I Should Be Doing… | Maven Mini

Do you have some common words you keep saying to yourself like, “I should be doing…” or “I kept trying to fit myself into…” Then this Maven Mini is for you!

I’ve been talking to my clients all day and there’s been a consistent theme I’ve been hearing over and over. You guys aren’t doing what you’re suppose to be doing! I know, it can be so frustrating, so let’s stop the madness, right here, right now.

A client of mine has been crushing it! She’s getting all these great speaking engagements and higher paying clients. I asked her, ‘So, what’s changed?’ And she pretty much told me that it all changed for her when she decided to stop fitting herself into this ‘should be’ mold. It was only stressing herself out in the end. When she finally let go of that and started running her business the way she wanted to, BAM! — things started working.

From my personal experience, I totally get it. We’re so pressured by outside forces into having that fantastic and ideal business that we really lose sight of ourselves and it’s just not fair! Don’t get me wrong, I know some of these models work great for others, but they really didn’t work for me. Instead of feeling guilty about that and pushing against the grain, find your own path and create a business that feels right for you.

There’s nothing cookie cutter about your business. Your business is an expression of you. Do Not Lose Sight Of That. Okay? Ok! Let go of the I Should Be Doing… mentality!