Michelle makes people’s dreams a reality and will help jump start your business…

Michelle is clearly an experienced business woman…

“Working with Michelle profoundly helped me get in the drivers seat of my business. Prior to our sessions I felt scattered and defragmented, which was exhausting and lacked a honed mission for my business. Sessions with Michelle have brought clarity, focus, and much needed calmness in my relationship with my business. I really benefited from the structure of the weekly calls over a 3+ month timeline and suggest others to consider the same. I would recommend working with Michelle if you are looking for more than a cheerleader coach and one who has walked the talk and can speak of sheer business essentials. Michelle is clearly an experienced business woman and brings actionable business tactics to the table for her clients.”

Sheila Liewald
Licensed Acupuncturist

Michelle delivers…

“Michelle delivers the perfect balance between personal examples and easy to digest business tips, making it simple to transform advice into action for YOU in your biz. She provides her content with clarity and authority and you quickly realize she not only knows what she’s talking about but also that she really gets it, because she has been in your shoes too.”

Jennifer Rose

Michelle has real experience to share…

“Every time I meet with Michelle, I walk away feeling much more focused, confident and excited about my next steps for my own business. She is not only a wonderful practitioner of acupuncture, she has real knowledge and experience to share from a business and entrepreneurial perspective.

I would recommend Michelle’s business coaching services to anyone and everyone whether you’re an experienced business owner looking for fresh ideas, or you’re just starting out. She has inspired me so much, as I’m sure she will everyone she meets and works with!”

Larissa Vados
Licensed Acupuncturist

Michelle consistently delivers the right action steps…

“Michelle has a natural ability to know what it takes to build a successful business!  I am thankful for all of her advice and wisdom as it consistently delivers the right action steps to grow my business to the next level!”

Erica Dolan
Love Oils for Health

Michelle has a true passion…

“Michelle is a magical mix of creativity and business savvy rolled into one entrepreneurial spirit. She has a true passion for building people and business into something great.”

Lynn Weatherson
Licensed Acupuncturist

Michelle is a vibrant and intelligent business woman…

“Michelle is a vibrant and intelligent business woman. She is passionate about helping other business owners grow their businesses through better focus and having a clear vision.

She understands the difference between opportunities and distractions, and can lend a relevant perspective for assessing that. She has the education and experience to know that when you’re doing well with doing what you love, you’re reaching success.”

Brett Dorrian
Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

Michelle is amazing, patient & kind…

“Michelle is a wonderful person! She is amazing, patient and kind. She runs her business with integrity and honesty. I have learned many things about running my business from Michelle. I would recommend her for all business related matters.”

Maureen Feeney
River Point Acupuncture

Michelle is a dream-maker…

“When I met Michelle for the first time what struck me was her kindness. She has a way of speaking that makes you trust her instantly and want to listen to every word she has to say because each word has purpose.

As I got to know her further, I noticed a pattern. Each time I left our meetings/time together I wanted to grab the world and make it mine, and though I had my own fears or questions, I believed I could and there was no reason not to.

Michelle continues to work with me to determine my dream situations (career, personal life, etc.) and achieve them. Working with Michelle has taken me to places in my life that one year ago I thought were just a nice thought. Michelle McGlade is an inspiration and an amazing support. But mostly, to me, she is a dream-maker.

Thank You, Michelle!”

Desiree Abhiram

I’m making $1500 per month consistently…

“Before working with Michelle, I was a brand new acupuncturist seeing 2 clients and making around $100 per month. I grew my client visits from 7 in the first month to 27 in the second. By the end of our work together, I was making $1500 consistently each month {sometimes $2000!}. In addition to growing my business, I also opened a second clinic that was in my ideal location. 

As a result of our work together, I felt more confident as a practitioner, developing and communicating treatment plans, asking for and receiving money, and not taking it personally if a client was not seeing results or not a good fit. Michelle also helped me to get clear on my vision: how I could make it work and create sustainable growth in my business, while at the same time balancing my roles as new mom, wife, business owner and acupuncturist.

Michelle is a great blend of business strategy, structure, tough love, mindset work, support, and accountability. She pushed me and cheered me on. She helped me focus and asked me pointed questions so that I could ultimately decide how to create a business that allowed me to balance all my roles without guilt or shame. I would highly recommend her as your coach.”

Tina Grinold

From 2 new clients per month to 2 new clients per week…

“Before working with Michelle my stream of new clients was at 1-2 per month and I was feeling scared, not good enough…like a failure. And I didn’t know what to do. I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to bring in new business.
After working with Michelle, I now consistently have 1-2 new clients per week. I feel much more confident. I know I have the tools to drum up more business. I know what works for me and how to do it – I know my strengths and I will always have that.
What I loved about working with Michelle is her encouragement and positivity and recognition my achievements were really something to be excited about. She helped me to see that. When I was having a hard time she didn’t give up on me and even referred me to another coach who was super helpful.
Most of all, I know Michelle really cares about me and was really accessible and helpful both personally and professional. I couldn’t imagine having a better experience with anyone else.
If you’re on the fence about working with Michelle, I absolutely would say go for it because it’s well worth it – I more than made back in profits my investment. But it’s not just about the coaching, it’s learning the tools to go forward from there and to be able to continue to build my business. I now understand what I can do, the foundational principles to build my business – strategies I can go back to for a lifetime – a tool set for me as a practitioner.
This experience has been a rewiring of my brain in terms of how to run a business, building the capacity to run a business. Its been so worth it.
I now feel like an expert. The gap between what I want people to think about me and what I think about myself is closing. Michelle’s coaching brought me the freedom to become the practitioner that I always was inside but now reflected on the outside too.”

Jennie Hoglund