What Does Making an Impact Mean to You? | Dr. Amy Cannatta

Discover Amy’s story from leaving domestic abuse to making a meaningful impact in this world.

amyAmy really lays it out on today’s show and we talked about some tough stuff today. I’m really glad she did, because people learn from other people’s stories and I really hope Amy will inspire you to take the next step and get your business out there.

A little bit about Dr. Amy Cannatta: Amy first started out as a chiropractor at the age of 29, and then slowly transitioned from that line of work into being a life and business coach. She talks about her transformational journey and why relentless resilience was the key to her success, especially when leaving an abusive and violent relationship and taking her two young children with her.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*I’m saying goodbye to one-on-one coaching for right now.

*Take a peek at what’s happening in the Maven Inner Circle. Lots of cool stuff happening there!

*Amy helps high achievers and leaders get to the next level.

*In the beginning, Amy was working for someone else while starting her own chiropractic business, and being a single mom!

*Why did Amy become a chiropractor? She talks about her abusive relationship and why she had to get out.

*In life, we look for those divine signs to tell us we’re on the right track. Amy received hers.

*Amy’s current business is a mixture of online and offline work.

*What contributed to Amy’s success? Relentless resilience.

*Break your work into bite size chunks of time or tasks.

*How did Amy overcome the naysayers and lack of support?

*What kind of challenges did Amy have to overcome? She left an abusive relationship.

*Amy talks about her book, Pursepective.

*Amy ran away from home at 19, was a college dropout, and a family member called her, ‘White Trash’. She carried those labels around with her for a while.

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Maven Moment

Amy really goes there today and she talks about some big challenges she had to face. What stood out for me is that when you have a true passion for something, when you really, really care about what you do, you will persevere through and won’t let anything stop you. This woman has overcome a lot of things in her life – the naysayers, domestic violence, and her family thinking she’s ‘white trash’. I truly hope you can gain inspiration from her story to rise up and let no one else, except you, define you.

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