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I Need to Get More Clients in the Door ASAP

I received a fabulous question from one of the members of my Maven Inner Circle community. She said I Need to Get More Clients in the Door ASAP, but didn’t know the best ways to make that happen! She asked the group what were some of the quickest ways of achieving this.

I love this question, because we’ve all been in this situation before. We’ve all needed to rocket launch our hustle. It happens to everyone when they’re just getting started. Actually, it happens to all business owners, at all levels, when cash flow becomes an issue. So, what should we do? Go after the low hanging fruit! You don’t want to start new initiatives when you’re running around with your head cut off. However, because you’re in such a panic, you don’t even see the fruit that’s hanging right in front of you.

In my opinion, the fastest way to get clients in your door is through one-on-one connections and leveraging those! So, that could come in the form of asking for referrals from your already-established clientele, going back and looking for clients who haven’t been around in the last few of months, and even talking to people who didn’t follow through on your treatment plan.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making the ask. If you don’t ask, your clients won’t know how they can help you! Make the ask and follow up with the people who have drifted away! It does not need to be much more complex than that. However, if you’ve exhausted those leads, then the next best thing is to go to speaking arrangements and conferences, where you can talk to multiple people at once. These are colder leads, but this is an excellent way to get new traffic through your door, and be seen as the expert.