Are You Losing Your Sh*t? | Maven Mini

I know I just swore! I don’t do it often, but I just want to stress the importance of this. This topic has been on my mind a lot lately, especially because I was close to losing it this past week. I know I’ve spoken a lot about the importance of surrounding yourself with community and like-minded peers before. It’s also great to have a spouse or a partner, best friend, or family member to support you, but we all know as business owners, those aren’t always the best people to talk to you about business-related issues. As much as you love them, sometimes they just don’t understand!

So, I’m really going back to the power of community. The issue I was having came to me last week and it was unknown. I needed to process this, but I couldn’t really go out and talk to people about this issue right away. So, I lost my sh*t instead and let it all out in front of my mastermind sisters. I wasn’t necessarily looking for any feedback, just a place to vent.

Okay, here’s why this was so important. My issue happened on a Monday night and Tuesday morning I showed up at my business and I was a complete mess. I couldn’t focus! As soon as I was able to vent, I was able to move forward on my business and keep things flowing smoothly. The key thing is whatever is happening in your personal life will trickle into your business life, so you need to fix it ASAP!

As one of my mentors likes to say, you can have a bad day, but you can not have a bad week as an entrepreneur! It will crush you. It will really crush you. So, it’s kind of funny how life tends to circle around. My issue happened about a week or two ago, but the same type of problem happened to one of my clients recently. Meaning! If I didn’t have a community to vent to, then I wouldn’t have even been able to help my client. Of course, I told her the same advice. Do you have a place to lose your Sh*t?