

*Shoutout to Dr. Jeffrey Bland for being Deanna’s awesome mentor.

*For health practitioners, how important of a role is science for them?

*There is an art to medicine and there’s an art to healing. It should really be called the healing arts. It’s not a ‘private practice.’ People aren’t ‘practice’!

*It’s important to have a 3-pronged approach. To be centered in the heart, grounded in the gut, and strong in the mind.

*Where are health practitioners weakest in this 3-pronged approach?

*When Deanna thinks of leaky gut, she thinks about leaky boundaries. Everything is connected.

*Whenever we have a personal crisis, we don’t want ourselves to suffer, but we also don’t want anybody else to experience what we’ve gone through, either.

*Why do people make such bad choices when it comes to food? Deanna still doesn’t completely understand why.

*Deanna is helping her clients bridge the gap between what’s the most important thing in their life to their health.

*At the end of the day, we have to meet with people where they’re at. You can’t force them out of their routine overnight.

*Get your clients to focus on one and only one thing at a time. If they try to change too much at once, they’ll lose focus.

*Deanna has a 16-week course on how to align foods with supplements available right now!

The Way You Serve Makes People Show Up
Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider
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Making the Maven Episode 116: The only person who is responsible for you is you. Start showing up and start serving.


Elizabeth Rider is a health coach, TV host, and wellness expert. She offers healthy recipes and straightforward nutrition advice that draws millions of inspired readers to her blog. Elizabeth is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her recipes have been featured on MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, and more. On the show, Elizabeth offers sage advice on how to keep your business and your dreams working for you, not against you.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*For this episode, you definitely want to grab your pen and paper.

*Getting clarity in your vision and your purpose is the foundation of your business. Don’t skip this step! I’ve got a freebie that can help you get this step right from the start.

*How did Elizabeth get started as a health coach?

*Ultimately, it is not anybody’s job to believe in you, it’s only your job to believe in yourself.

*Why are people so afraid of getting started on their dreams? It’s because they’re afraid of what people will think of them.

*Remember, certainty is an illusion. So, it’s important to start feeling comfortable with uncertainty.

*We’re on this planet to shine, yet we create so much suffering for ourselves. Why?

*What’s your motivation for creating your business? If you do it just for the followers then it’s destined to fail.

*What are you struggling with right now?

*What happens if you want to help ‘everybody’? How do you handle niching down?

*Even if you have an online model for your business, you still need to do grassroots marketing. Shaking hands and looking people in the eye goes way further than a sales page ever will.

*How long did it take Elizabeth to build her business where it was no longer a struggle?

*If you feel like you’re struggling, you have to invest more in your education to help you get out of that trap.

*Elizabeth offers some actions steps on what you need to do TODAY to get a good start on your business.

*When it comes to confidence, the biggest thing you need to do is get to know yourself.

*When you’re starting out, just get your content out there. Don’t worry about the design of your website just yet.

*What’s next for Elizabeth?

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Getting Serious about Not Being Serious | Jason Goldberg

People believe you have to be ‘serious’ in order to be successful. This is the biggest lie ever.


Key Insights & Aha Moments


*This interview is gorgeous!

*Jason is going to blow your mind!

*By the way! I have a new freebie about following up!

*Who is Jason? He loves to make people laugh!

*Jason has always been an entrepreneur, even though it wasn’t intentional at first.

*Passion isn’t always enough.

*Be smart on how you quit your job.

*Jason did the unthinkable after running a year on his savings, he went back to corporate!

*Do you have to be serious in order to be successful? Of course not!

*“If you were a ‘serious’ entrepreneur, you should be doing this.” Again, not true!

*Why is Jason qualified to talk about any of this?

*What does it mean to be a ‘prisoner’?

*Self-leadership is like a language. The more you use it, the better you are.

*Jason was raised with a prisoner mentality.

*How does Jason handle stress?

*There’s nothing we can ever get from outside of us, that doesn’t already exist from within us.

*How did Jason get to where he is today? Was he just born like this?!

*Jason does a practice called his ‘daily why.’

*What is the ‘prison break question’?

*How can healers overcome their fear of visibility?

*Jason has a fantastic giveaway for you!

Maven Moment


I have a positivity hangover from this interview! So, so many gold nuggets, but I wanted to touch on one thing around his comment about not leaving your corporate job. Bear with me on this one. I like how Jason does not advocate leaving your corporate job carelessly. In his interview, he said he saved for a full year before leaving. Don’t leave your ‘day job,’ for your passion. Be smart about it first!

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Please do not leave your day job because you’re passionate at coaching. Click To Tweet I want people to know, there’s no outcome, no big breakthrough, no ‘passion’ moment. It’s a moment by moment thing. Click To Tweet I believe this is the biggest lie we were ever told — is that you have to be serious to be successful. Click To Tweet
Elizabeth Dehn
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Life is supposed to be easy! | Elizabeth Dehn

Don’t over complicate yourself, and make life harder for you!

Elizabeth Dehn started Beauty Bets in 2009, as a way to provide unbiased product reviews and beauty advice. Since then, her blog has transformed into a fully functional business, with an award-winning skincare collaboration with One Love Organics. She also has 5.4 million followers on Pinterest! Get ready to discover Elizabeth’s story on this week’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Be sure to grab the “You don’t suck” workbook!

*Who is Elizabeth? She’s an editor and writer by trade!

*Elizabeth was resistant towards Pinterest at first, but is so glad she did it, because that’s where she’s received the most exposure.

*Is it still possible to create a blog in 2017 and have success?

*YouTube is another way to break through!

*Everyone has something new to offer and bring into the mix.

*What kind of challenges did Elizabeth face this year?

*After a while, Elizabeth began to feel a disconnect between her and her business.

*Elizabeth had to really re-define her definition of success.

*You don’t have to work hard, it doesn’t have to be hard, all the time.

*Life is supposed to be easy. We just make it hard.

*What is Elizabeth’s higher purpose?

*We feel connected and separated at the same time, when it comes to social media.

*What has helped with Elizabeth’s success?

*Remember, you’re not alone. Do it now!

Maven Moment

Elizabeth triggered this for me when I sat down with her. I’d like to share you a piece of my story that I don’t really talk about all that much. She really reminded me of the hustle and the number of hours I killed myself over, when starting my first business. After coming out of that experience, and overworking my butt off, here’s what I can tell you: I could have saved so much time and energy if I’d had a lot more focus and clarity!

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Everyone has something new to offer. Even if it’s not a new idea, you can do it in your own way. Click To Tweet Nobody can do you! Click To Tweet Can I still be successful, if I'm not working all the time? Click To Tweet