Networking, Orchestrating a Client Experience & Finding Balance | Maureen Feeney | TBE006

podcast-maureen01I can’t wait for you to hear my interview this week with Maureen Feeney! She is seriously a ROCKSTAR and built a six figure acupuncture practice in just one year. Yes, I said ONE YEAR! Maureen is sharing her thoughts on the importance of networking in the early stages of your business, how orchestrating a WOW client experience has delivered results in her practice and so very much more!

The Entrepreneurial Adventure | Brett Dorrian | TBE005

podcast-brett01This week you will hear from Brett Dorrian! She is a seasoned female entrepreneur with LOTS of valuable business advice for your wellness biz! Brett shares insights on the importance of self-care, setting boundaries and overcoming the fear of failure. She talks all about the importance of people and the role they play in your success as well as my favorite topic, celebrating the WINS big and small. Although she is not a practitioner, her advice is spot on!

Leveraging Your Strengths | Chris Richmond | TBE004

podcast-chris01You are going to LOVE this interview with Chris Richmond! He is a Licensed Massage Therapist and relentless entrepreneur who continues to take the ups and downs of business ownership and reinvent his vision for himself. He talks about the importance of leveraging your strengths and lessons around leadership, boundaries and so much more.


The Power of Intuition | TBE003

podcast-jean01Successful business woman in corporate America, Jean Carucci, has taken the leap to female entrepreneur and shares her inspiring story of transformation. She talks about everything from leveraging your intuition, the importance of personal development and how information is a powerful tool for the new business owner.


Live Clean Get Clear | Alicia Civile | TBE002

podcast-alicia01Listen in as Alicia Civile, new solopreneur & skin care coach, describes how she took the leap to full time wellness biz owner and in 3 months time has made a big splash in leading a successful online business. You’ll be impressed by what she has accomplished in a very short time & how she did it.