Networking 101: Show Up and Show Off

Are you looking for ways to get patients in the door as a new holistic practitioner?

Are you wondering what to do when there is a slow down in your wellness biz and you have little to no clients coming in the door?

If these questions ring true for you then keep reading!

The answers you are looking for are all about NETWORKING!

Let’s first begin with some networking basics:

>>>You will need a business card that you feel proud to hand out

>>>You will need to prepare 1-3 sentences that describe what makes you awesome, who you desire to work with and what fabulous results you have to offer

Now how and where to network! A couple things to keep in mind:

>>>Every opportunity is a networking opportunity.  Carry your business cards with you ALL the time!

>>>Show up regularly and consistently.  You can not expect to be out in your community once and then see a flood of patients coming in your door. Networking is about building relationships based on trust.

I recently shared my best tips for low cost ways to advertise (& network) on my blog. You can reference that article here!

Here are some additional places and ways to network:

Join the local chamber or rotary club

Join or start a book club

Set up referral partnerships with local business owners

Attend or host your own health fair

Leave a business card where ever you see a bulletin board – coffee, bar, local post office, co-op

Host a networking event for practitioners in your area – I found happy hour events to be great relationship builders


Your day to day activities are networking events – your child’s soccer game, at the hair salon, or even while fueling up your car! Sometimes I leave business cards on the table at restaurants or in the dressing room.

Hang where your ideal client will be – if you work on athletes then spend more time at the gym, golf course, or other sporting events.

Existing practitioners may consider being more targeted when business slows down. You first want to ask yourself how has my business slowed?  It is usually one of three reasons:

>>>Number of new patients has decreased

>>>Number of average visits for new patients has decreased

>>>Existing patient visits have fallen off

Depending on which of the above rings true, your response can be quite different.

The bottom line, we all must create connections and be seen within our communities. The best way to accomplish this is to first get out of your office and just show up. Too many practitioners are sitting at their desk instead of being seen in their community.

Any time you do not have clients scheduled is best spent getting out in front of potential clients.

Finally, if you are going to make the effort to show up, you might as well show off! You are selling yourself after all!