Download the exact emails I’ve used to follow up with potential client leads and get them in the door.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Email #1 Welcome & Deliver

    The first email you send after your initial contact with a potential client – whether you meet them at the grocery store or a formal discovery session.

  • Email #2 Relate with a Story

    Keep the momentum going. What do you say when you haven’t heard back? That’s exactly the focus of this email.

  • Email #3 Solve Their Problem

    When you really want to give up, those taking action to continue follow up are the ones that see results. Quickly. This email gives you an idea of what exactly to say.

  • Email #4 Deliver Proof

    It may be almost unthinkable to follow up when you get a no thank you. But that’s not true. I mean, were you genuinely interested in helping them? Then why not continue that conversation. This email shows you how.

  • Email #5 Introduce the Next Step

    Maybe it’s just me, but by this point I’m thinking “do you hate me”? But how do you say this nicely and still check in to see how they’re really doing. I’ve got your back on this one.

  • Email #6 Last Chance
  • BONUS Tracking Sheet

    At first you feel like you can remember when and what to send, but don’t make this rookie mistake. Track when your communications go out and what is sent to follow up like a pro.

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