3 Lies You Tell Yourself that are Sabotaging Your Business

3 Lies You Tell Yourself that are Sabotaging Your Business

Let’s talk about how you can work on making money in your business. You should have the successful business you deserve so you can reach out to more people and make the different you’re looking for! That’s the whole reason you got into this business! You want to end the suffering, spread the good word and provide holistic and alternative options to more people. But first… it starts with you building a very successful wellness business, so don’t fall into these 3 Lies You Tell Yourself that are Sabotaging Your Business.

I’m specifically talking about the three lies you tell yourself about your target market. Stop surrounding yourself with myths! This is so foundational to successful marketing. Let’s talk about these self-sabotaging behaviors that you are subscribing to that are killing your business. But most important, let’s work on turning this around by focusing on specific action steps.

1. I’m Just Getting Started


This is you. You’re thinking you just opened your practice, you’re just getting started and you’re not sure who you specifically want to target. I’m brand new!

2. I Don’t Want to Turn Anyone Away


You’re thinking you can help everyone. You want to help a lot of different people. Well, I’ve got a lot of powerful words for that!

3. I Don’t Need a Target Market


You’re telling yourself you’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work for you. You get crickets. You’re doing “all the things”. Um, no.

First and foremost, marketing IS targeted! To have successful marketing, it has to be a targeted message. When you go out into the marketplace and try to be everything to everyone, nobody will even end up hearing anything.

You’re just like vanilla and people keep walking right on by.


What I need you to hear is that even if you’re not sure who you want to target and you’re just getting started, it can evolve and change. But, YOU’VE GOT TO PICK SOMETHING or nobody is going to hear you. You may have already experienced this. I’ve seen it time and time again.

Say you’re new. You go out and make an effort, which is fabulous. You’re out networking, you’ve put up copy on your website and you’re chugging along. But it’s all just so vanilla! It’s so much about YOU! It’s not about anybody else or what you can do for people, and as a result, nobody is responding. And now your confidence is going down.

Instead, make it targeted. Make it very helpful for that target because it’s going to build your confidence. You’re going to have a much stronger message and you are going to show up with more confidence, which people will respond to!

So stop telling yourself you don’t need this! Maybe you don’t even know you need this, but you do! I know it can seem limiting to just pick one lane. You’re not sure whom you want to target.

You can evolve naturally over time!


But you definitely need that targeted marketing message to get people’s attention. Once you get their attention, you can start talking to them a little bit more in-depth about what they’re looking for and how you can help them.

This can bleed into the other component that I hear people say a lot – “I can help more than one person! I would love to help more than one person!”

Fabulous! If the phone rings and they’re not in your target market and you want to take them on, I say abso-freaking-lutely! I’m not talking about who you’re going to say yes to in your practice. I’m talking about teaching you that you have to have a targeted and focused message to be more powerful for your business.

Because not being focused doesn’t produce long-lasting results. It’s a foundational step in your business!


The interesting thing about this is that you feel like you’re excluding people. But, because you’re showing up in the marketplace so powerfully, clear and consistent, more people end up being attracted to you outside of that market. It’s just the way it works and you’ll have to trust me on this one!

A colleague of mine has a brand that is “Leadership Girl”. She markets to women, but ends up having tons of guys come to her. It’s because she’s so effective at marketing and social media, and she can decide if she wants to say yes or no. But the key is the target!

This can ultimately bleed into you saying that you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. You’re saying, Michelle, I’m still getting crickets! I’ve had clients in your shoes. I get it. But here’s the problem: You’re not going deep enough.

Let’s say you’re someone who went through a one-page worksheet on identifying your ideal client. You found it from some “guru” and was a free download. Well… you’re probably not going deep enough! Or you haven’t taken what you learned and crafted it into a powerful message that is consistent.

If you’ve done some of this work and aren’t getting any responses, go back and look at the elements again!

  • Did you go deep enough?
  • Did you craft a message that was in their language? Not the “wellness speak”. In THEIR language.
  • Have you been doing it consistently?

It really does take some time.


I’ve done this. I’ve done it poorly, just like some of you. But now I’m rocking it! It works! I had to learn the hard way and I want you to avoid my mistakes. I’ve implemented it for my own business, for my clients’ businesses and I’ve learned from the gurus. The people whoa re getting real results, seven figure results, in their businesses.

So where do you start with this? Let’s talk about actionable information you can use. You need effective marketing and that begins with great targeting.

Do the research! I’m doing research day-in and day-out, week after week. Understand their language and what they are struggling with.

I know that can feel overwhelming, so let me give you one of two options that I want you to implement.

1. Go To Amazon


Look at the book section and type in your topic. Look at the bestselling books in that niche and head over to the review section to read what individuals are experiencing. This can be powerful and transformative to learn their language. I will copy and paste this language into a spreadsheet, so it’s readily available moving forward.

2. Forum Research


Head over to Google and type in the topic you are looking for. For instance, type in fibromyalgia, the plus sign, and the word forum to find forums related to the topic that you’re tagging. Now look for their pain points. Copy and paste this language into a spreadsheet and start looking for commonalities in there!

These are the first couple steps to do to really dig into your target market. It will put you in a position to understand what they’re struggling with, as well as to craft the perfect message to reach them. A powerful message that you can use when introducing yourself locally, one-to-one, at a networking group, speaker events, etc.

Use this information in the copy on your website! You will use it when you create an opt-in for your website. You’re going to use it on social media. You’ll use it to come up with topics on your blog.

You’re going to basically use it every single place you go and it will be the foundation to truly creating marketing that is effective in getting results for you and your business!

See you next week!

Your #1 Focus To Get Your Next Client

Your #1 Focus To Get Your Next Client

Ready to focus on what really can get your next client in the door? That’s easy… Focus on THEM, not you! So what do I mean by that? Your #1 Focus To Get Your Next Client is easier than you think!

This business that you’re building isn’t about you. When you took the leap to follow this passion, you had your own struggles. Maybe you had a health struggle and now you want to share the message on how to overcome it. You want other people to not struggle with it! You want to show them that there are alternative, holistic, natural options to heal themselves, right?!

But somewhere along the way, you started to lose your focus on that. You lost your focus on the people you want to help and you started focusing on you!


Think about that.

It’s showing up day in and day out as you build your business. There are two things that I see.

1. People who totally withdraw

If this is you, it’s showing up in the form that you are afraid to put yourself out there. You are just sitting there waiting for the phone to ring, but it’s not going to happen.

2. People who focus on perfection

You’re spending hours, maybe a whole week, writing and rewriting content for your blog. Or you’re being rigid with your to-do list and won’t consider yourself “ready” until that list is checked off.

In any of these situations, it’s simply not true!

There is the other side of the spectrum, too. Maybe you’re putting yourself out there, but your pain point is a bit different. You’re using all of the “me” language instead of the “you” language in everything that you do.

You’re hustling, you’re networking, you’re putting yourself out there. Awesome! But when you introduce yourself, you’re focusing on you and not on them. You’re talking about your credentials, your modality, all about the fabulous things you can do. It’s not about what the client wants or desires!

It can also show up in your online channel. On your website, for example. When a potential client lands on your website, they see tons of examples of what it’s all about, and they are learning all about you. But… they are not seeing what they want or what they desire. They are unsure of how you could actually help them.

Same thing with your writing in your blogs or emails. You include a lot of wellness speak. People may not know what that is! It’s not plain English. It’s not speaking to your client about what they want and desire. You’re using “me” language.

They want to know how you can solve their problem!


If you can talk about their problem in their language it’s going to be so much more powerful!

But why do you do it? You’ve forgotten about your passion and you’re not showing up in the right format for potential clients, but why?



It’s the fact that you’re new. You haven’t seen the level of success that you want and your frustrated. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know!

If you’ve never done certain things before, it challenges your confidence. You’re looking around trying to compare, but you’re just not sure how to do it! I get it. You’re letting fear take over. You don’t want to look stupid in front of peers, colleagues, to potential clients. You’re afraid of making a mistake or of failing. But you can turn this around!

You have to start thinking about how bad you really want this! It all starts with ending your self-sabotage. Stop the language in your head telling you that you can’t do this!

Introverted? I don’t want to hear it! Most of us are introverted in the wellness business. That’s the profile! Many people are shy. Everybody is challenged with money. Everybody is challenged with time. Stop the self-sabotaging behaviors and look for where those negative thoughts live in your brain.

So how can you overcome this? Stop thinking about your limiting behaviors. Stop the self-sabotage. Get yourself out there!

Get targeted with your message and get rid of the “me” language!


To do this, you need to understand and define that target market! Do the research and understand what they want and desire. Than you need to craft your message. Just a few simple sentences of how you’re going to introduce yourself. And I promise you, it’s not this:

“I’m a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture has been around 3,000 years and the needles are hair-thin”


This is all “me” language. It has nothing to do with the clients that you want to attract!


The last thing to focus on is to work a little seed to plant for yourself. I know many of you are disappointed because you’re not getting the results you want and it’s affecting your confidence. Reset your expectations!

I really want you to think about who you are comparing yourself to. If you’re investing 10hours a week and building your business and you’re comparing yourself to someone who is only spending 8 hours a week, that’s not apples to apples. Stop setting unrealistic expectations for yourself!

Building a business takes way ore than six months. Start thinking about this as a long-term play that you’re in for the long haul. You want to look for the trend of growth in your business. Give yourself three years. I’m serious!

At first, you’re trying to get a few clients. Than, you are working to get consistent clients. And consistent clients equals a longer-term game. It doesn’t happen overnight! Nobody talks about how long it can take, but it does! Set clear expectations for yourself and your business!

Bottom line… keep your focus on them, not you!


Until next time!

The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

Let’s talk about making money in wellness! How can you turn your expensive hobby into a really successful wellness business to that you can reach and touch more people? This is The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing to take things to the next level!

I’ve been spending some time with clients to really understand what is holding you back from attracting those dream clients into your business. You’re already doing a lot of things right, but what are you missing?

The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

You’re doing all of the right things:

  • Sending out emails
  • Blogging
  • Putting Yourself Out There

But there are still some gaps in your marketing. That’s why it’s not working the way you want it to. So how can you 10x your marketing to turn it around? You don’t want to just bring in clients, you want to bring in DREAM clients! Ones who really want to work with you. Ones who fill you up and get results. But ultimately, you want clients who will refer you because that’s what it’s all about in your wellness business!

So what is that one thing you need to do?


It’s not sexy. It’s not that fun. But it’s needed! When I work with clients, I absolutely won’t let them skip this step. But they resist it! You want pixie dust!

What you need to understand is that this IS pixie dust! If you are truly able to speak to your clients to understand what they want and need, then communicate it back to them in their own language. That is what is going to deliver the results you want!

It got me thinking about my own business and how much research I’ve done myself. I’ve easily gathered data and feedback from my target audience and either talked one-to-one with people or surveyed them in some way, shape or form.

So how do you do market research? One of the best ways I believe is to talk to your audience. What that has done is it has allowed me to get closer to my audience to learn what they want and need.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with it, though. You don’t need to get out there and talk to everyone at once. But how about 10 people? Are there 10 people that you would love to work with? Talk to them!

You want to specialize and you want to help people who are struggling in ways you’ve struggled in the past. But the difference is that now you’re on the other side of it! Your perspective has changed because you’ve moved through being the victim and somebody who is sick all the time. You’ve done your work of struggling to find answers.

You have the answer and found your cure and healed yourself! You’ve experienced a lot of different forms of alternative options and holistic healing and have a totally new perspective. That makes it more difficult to relate to where people are now.

Even if you feel like you know these clients, you don’t anymore. So you need to do the research!

One of my favorite ways to get to know your clients is to interview them! I try to talk to two of my clients a week one-on-one and continue to survey people week after week. I easily get 25 surveys back every week. So that’s 27 people I’m getting new research from every week!

I stay close to what’s going on in your world because I’ve been there. But I’m not there anymore, so I need to stay close to it to know what is happening!

This is when you can create marketing messaging that is extremely powerful. And it works!

Have you been trying these things? You’ve been doing some email marketing. You’ve got an opt-in on your website and have been putting blogs out there. You do the social media thing, but you’re getting crickets. You see zero for your open rates and nobody is clicking on your links. What gives?

Your research may be off and you’re not creating the powerful messaging that is speaking directly to people. You’re using “wellness speak”, not their own language. You have to remember… talk to them! Learn about what is going on in their lives, what they want and what they desire. They want to hear it in their own language!

I know it’s hard to talk to hundreds of people. But did you think of using Amazon? Check out specific Amazon books in your niche and look at the reviews.

For example… fibromyalgia. If I was going to specialize and work with individuals who were struggling with this, I could look for books on this topic. BEST SELLOING BOOKS! And I’d be looking at those reviews.

You’ll be amazed at what you find. You’re going to find all sorts of juicy content about people who read the book. You’ll see what they are experiencing and the dramatic change that happened as a result of reading that book. And it’s all going to be in their own words! I encourage you to cut and paste this information and keep it in a spreadsheet.

Another idea? Use forums. Go into Google and type in the search. Again, by using the example of fibromyalgia, type in the word, the plus sign, and than the word forum. The result will be that any type of forum that is related to this topic will pop up.

Now, you can head into those forums and you’ll do the exact same thing as when you do your Amazon research. See what people are talking about. Read about their struggles and read their words. Copy and paste the language and keep it in that trusty spreadsheet! Soon, you can begin to look for trends, which can tell you what the biggest pain points are.

This will help you immensely in your marketing!

Until next time!

Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months

Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months

Let’s talk about Making Money in Wellness! Because when you make money, you’re not only taking care of yourself, but you’re able to take care of, reach and touch more people out there! That’s exactly what I want for you, so let’s discuss Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months!

Who doesn’t want to book up their calendar by 50% more? Especially if it only takes 2 ½ months! This is a huge deal if you’re brand new and just getting started in your wellness business. I was inspired to talk about this topic by a client of mine, who is a brand new practitioner. I had the pleasure of working with her for three months and the first month, she was still working in a different job, trying to transition herself full-time to her new acupuncture practice.

And she did an amazing job of putting herself out there and following a framework that we created together! The results spoke for themselves!

When she started, she had 20 clients booked on the first day! That’s amazing and in reviewing her results over 2 ½ months, she reported that her calendar was already 50% full!

CONSISTENTLY, which is the key!

So what did she do to achieve these results?

These three steps made all the difference to help her think more globally and strategically. And it’s not that complicated!

Let’s discuss thinking about the tasks you need to accomplish and how you’re spending your time. Now, let’s put those tasks into three buckets and discuss what to prioritize.

1. Sales and Marketing Bucket


Here, enter any activity or task related to sales and marketing.

2. Operations Bucket


This includes all the “junk”. Paperwork, phone calls, emails, billing, ordering supplies, cleaning the office. All of those items we want to lump into the operations bucket.

3. Financial Bucket


This one often gets forgotten about. Here, include all of your accounting and financial items.

So how should you prioritize your time? First, looks look at the Operations Bucket.

Get your forms together, set up that website, continual learning. You’re doing something productive when you work in this bucket when you’re starting up your business. Create handouts for clients that you don’t have yet. Get things ready so when you DO have the clients, you’re not scrambling.

I don’t want you to focus on the wrong bucket!

Next, I have a feeling you’re spending tons of time on lead generation, which is found in the Sales and Marketing Bucket. And that’s where you need to be spending your time in Month 1, Month 2, etc. If you want to be fully booked or have any clients in the first 2 ½ months of your business, you have to get clients in the door, which is through sales and marketing!

But you may use a lot of the materials you created in the Operations Bucket to than use in Sales and Marketing! Bingo!

If you focus on the right bucket in your business and stop convincing yourself you can’t do it, you’re going to fill your calendar quickly!

Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online

Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online

I get it. You are interested in putting together content that you can sell in an online space. You want to stop trading time for your money. I’m so onboard with you! But I want to talk about that big no-no you’re doing when you’re building that signature program. You need to use this Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online!

The good news is, you have tons of content! You’re the expert in your field. You have a lot going on and can share so much with people and sell to them to make really good money!

The bad news is how you’re going about doing it. So what’s the best way to take all of that knowledge and expertise and put it out into the marketplace in a way that is going to ensure success?

The first step is NOT to create the course or content. Remember that!

I was talking to a naturopathic doctor recently who is doing so many things right now! She’s got tons of energy and is interested in setting up her practice in a way that’s virtual. She wants to put content out there in a value ladder of some sort that brings them in, educates them, teaches them and ultimately sells them her higher-end packages and services.


So now she has worked on putting together opt-in’s. She’s created the course she wants to sell and is ready to go! But… she’s missing a few key foundational steps. The good news is that she knew this and it’s why she reached out to me. She came in saying she wasn’t sure how it all should go together and didn’t know what her strategy should be.

And this is what I need to share with you today!

1. Do the market research. Get clarity on the target market and do the market research.


Before you even create the content, you have got to understand whom you will be selling it to! Who will the target market for the course or content that you will put out there be? After you have the answer for this, it’s time to do your research!

However, do not think you’ve defined a target market if it’s too broad. Do not skim over this piece, or it will backfire on you! Be crystal clear on whom this content is for. You need to really understand this market’s deep desires and what their struggles are.

Once this target market of yours sees the powerful message that you’re putting out into the world, they are going to say, “I want more of that, she gets me!” And this is important, because it will determine how you’re going to get their attention. How will you get them to opt-in? How are you going to get them to pull out their credit card and sign up?

You need to speak their language, so make sure you do that research!

The next natural step is for you to want to create your course all over again. Why? Because this is where you’re comfortable. You’re the expert and you know the amazing outcome and results you want to get people. But, don’t do it!

2. Run the beta test


The next step is actually to get a few people to beta test the current course you already have set. I get it. You’re in panic attack mode. It makes you anxious. You’re thinking, “I don’t have the course done, the content isn’t ready.” But here’s a big truth…

You don’t need the content ready! You just need an outline!

Once you know who you want to serve with the content, get a small group of them together. Three to five people, that’s it! Outline the content and bring them through the content as you’re creating it.

It’s so important because this is where you’re going to learn what your target market responds to! You’ll see what kind of questions they have and where they are getting stuck. This is all going to help you create even better content because you’re in-touch with your course! You’re going to see first-hand how they are digesting the information.

By running a small beta test with your content, you’re going to get so much more well-informed. This is going to position you to bring it out to the marketplace in such a powerful way. And you’re going to be more confident in your new signature course.

You’re going to be able to be more clear in your marketing and messaging, which will ultimately give you more results to share with people. This will translate into more sales!

So why doesn’t everyone automatically do this? It’s because there is no doubt that you’re more comfortable being the expert in your course, rather than being the marketer. Instead of working on the content you’re passionate about, you have to be thinking about the foundations of this course to accelerate results on the other end. But I’m here to challenge you to get out of that role and get more into the marketing hat role!

You may also get stuck on this because you THINK you’ve already done the work I’m describing. But 99% of you haven’t. How do I know? Because of my own journey in my business! I’m still continuing to go deeper and deeper and doing research with my audience. From talking to all of you, I know you’re not going deep enough.

You’re not taking the time to understand your audience! And I know you’re skipping that important beta testing because you think, “I don’t know who to get so I need to just go online and sell it.” But the problem is you’re not going to sell it if you don’t have that right target audience, along with the messaging and understanding of how to position it with them!

And those are the first stages of really taking your one-to-one knowledge and bringing it into an online environment. This is going to help you achieve the goal of not continuing to trade your time for money!

This is an opportunity! It’s open to every wellness practitioner out there because you are the consummate expert and have a ton of knowledge in your respective area of expertise.

But you may not be a great marketer.

That’s why I’m giving you tips here every week to become better at the marketing piece of your business!