Mindset is Queen

EVERY successful entrepreneur I have met will tell you mindset is everything. Are you looking for the magic bullet? Done. It’s all in your head!

FAILURE WAS NEVER AN OPTION. Those who describe success early on in their biz will tell you they never let the idea of failure creep in.

YOU ARE WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF BY. Another “secret” ingredient for successful entrepreneurs. They are not hanging with the naysayers, instead, they are seeking those who desire to be great and doing something about it. And they are doing anything, trying, failing and just taking action!

HIGH VIBE ALL THE TIME. At the end of the day, we all just want to feel good. And LIKE attracts LIKE. If you are feeling good in your mind, body and spirit others will be attracted to your energy. It becomes infectious. Please do not argue with me on this one, we are in the biz of holistic healing and I KNOW you get the energy thing.

BE THE BRIGHT LIGHT, and all the moths will flock to you. Again, high vibe.

If you are stuck, wondering how to climb your way out of a mindset disaster……here are some of the things I am doing right now to break the ceiling and take it to another level of mindset mastery in my biz:

I hired a coach to not only work on my biz, but help get me out of my own way (at every level of growth you will find a ceiling to break through)

I spend 30 minutes each day reading manifestation statements and affirmation statements

I schedule time to eat and take breaks (self-care is critical)

I schedule 30 minutes of me time to do something I love (coloring books have been popular lately and baking)

I not only set goals for my biz, but I set rewards. It is all about feeling good!

I utilize tapping when I am feeling low energy or having a low vibe day to raise it up to rockstar status, I also love essential oils to boost my mood

I have my goals and what I want to manifest on sticky notes all over my office

I invest time in reading mindset, money and abundance related books. Most recently: The Big Leap, E squared, Think and Grow Rich (again)

I talk out loud to my peers about my challenges and fears (yes, this occurs at all levels in your biz)

I make no excuses. If I am not seeing the results I desire, the finger gets pointed at me and no one else.

There is so much to dive in to on this topic. Hit me with your specific questions below! Bottom line, do not get in your own way. You likely have a fear of failure or fear or success or both. No more of that.