7 Common Success Traits of My Podcast Guests

Are you curious to know what is working for fellow healers in growing their practice to six figures and beyond? Are you looking for the short list of what makes a successful holistic practice? Join Michelle this week as she talks about the 7 most common success traits exhibited by all of her podcast guests.

You will hear more about the importance of leveraging your strengths, why developing a biz to meet you lifestyle is critical, the importance of identifying your ideal clients and SO MUCH MORE including the #1 success trait Michelle saw in every guest!

Also mentioned in this podcast is Michelle’s new book:

Unstoppable: Strategies to Launch and Grow Your Holistic Practice

Plus, Michelle has some exciting new changes coming up for her next episode, tune in to find out more!



Believing in Your Value | Ashley Welton | TBE018

AshleyWeltonAshley Welton is the Miniskirt Ninja who is going to blow you away with her authentic energy! She is probably the most grounded female entrepreneur I have met – she knows who she is and is seamlessly able to blur the line between personal and professional. Ashley covers ALOT in this interview and you are going to hear more about:

  • Investing in yourself
  • Focusing on the joy in your life and biz
  • Creating alignment for financial success
  • Why comparison will kill you
  • Believing in your value
  • Doing whatever it takes
  • And connecting with your divine assignment


Mentioned in this podcast:

Abraham Hicks

Elizabeth Purvis


Building Your Personal Brand | Amy Dix | TBE017

Amy Dix PhotoAmy Dix of Highrise Promotions brings not only her personal entrepreneurial story this week but also her expertise on branding. Amy has a story of transformation and brings you on her journey from corporate to franchise owner to independent business owner. She provides her valuable insights as to why building your personal brand in your wellness biz will take you from unknown to rockstar status.


Relationship Building & Finding Your End Goal | AJ Adamczyk | TBE016

AOFpodcastlogo3AJ Adamczyk, Licensed Acupuncturist and host of Acupuncturist on Fire podcast, was wicked fun to interview this week!

AJ has ALOT to say about the importance of taking action – stop overthinking – and JUST DO IT! He believes in failing in your biz often and understanding what it is you want (and why!) for lasting success.

He shares his number one secret to success and so much more in this interview, AJ is “on fire” in his life and business – this is one interview not to miss!

Mentioned in this interview:

James Swanwick

Tai Lopez

Dr. Tony Wilcox

Kiiki Matsumoto

Acupuncture Online Marketing Summit



Don’t Go It Alone | DeAnn Larson | TBE015

DeAnn Larson photoDeAnn Larson of Tree of Life Therapeutic Massage is celebrating her 10 year anniversary this month as massage clinic owner and has been practicing herself a total of 13 years!

Her experiences are invaluable if you are looking to build a team and clinic!

In this interview:

  • Trust in yourself
  • Surround yourself with great people
  • Seek council and mentorship
  • Do no get emotional in business
  • Struggling to find and keep great practitioners
  • Grow your business at a realistic pace
  • Self-care

Resources mentioned: