Social Media Success for Holistic Practitioners

Social media can be a powerful tool for your holistic practice. Let me say that again! Social media is a tool to execute your marketing strategy, it is not a place where you show up occasionally and business comes in your door.

So many wellness entrepreneurs are excited about using these channels in their marketing efforts to drive new clients in to their practice, but often do not see the results they desire.


I suspect if you are feeling the same way and not experiencing results, you may be missing:

Consistency – all marketing efforts need to be consistent and with social media the same rings true. Providing content on a regular basis let’s your audience know you are:

>>>Still in business

>>>Provide ongoing content they can look forward to

>>>Know what to expect from you

>>>Engage with and get to know you

Focus on Your Ideal Client – every piece of information you place out to your audience must focus on your ideal clients. You will become lost in the vast ocean of social media if you do not work to stand out and to speak truthfully to your ideal clients. Provide them:

>>>Content they are itching to read

>>>Visual engagement they can’t wait to share

>>>Posts that speak their language

>>>Authentic interactions that show your uniqueness as a healer

****Need more help identifying your ideal client? Read more HERE!****

Long-Term Strategy – I understand you are anxious to get new clients in the door, but without focus, consistency and a strategy you will definitely not see results.

>>>Identify and understand your ideal clients and where they hang out. Most everyone is on Facebook, but is your ideal client more likely to be on Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

>>>Select 1-3 social media channels and commit to regular content that targets your audience

>>>Create a social media calendar

>>>Block time on your calendar each week so you are able to provide consistent content

Leveraging social media as a tool to drive business in to your practice is a FABULOUS idea for holistic practitioners. Why? Because not many of you are not doing it! Early on it provides the social proof that your business exists, and with a consistent and focused strategy, can provide the results you desire.

There is so much more to explore and discuss on this topic, but nailing the fundamentals will create the lasting foundation for your wellness business success!