Maven Spotlight: Susan Castilla, Practitioner of the Week


In this week’s Maven Spotlight, I talked to Susan Castilla, owner of Integrative Experience LLC. As a certified health practitioner, Susan has experienced many accomplishments. Her biggest, however, has been being able to empower her clients while they battle chronic disease. She strives to make sure her clients know that a diagnosis does not define a person. How inspiring! Catch all the details that Susan discussed in her interview and more, below!

A brief story of what Susan Castilla does and why she does it…

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I wanted to be able to bring education to everyone. Not just those who were already taking care of their health, but also to those who were relatively new to managing a disease. It was also important to help those who had not been successful in the past at taking care of themselves. When people come to the realization that self-care is vitally important, being able to be on that journey with them is the greatest feeling.

How did you get into holistic health care?

I started out doing private duty case management over 18 years ago when my children were young. It was important to be able to make my own schedule. That quickly evolved as more and more alternative treatments became available to help manage chronic disease. Then, when my husband was diagnosed, I wanted to learn all I could about bringing treatments to our area and educating others, as well. One treatment does not always work, side effects are different for some and I wanted to be versed in solutions other than drugs.

What makes you special, unique and different?

The services in cancer rehab are relatively unique, certainly for our area. All of our appointments are always one-to-one, as well. This is something that remains dear to me with privacy, whether you have a wig on today or not. Or whether you’re battling a weak immune system. Or even the thought of sharing machines or services with so many others, making you want to stay home. Being well-versed in several alternative holistic treatments to offer also sets us apart. Supplements serve most people well but oils and exercise play another important role. Giving choices to clients is important!

What or who are your inspirations?

My family continues to amaze and inspire me daily, as they continue to grow and give back within our community. So many of the great people I have met over the years, whether seeking treatment or coming in as clients, always makes me feel that nothing is impossible with hope.

How are you making a difference in your life?

I regularly make sure that I am practicing what I preach. Self-care is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, but without it you cannot give to others. Quite often, we think of diet and exercise but it also is vital to take the time to nurture friendships, relationships, family and have a spiritual practice that guides you as well.

What has been your biggest business challenge?

Susan Castilla has done amazing things with her career, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. Her biggest challenge has been getting mainstream practitioners to make referrals for holistic treatment. She is working on overcoming this by continuously keeping a reliable line of communication open with practitioners she works with on a regular basis. What tenacity!

Susan Castilla is the owner of Integrative Experience LLC located in New York Mills, NY. Over the past 18 years she has helped countless individuals locally remain active in the community and remain in their home as she coordinated their care. Since 2012, she has partnered with her son and together they are pioneering an innovative approach in their area that concentrates on using nutrition, exercise and supplements to overcome the effects of cancer treatment after surgery, during treatment and recovery.