What to Do When Your Clients Wants to Back Out | Dixie Reynolds

Dixie Reynolds

Making the Maven Episode 103: What to Do When Your Clients Wants to Back Out


Dixie’s client is getting cold feet and finding reasons not to continue. What should Dixie do? Dixie Reynolds is one of the members of my Maven Inner Circle. She is fairly new to business, only having started her LLC just last year, but she has over 30 years of experience as a nurse in the healthcare industry. Right now, she’s made her transition from nurse to health coach but is running into some resistance with one of her clients. What should she do? Well, on the show, I offer her some advice on how she can prevent this from happening in the future and what she can do now to help her client succeed.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Who is Dixie and what does she do?

*What is Dixie currently struggling with right now?

*Dixie is very new in her business right now. She has two paying clients.

*Why did Dixie leave her career in nursing to become a health coach?

*Why did it take Dixie 30 years to transition into this new career path?

*Dixie opened her LLC just last year but has only just recently started making money.

*One of Dixie’s clients is backing out right now and getting cold feet.

*How did Dixie structure the sessions with this client?

*How can Dixie prevent this from happening to her in the future? Here’s where I chime in!

*Dixie’s client has expressed resistance, this is what Dixie can do to help her client overcome these feelings.

*People want to back out all the time. It’s their way of trying to sabotage themselves. You need to call that out.

*Dixie realizes she needs to give a bit of tough love to her client. But think about it this way, no one else is helping her succeed. The best thing you can do is just be honest.


Dixie’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


Still the focus in traditional medicine is on treatment, vs. prevention. I think that’s really sad. Click To Tweet People don’t see the results, because what kind of society do we live in? Do it now, pill, quick fix. Click To Tweet The best thing you can do is be honest; because no one else is helping your client. Click To Tweet

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