Mindset, Spirituality, and Trusting in Yourself | Jessica Nazarali

Having the right mind set and confidence in yourself is a huge part of entrepreneurship.

048Good day Mavens! I have an exciting guest for you today, her name is Jessica Nazarali and she is a business strategist and coach. Jessica has had her own business for the last three years and talks about why it’s so important for many wellness entrepreneurs to have confidence in themselves and in their abilities. This conversation even turns a little spiritual. Tune in to hear what Jessica has to say!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Jessica is a business strategist and certified master coach.

*Jessica has been coaching for the last three years and has two full time employees.

*In order to get Jessica’s business off the ground, she worked on both her coaching business and her day job at the same time for seven months. It was tiring!

*Starting a business is challenging, so if you’re not committed, your dream will never happen.

*Jessica believes mindset and believing in yourself is a big part of entrepreneurship.

*When you doubt yourself, it really affects not only your mental health, but your business as well.

*Jessica recommends setting time every day to meditate and to work on just believing in yourself.

*It’s hard getting used to being so public when you’re first trying to create your brand.

*At first, Jessica was afraid to put herself out there because she didn’t know if people would like the real Jessica.

*Finding a good community, either free or paid, is critical to getting you to the next level.

*As you grow, it’s only natural that friendships will change as well.

*Final advice? Make sure you really want to start your own business and commit to it.

*Don’t worry about your logos and your website, etc. Focus on providing value and lead generation first.

Maven Moment

Something that I took away from my interview with Jessica after reflecting on it for a couple days was that it’s so important to understand your purpose and why you want to do what you want to do. What is the core motivator and drive you have for starting your business? If you don’t know, then you may get poor results when you start out and give up.

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