Triple Your Business in 30 Days

You’re driving down the highway…

and there’s a crash at the side of the road –

it could be nothing…

but it could be something.

What do you do?

Look away?

Nope. You look right at it.

You may even slow down, maybe not…

but you stare, taking in every detail of what has happened.

Now tell me…

when you see headlines like these online…

“Make Six Figures in Six Months”

“Get 1000 New Followers in 30 days”

“Triple Your Business in 30 Days”

…you just can’t look away!

Am I right?

I’ve done it too…

Cuz I sure as hell want to know what they’re doing…

to get those kind of results.

But lately I’m worn out on the gimmicks…

and then I do the unthinkable –

the same thing other “online marketers” are doing!

Now I know there are those who down right lie about their results…

those who tell the truth…

and those who tell the whole truth.

I’m the later.

and that’s why I’m going to share the WHOLE TRUTH –

the good, bad and ugly…

of how to Triple Your Business in 30 Days.

Yeah, like right here, right now.

Let’s work backwards.


You’re struggling to get clients in the door.

You’re either just getting started and trying to get the first one or two

bodies to actually pay you {without discounting} for your services.

Or you’ve been at this awhile and still struggling to keep a steady stream

of paying clients buying from you.

You’re overwhelmed.

You’re exhausted.

You’re trying everything…every tip, tool and trick you can download from the internet after typing in your email address.

And your head is spinning.

Wondering if what you’re doing is working…

and deep down thinking… “How the eff are you going to be successful at this business thing?”

And as the overwhelm increases and the exhaustion snowballs –

your confidence sinks.

Heck you lacked confidence to begin with – and now its basically non existent.

And when this happens let me tell you…

You’re FU*KED {that’s my first dose of tough love for you}.


You’re in building mode right now…

and what you think should be happening –

is based on every success story you’re comparing yourself to on Facebook.

Even though you know not to compare yourself to the ‘best of’ highlight reel –

you can’t look away.

And you’re comparing yourself…

wondering…why can’t I have a successful business in six months?

What’s wrong with me?

No one {except me} is going to tell you…

it actually takes a good three years to build a successful business

that is delivering leads and clients consistently.

And that’s if you don’t screw it up too badly along the way.

Sure, there are cases where it takes less time {or more}.

But you need to hear what’s normal.

This probably feels like bad news for you…

but I think it’s natural selection for business owners…

I mean not everyone is cut out to own and operate a business.

Otherwise everyone would be doing it.

Here’s my first tip on how to speed up that three year process

and ensure your success:


When you build a house…

do you put the roof on first?


You build the foundation first.

So why in the hell would you be doing it any differently in your business?

You’re doing it wrong.

Before you dive in to FB Ads, funnels and fancy website design and copy…

How about you GET FOCUSED on what you want and why

GET CLEAR on what makes you unique and who wants to buy what you have to offer

and get your butt out of your chair and BE VISIBLE by putting yourself out there and {gasp} talk to people.

If you keep reaching for the pixie dust {aka advanced marketing tactics you’re no where near ready for}

instead of putting in to place a strong business foundation

You’re SCREWED {tough love dose number two}


I’m not sharing all this to make you want to give up or slit your wrists {me being dramatic}.

I clearly see your problem…

but I clearly see the solution too…

and I’m going to break down for you

three foundational elements

for your business to get results quickly.

Here goesy…


I know this is not sounding ground breaking and truth be told…

what I’m sharing here is not going to be sexy at all –

but it works.

Not in theory, but in practice.

As in…my practice, my clients practice and in your practice.
Here’s a three step process to get you FOCUSED:

  1. Write out your big vision. Describe why you chose this career, what it means to you to help people as a holistic practitioner and what success will look like when you get there. What’s the big vision you have for you?
  2. Now describe where you’re at. Write it out. Describe what you have in place today, wins you’ve had to date and what challenges you’re seeing right now. What’s happening in this moment for you and your business?
  3. Close the gap. Likely the gap between where you are and you big vision is large, and maybe even overwhelming. Instead of trying to close this larger gap, think about the next steps. Based on where you are and the challenges you’re facing today, write out the next 1-3 things you can FOCUS on in the next 90 days.

That’s it. One baby step at a time produces HUGE RESULTS. Getting out of the big vision and creating smaller goals will be a catalyst for FOCUS = RESULTS.


You can’t be everything to everyone when it comes to marketing your business.

And I know you want to help everyone…

And you’re afraid to turn people away…

Let’s remove the unneeded pressure, shall we?

You can treat anyone who comes in to your practice!


you need to get clear on who you will target in your marketing efforts.

This is non negotiable {despite your discomfort}.

I go about this a bit differently than most…
Here’s my three step process to GET YOU CLEAR on who you serve:

  1. Start with you. Write out who you are, what you value, what makes you special, unique and different than others. It may be your training or experience, something about your personality, interests, etc. Spend time with this and ask others who know you well if you get stuck.
  2. Niche it down. Based on what makes you stand out, write out who may be best to buy your services. Who would be your ideal client? I’ve already written a post on this topic in greater detail and you can find it here.
  3. Get to know your ideal client better. You think you know them but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you were once in their shoes, you no longer are. So you need to talk with them. Do some research. Interview 10 people who would be an ideal client for you to gain better understanding of their struggles and what they most desire from you to help them.

The better you know yourself and who wants to buy what you’re selling…

The better you can communicate how your ideal clients are feeling and message that back to them in their own words in your marketing…



Putting yourself out there is a challenge for you…

you’re introverted, lacking confidence, not sure what to do or say…

I get it.

Trust me, when you’re focused on what you need to do next and

create a plan for how to get there…

and clear on how awesome you are

with a targeted message to communicate to the market…

Your confidence will be at an all time high {yeah, this sh*t all ties together}

Now all you need to do is get your butt out of your seat!

Here’s my three step process to get you VISIBLE:

  1.  First you need to practice. I like to have my client practice on video because if that doesn’t bring up all your visibility issues, I’m not sure what will. And facing your fears will accelerate your business results. So record yourself and share it with a few buddies for feedback or do a FB Live to your audience {gulp}…but practice talking about who you are, who you can help and why you’re the best one for the job. In 3 minutes or less.
  2. Make a list of 21 people you’ve connected with who are essentially warm leads for your services. Warm means low hanging fruit. And that’s where you’re next client will come from. Schedule 90 minutes in your week and reach out to all 21 people and connect. Continue to build a relationship.
  3. Keep following up! You will hear back from some of them and others will be too busy to respond. So keep following up. Find a way to bring value to them in a consistent and persistent way. Let them know you’re genuinely interested in working with the, partnering or helping in any way you can.

As I’m writing this I can feel you thinking…

what am I supposed to say in these emails…

and how often do I send them out.

So I’m going to give you my email templates for free.

Simply a no-brainer.

So click the free instant access button below.

And take action towards getting your next client in the door

and Tripling Your Business in 30 Days.

If my clients can do it, then so can you.