Start a Business That Meets Your Lifestyle | Rebecca Boulton | TBE011

Rebecca Boulton_Final photoRebecca Boulton is my guest this week! Have you ever felt like you struggle in your business due to lack of solid biz knowledge? Do you struggle with balance and finding enough time to wear all the hats in your wellness biz? Rebecca talks about these struggles and is sharing her tips for overcoming fear of failure and developing a strong business foundation! She talks about the importance of making sure your business model meets your lifestyle, focusing consistently on your niche and ALOT more!


Creating Your Support Team | TBE010

pic01This week you will hear from yours truly! I am reflecting on my passion to get this podcast started, taking time to pause and celebrate the 10th episode and talking about ways you can help me keep the momentum going to bring you more information and ways to grow your dream practice!

I also provide reflection on the first nine interviews and am sharing my thoughts on the importance of having a support structure in place to cheer you on, guide you, and celebrate your wins!

PLUS get a sneak peek on upcoming interviews!


Do It Your Way Entrepreneurs & Delegate | Tony Brown | TBE009

Toni Brown_Final PhotoToni Brown is one amazing female entrepreneur with so many stories to share! Our powerful conversation takes you on a journey to learn the importance of delegating within your wellness biz and how knowing what you want (and WHY you want it!) will prove to be the foundation for your holistic practice. Toni also shares her view of why balance is so critical for any business owner, and finally, her best piece of advice….tune in to hear it!



Taking the Leap, Leveraging Intuition and Your Ideal Clients | Claire Archer | TBE008

podcast-archer01Claire Archer took the leap from corporate just two years ago and is on a mission to help women using a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. Claire discusses the importance of establishing a support network of fellow entrepreneurs and mentors, how intuition plays a role in her business success and the challenges of putting yourself out there in social media platforms.


The Importance of Understanding the Market You Serve | Yasmin Vorajee | TBE007

pocast-yasmin01Yasmin Vorajee of Tiny Time BIG Results shares her entrepreneurial story about the importance of courage, persistence and investing in yourself as a business owner. She also shares her #1 secret to success: understanding the market you serve. Best of all? Our discussion about how major life events can potentially derail your business if you let them and the importance of having a structure in place to support you during these difficult times.