Who is Your Ideal Client Holistic Practitioners???

Identifying your ideal client for your holistic practice will provide a clear picture of who is perfectly suited to receive what you have to offer! When you have a crystal clear picture you will attract more of these individuals to your practice.  The goal is to ONLY speak to this one person in all of your marketing communications.  

So if I went to your website right now, read your bio, or reviewed your brochure – would I be able to clearly identify who your ideal client is?

You may have already identified your ideal client, but do you intimately understand their wants, needs and desires? Below is a guideline to help you get started!

Give your ideal client a name, gender, occupation, and age.

Create an image of them in your mind, find a picture of her or him on the Internet and keep this image in front of you when writing. 

Describe a day in their life. Be as detailed as possible!

Now you are ready to answer some additional questions about your ideal client. Provide details!

My ideal client struggles with _____. These are their main complaints and should align to the conditions that you enjoy treating in your practice.

My ideal client feels ______ about their pain/struggle. How does your ideal client feel about their situation? What is their primary emotional status?

My ideal client expects _____ from me as their practitioner. What does a positive treatment experience look like for your ideal client?

My ideal client’s desires to ____. What are the ‘top of mind’ desires of your ideal client?

Deep down, my ideal client secretly desires to ______. What are the deeper desires that your ideal client really wants in their life, how do they want to contribute to the world?

The value in taking time to identify this information comes when you are able to go MUCH deeper than simply identifying the main struggles of your ideal client. It is important to become clear on who they are, their values, how they perceive their situation, and what they expect from you.

Once you have a vivid picture, you are ready to use this information in ALL of your marketing communications. Remember, you are speaking ONLY to your ideal client across ALL touch points.

This may feel uncomfortable, as if you are excluding potential clients. Instead, you will be attracting the ideal clients for you and these clients are ideally suited to LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER AND KEEP COMING BACK!