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What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You? | Lisa Mitchell

Making the Maven Episode 101: What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You?


Lisa Mitchell is the premier Indianapolis-based communications expert specializing in Body Language and Nonverbal Skills training. Lisa started her career in corporate, but she quickly burned herself out of it by saying yes to too many things. She did not set boundaries for herself and one day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. In retrospect, it was one of the best lessons she could have learned for herself. Although Lisa is a people pleaser, every ‘yes,’ every opportunity out there has its costs, and you must be very careful as to what those are and how they will affect you long term.

Key Insights & Aha Moments:


*Who is Lisa and what is her purpose in life?

*I have a gift for you! A new workshop is available on my website and it’s free!

*As a body language expert, Lisa has had quite an interesting career journey how she got here.

*Lisa burned herself out so fast that she left everything behind, including her husband at the time.

*Lisa has learned now that she did not set appropriate boundaries. She let other people push her around, and one day she just couldn’t do it anymore.

*Opportunities are not free. As Lisa was saying yes to more and more things, she was not considering the other, more important things that she was giving up, like spending time with her child.

*Saying no is so, so hard. Lisa is such a people pleaser.

*What kind of lessons did Lisa learn, and how does that translate into what she’s doing right now?

*It took Lisa around four to five years before she really began to invest in herself. She did not feel worthy enough at first.

*What does Lisa’s mindset practice look like?

*First impressions begin in as little as seven seconds and they can make or break a work relationship.

*Before you really meet someone, you need to be ‘on’ before you’re really ‘on.’ Lisa explains a bit more.

*It becomes a game changer when you learn how to decode other people’s body language.

*If you can make people seen, heard, and valued, you’re pretty much set!

Lisa’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


The moment you start letting someone else define what success should look like, you’re in for it. Click To Tweet I just had to be okay disappointing people and be okay with not letting people get what they expect of me. Click To Tweet Here’s the catch-22 of having the appearance of success: Everybody tells you how great you are and you get addicted. Click To Tweet There is always, always an opportunity cost. Opportunities are not free! Click To Tweet


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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown

Leadership in Your Wellness Business

Leadership in Your Wellness Business | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 100: Leadership in Your Wellness Business

The big 100 is here! A break was much needed over the summer but I admit, I missed you! And you are in for a treat…I’m going back to the beginning and laying out my story. Where I came from, the journey to get here, and my big vision for you and me and our industry.

Here’s what’s I want you to takeaway from our convo today: confidence and leadership are required in your wellness business. As you grow in confidence, as you grow in leadership in your wellness business…it elevates us all. Allowing the industry to get to new heights.

Before we dive in…

Check out my new workshop at

It’s a perfect fit for you if:

  • You are struggling with charging a premium price for your service
  • Wondering what to charge for your service
  • Need support in how to handle discounting with family and friends
  • Desire to create a clear strategy to meet your income goal

Key Aha Moments & Takeaways

  • I suffered from childhood with migraine headaches
  • My first year in college my mom was sick with potentially the big C word
  • My health began to decline due to emotional stress during this time
  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in college
  • The treatment plan was to “grow out of it”
  • I decided to take matters in to my own hands
  • My flute teacher was a huge influence in helping me to take the lead in my own health care
  • I cleaned up my diet, went cold turkey off all medications and cut back my schedule and eventually I healed myself
  • My passion to ensure others did not have to suffer as I did was ignited
  • I was unsure if I had chosen the right path after college, thinking maybe I should have went in to health care
  • The interest never left me and I decided to take massage therapy classes as a hobby
  • After being laid off from my Corporate job, I worked as a CMT but realized quickly it was not a fit
  • So I spent another 10 years in Corporate
  • I was miserable, I was not happy with my “stable job” making “good money” and I felt like I was being held back
  • So I left my job in 2008 after finishing an MBA program and went back to school to become an acupuncturist
  • I knew I wanted my own business and wanted to become a leader in the holistic health care industry
  • I started my clinic right out of school and purchasing a second clinic within the first year
  • A major life event caused me to look at the bigger picture
  • I asked, who am I to want something bigger for myself. I was worried what others may think.
  • I dreamt too small for myself {wow}
  • Instead of hiding, I asked myself what more can I do.
  • I am location independent and now choose to live in Vermont while supporting and coaching other practitioners
  • There is an epidemic, instead of reaching out for help, practitioners are closing their doors
  • Without your success and leadership in this industry, we are in trouble

Michelle’s Tips Discussed in this Episode

“Get focused on what it is that you want. Business is personal, and you need to be clear on the business model that fits your lifestyle.”

“Get clear on the one thing that you do really well for your clients. You cannot be everything to everyone, so get clear on your super power.”

“Understand who you serve. Who are the people who want what you have to offer?”

“Show up, be present, visible and own your leadership in your community.”

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Michelle McGlade

7 Things Mavens Do Differently to Reach Success | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 99: 7 Things Mavens Do Differently to Reach Success

I’ve learned so much about podcasting and myself over the last two years! And we’re almost to Episode 100! This week’s episode is going to focus on 7 things mavens do different to reach a new level of success in their wellness business. It’s inspired by all my interviews and mentors in my business, up to this point. What a milestone! I also have a big announcement for the podcast! Tune in! I’m going to blow your mind and take this podcast to the next level. And please make sure to check out all the valuable content over the last 99 episodes, and in the countless Maven Minis!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

* 7 things that mavens do different to really accelerate and reach the level of success in your business

* #7 – Leverage Your Strengths- don’t build a cookie-cutter business. Build one that suits your lifestyle and shines on your strengths. It makes it so much easier!

* #6 – Listen to What Clients Want – focus and open your ears on what clients want, not what you want

* Give them what they want and tell them what they need

* #5 – Take Action Over Perfection – many of us have suffered from perfectionism, but it can freeze you. Stop preparing instead of getting paid!

* #4 – Fail Fast-Forward – look at failure as a good thing. Everything is a risk and when you fail, you learn

* Everybody fails at some point in something. But it will get easier and easier.

* You will develop the muscles and tolerance for risk and you will be able to move and respond quicker to what is happening around you. Do something differently the next time

* #3 – Focus –Say yes to the things that will help you move your business forward more quickly, say no to everything else.

* #2 – Invest in Themselves – This can be so difficult for people!

* Whether it’s taking a course, finding a mentor, individualized coaching, it’s at the very top of what successful mavens are doing for themselves

* It can be uncomfortable and scary, but will come back to you in such a huge way, because it lives on.

* #1 – Work Constantly on Mindset

* The only way to get OUT of your way is to work on that mindset. Build those muscles!

* Looking at your personal relationships could be reflected in your business

Michelle’s Tips Discussed in this Episode

“Not familiar with your strengths? Take a strengths finder and reach out to those close to you.”

“If you want success and see results, you need to let go of being perfect!”

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Build Your List the Right Way

Build Your List the Right Way | Maven Mini

This week’s guest did such a great job on list-building and focusing on her clients and talking about how to Build Your List the Right Way. I’ve talked about this before, I’d do this so differently if I was just starting out! I’d put much more emphasis on building that list! I just can’t impart this on you enough! It’s the place where you continue to build a relationship with your audience. It’s great to spend time on social media and hang out with your peeps. But what if that all changes tomorrow? If you have your list, you’re still able to interact with them and reach out!

If you’re out networking… that’s great! But how do you continue to cultivate that relatihsionship after time if you don’t have them in your list? You need to build that like and trust factor with after making that personal connection. The answer is in your list!

Build Your List the Right Way


Everybody needs to be focusing on networking and cultivating relationships. Money is in the list! Sell to your list by creating the content and offers they are asking about from you.

Believe it or not, when it comes to your list, size doesn’t matter! I’d rather you have a couple hundred people who are opening the emails and being engaged, than having a couple thousand who never open a thing. Don’t focus on the number of people you have, focus on engagement.

First goal is to get people to open that email! Test subject lines. Resend to people who didn’t open with different subject lines. They need to grab your audience!

Include a call to action in the P.S. area of your email and make sure you keep things casual and fun! Be you and be authentic!

{Free Download} The 3 Steps to Get Started

Nagina Abdullah

How to Create Something that People Want | Nagina Abdullah | MTM098

You don’t have to be a superstar to make connections, you just have to know how to reach people.


Nagina is the Founder of, a blog and weight loss coaching program for females and entrepreneurs. She lost 40 pounds after having 2 kids while having a demanding corporate career. When friends started asking her how to lose weight, she launched her business to help other busy women take control of their body and weight. And made ZERO DOLLARS!

We chat about this epic fail and how it led to the creation of her flagship 8-week coaching program, Spice Yourself Skinny. Became focused on upleveling and was a passion inside of her. Researching and responding to her audience and list building have been huge successes for her! On the side, she is still holding her day job. She’s been featured on, Insider, Fox News.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* She was a management consultant for a Top 4 firm in NYC. Was her dream job!

* It was everything she imagined, but she decided she wanted something bigger with more flexibility that worked in her life. Her entrepreneurial dream was planted!

* She didn’t know how to dream bigger until she achieved the biggest dream she had for herself

* How did she begin the entrepreneurial path after realizing it was what she wanted?

* Nagina didn’t even realize it was beginning as it was going on!

* By losing weight through a purposeful plan after having her second child and it quickly became the topic of conversation around her

* She started documenting her recipes and would share with people around her. She soon realized she wanted to spread it out to more people

* Soon, she worked on starting a simple website and blog

* Nagina took a course on how to create an online business and found that instead of sharing recipes, she wanted to focus on helping people lose weight. She now had a result to focus on.

* Her first week she got 101 subscribers through her positioning

* She listened to what people wanted! She began by doing what she wanted to create, but learned the key was to listen to her audience.

* Read between the lines

* Do the research and get it right up front!

* Began building this business on the side as a mom of 2 with her demanding job

* Would spend every free second working on her online business. When she was flying for work, she was always working!

* She would take vacation time from her day job and just work from home on her new business

* Was able to push forward and build her business because she got so much energy from it

* Made $30K her first year on the side, while still working full-time

* Nagina doesn’t have any fancy certifications or degrees in this work. She found that when she actually accomplished the goals she set out for herself and her clients saw it, that’s what they were after.

* Lesson is you don’t need to spend tons of money getting certifications in things that ultimately won’t matter.

* Things have changed today. You don’t need to go through all of these hoops and have degrees. People will believe you if you can help them and prove it.

* By doing, that’s how you get better, you train yourself, and people can see the results

* Took her about a year to realize her business was growing and was scaleable and took a step back in her corporate career.

* She still holds that corporate job today but goal is to ultimately leave her day job

* Didn’t want to worry about money at this point and is now able to make the investments in her business that she wants to

* Transitioned to more group programs to scale easier

* At first, it totally bombed and she didn’t make a thing. But it taught her what to change and now it’s better than she could have imagined

* Spent 3 months reviewing things and having people involved in helping her to change things.

* Special gift for Making The Maven Listeners – she is going to share her 3 easy recipes to banish late night cravings

{Free Download} The 3 Steps to Get Started

Maven Moment


Focus on one thing at a time and get really good at it. This reminds me of a conversation I was having with one of my private clients. If you’re struggling with who you serve with your message and communicating what you do in a way that people aren’t taking action, the best thing is not to build an audience online. You need to work on practicing in the one-on-one environment. It gives you practice and become more smooth in your message. Communication is key for building a successful business! Shift your mindset, work locally and finesse that message and product!

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