Don’t Go It Alone | DeAnn Larson | TBE015

DeAnn Larson photoDeAnn Larson of Tree of Life Therapeutic Massage is celebrating her 10 year anniversary this month as massage clinic owner and has been practicing herself a total of 13 years!

Her experiences are invaluable if you are looking to build a team and clinic!

In this interview:

  • Trust in yourself
  • Surround yourself with great people
  • Seek council and mentorship
  • Do no get emotional in business
  • Struggling to find and keep great practitioners
  • Grow your business at a realistic pace
  • Self-care

Resources mentioned:



Fire Your Inner Critic | Nicole Lewis-Keeber | TBE014

NicoleLewis2Bringing Southern sass and a mission to change your money mindset, Nicole Lewis-Keeber was a dream to chat with and I know you are going to LOVE this interview.

Nicole desires for you to step in to your brilliance and fire your inner critic.

She talks about the importance of just jumping in to get the job done – done being better than perfect – now this is a female entrepreneur after my own heart!



Fail Quickly and Often | Sarah Wood | TBE013

SarahWoodSarah Wood joins me this week to talk about the importance of authenticity in your wellness biz and how she has embraced a willingness to learn from her clients. The way she shares her story and lessons in business really resonated for me and she did it in a way I had not heard before.  She talks about overcoming the fear of rejection, not going it alone, and her motto of failing quickly and often for success.

Sarah’s recommended read: Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang



Dancing Queens Talk Joy, Boundaries and Staying True To Yourself | Kristl Yuen & Rachel Schipull | TBE012

RachelKristl2I LOVE WHAT I DO!

This week I am talking with Kristl Yuen and Rachel Schipull. You may recognize them as they have been making their way through Facebook with AWESOME “music videos” of them dancing. AND THEY ARE FABULOUS.

This interview will keep you captivated as we talk about mindset, self-worth, ideas on how to take the leap from corporate to entrepreneur, staying true to yourself and having JOY in everyday life!!

These ladies are authentic and just plain ROCKSTARS. Their adventure is just beginning as they push their entrepreneurial adventure further, leave their home in Chicago as licensed acupuncturist and urban farmer, to the laptop lifestyle as intuitive coach and joy propagator.



Start a Business That Meets Your Lifestyle | Rebecca Boulton | TBE011

Rebecca Boulton_Final photoRebecca Boulton is my guest this week! Have you ever felt like you struggle in your business due to lack of solid biz knowledge? Do you struggle with balance and finding enough time to wear all the hats in your wellness biz? Rebecca talks about these struggles and is sharing her tips for overcoming fear of failure and developing a strong business foundation! She talks about the importance of making sure your business model meets your lifestyle, focusing consistently on your niche and ALOT more!