Build Better Relationships Without Being Promotional
Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick

Making the Maven Episode 108:
How can you break into an industry when you know nobody?

Michael Roderick went from high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. How did he do it so darn quick? Michael says it’s due to the connections he’s built. Michael explains that going to networking events is so cringe-worthy because you often get bombarded by people trying to promote their stuff and who, frankly, have the whole ‘building meaningful relationships’ thing all wrong. How can you avoid being like one of those people and how can you break into an industry where you know no one? Michael shares his tips!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

  • You want to grab a pen and paper for this podcast episode and listen to it twice!
  • How did Michael Roderick go from an English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years?
  • The first year of teaching completely destroyed Michael. He had to break up a ton of fights and got things thrown at him.
  • How can you make a good connection with someone at a networking event without being too ‘networky’ about it?
  • So, why did Michael leave his career as a Broadway producer and how did he get to ‘here’?
  • Where does Michael’s very strategic thinking come from? How does he have so much wisdom?!
  • How do you break into an industry when you know nobody?
  • Michael has 4 networking archetypes: The sharks, the dolphins, those who are drowning, and the lifeguards.
  • How can you approach and build a relationship with a stranger? Let’s do a quick recap.
  • Michael explains his GATE strategy, which stands for Give, Ask, Thank, and Experiment.
  • Very, very rarely does someone say a proper ‘thank you’ to someone.
  • Formulas are great for marketing but awful for real-life implementation. It’s easy to consume 3 tips, but following those 3 tips to the letter will not give them the same results.
  • If you’re not being you, people will see it and they will not be able to build trust with you.
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[bctt tweet="Either every day or every week, depending on how you want to structure it, you want to open and close the GATE." username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="In so many industries, especially the entrepreneurship industry, there’s a heavy, heavy focus on formulas." username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="Formulas are great for marketing but awful for real life." username="mcglademichelle"]

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