Ignore This One Thing In Your Wellness Business and You Will Fail

Ignore This One Thing In Your Wellness Business and You Will Fail

Today, I want to talk to you about lead generating activities, both online and offline. Lead generation! Ignore This One Thing In Your Wellness Business and You Will Fail! This is the type of information you need to have a successful wellness business. When you have these two things together, you’re building a killer combination for success in your wellness business! Let’s chat about what some of these activities would be!

Offline Activities


Activities in this bucket would include things like networking, speaking events, having one-to-one meetings with potential clients, doing print publications and direct mail campaigns. It could also include things like print ads and trade shows.

Online Activities


Activities in this bucket include items like social media, webinars, email marketing, blogging, utilizing online publications, paid online advertising, and telesummits.

I can guarantee you that not having a combination of lead generation activities that include both offline and online items will negatively affect your business. I can speak to this from experience!

I’m seeing this a lot with my clients and paid members of my community who are buying my programs. Everybody seems to be falling short in one or both of these areas.

What do I specifically see?

1. You’re completely avoiding lead generating activities.


So you’re doing all of the right things. You’re investing time in that beautiful website. You’re getting your treatment room gorgeous and spending time ordering products and supplies. Maybe you’re even spending time studying treatment plans! I’ve had many clients tell me they were busy creating handouts for their future clients that they don’t even have yet.

And that’s the downfall. You’re spending a lot of time being very, very busy, but what you’re ultimately doing is avoiding spending time what lead generating activities to actually bring you in the clients that will make you money!

And don’t think this is only for new businesses. I see this with more seasoned practitioners, too. They may be experiencing a little dip in their numbers and suddenly they get very busy on all of the operational and administrative types of activities.

But remember. The lead generating activities, both online and offline, are what is going to make your business a success!

2. You Only Focus on One Side of the Lead Generating Activities (Online or Offline)


So you’re just focusing on networking or speaking. You’re hustling those one-to-one meetings. While this is great, there is also a problem with this. It can suck up a lot of your time, which in turn means you’re not creating any sort of back-end automation in your business that will ultimately alleviate the pressure on your time.

This means you are constantly hustling. As your business grows, this just isn’t sustainable. This happened to me. I hustled and networked everywhere. I tried to be everything to everyone, but it was exhausting. As I started to get more and more clients on my schedule, I ultimately couldn’t sustain it and it was the biggest challenge of my practice.

Now, maybe you’re only focusing on online generating activities only. This is a huge problem, particularly if you’re brand new. When you only focus on the online activities, you’re usually not seeing results. Generally, this is because there is a lack of strategy and consistency.

What happens is that you’re advertising to everyone. You haven’t nailed it down with one person, so you’re trying to do a one-to-many approach, when you haven’t really nailed your message completely yet. You haven’t gotten comfortable and confident talking one-to-one with people offline, so you’re going to be really challenged online.

You’re missing the whole opportunity to get your next client in the door. The fastest way to make that happen is by sitting across from somebody one-to-one.

And this is why I advocate lead generating activities that include both online and offline tasks. That’s when you’re really going to start seeing the results you crave to give your business lasting success.

3. You Think You’re Doing Everything You Can But You’re Not Seeing Results


This is really common for new and relatively new practitioners. They just aren’t seeing the traction they think they should be seeing. I get it! But let’s dig in a bit further. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a strategy?
  • What is your strategy for lead generating activities?
  • What is your goal or results that you are expecting from these activities?

Maybe you’re lacking some of these items, or a combination of these items. This isn’t going to help you see results. You need to remember that you NEED online and offline lead generating activities!

So what are my tips to make sure you accomplish this? Maybe you haven’t even thought about this or don’t have any idea where to start.


If you’re looking for more clients, this is EXACTLY what I want you to do:

1. Take Inventory of What is Currently Being Done


You can’t fix what you aren’t aware of, right? Take a real, honest evaluation of what types of lead-generating activities you have going on right now with your business.

2. Start with Offline Lead Generating Activities


This is going to help you get better at your messaging, along with bring more confidence with what you’re sharing. You will begin to get immediate feedback, so you’ll be able to adjust right away. This is the quickest way to get the next client in your door!

So, check out the inventory of what you’re currently doing. If you have nothing, add something! If you’re already doing something, you need to spend more time on the offline side. GET GOOD AT THIS!

I’m not talking about the next couple of years, just the next couple of weeks. Really dig into this! Get your butt out of the seat!

3. Start to Implement Online Lead Generating Activities


It takes a little more effort and technological prowess to start implementing more of your online lead generating activities. If you don’t currently have anything in place, like blogs, email marketing, etc., it’s going to take you a little bit of time with the technology to get this started.

4. Have a Strategy


You need to understand what the goal is that you are trying to accomplish. What are you trying to get out of where you’re spending your time? This means you need a strategy.

5. Measure Your Outcomes


This also means you need to measure your outcomes of these strategies! You need to know how things are working for you with your current strategy. Only you can say what you want to get out of how you’re spending your time.

6. Be Consistent


Once you figure this out, be consistent! The magic doesn’t happen overnight!

Here’s the thing…

Lead generation is your number one! Ignore This One Thing In Your Wellness Business and You Will Fail. This is the main thing you need to focus on in your business. Not the website, not getting handouts ready for clients that aren’t even real yet. If you want more clients in your doors, you need to focus on lead generation!

Once you have this down, you can focus on the client, to keep things rolling.

Both online and offline lead generation, because that’s the killer combination for success!