Seek Out a Supportive Community

Seek Out a Supportive Community | Maven Mini

I was talking to a potential client today and she reminded me how important it is to Seek Out a Supportive Community around you. It’s critical for your success! This person basically said she was making excuses and having a hard time focusing. She was having somewhat negative self-talk. But, she also said something about her husband. He’s not understanding why she’s taking so long in this journey. She also talked about her friends and how she’s afraid to talk to them. All they do is tell her what she wants to hear.

Uh oh! The good news is that she knows she needs to go outside of her circle of friends. She needs to find someone who will give her that tough love, and actually help her, instead of hinder her! If you do not have someone, whether paid or free, I highly encourage you to seek out some sort of mentor or coach, to help you along and get your mind and business on the right track.

Seek Out a Supportive Community


Another thing, not everyone has a supportive spouse. I’m fortunate that I am able to talk to my husband about some of my struggles every night. Also, I have some very close entrepreneur friends, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a good fit for my everyday life issues. What it boils down to is having good, and strong, communities, where you can depend on the support of not just one, but several people who automatically ‘get it.’ You gotta find your cheerleaders and those who can help lift you up.

Again, these friendship circles aren’t an ‘it’s nice to have,’ they are a ‘need to have.’ You need support, you need guidance, and you need to know you’ve got a community of people who are all rooting for you, and that have your back.

Expand Your Business

Get Your Butt Outta That Chair! | Maven Mini

One of my fabulous listeners asked me a question, “Do you think it’s important to spend time in your office when you don’t have any clients?” I can read it in two ways. Is it important to be physically in your office when you don’t have any clients? Or is it just important to make sure you’re working IN your business vs. ON your business? How can you best Expand Your Business?

So, this is what we’ll be diving into on this week’s Maven Mini. Okay, let’s clear the air. I don’t believe you have to physically be within your office at all times. I do, however, believe it’s extremely important to get your butt out of your seat and work on your business, aka getting more clients in your door!

Expand Your Business

If you’ve got 20 hours dedicated to seeing clients in your business, but only have 3 active clients *right now*, what does this mean for you? It means you gotta move it! It means you gotta put yourself out there in other ways so that those 20 hours still get used up. How are you going to grow you business by only serving 3 people and not making any efforts to grow bigger? That’s a lot of sitting in your chair doing nothing!

So, what are some of the ways where you can get your butt outta your seat? Get into your local community and network! Look them in the eyes and share more about yourself! Help people get to know, like, and trust you!

The next thing you could do, is follow up with people you’ve already connected with! Further deepen those connections, and get to know those people a bit better. I’m going to throw in a quick promo right now, to remind you that I have a brand new freebie out, to help you do just that! Go check it out!

Another way you can expand, is by building your potential client database, and doing a bit of research on who you want to work with and reach out to. A little bit of market research, if you will, on where your target audience is hanging out! You can reach out to people and write guest blog posts so you can position yourself smack-dab right in front of your people.

There are so many ways you can use that extra time to grow your business, and get people through your door. Don’t miss the opportunity by sitting on your butt doing nothing!

The First Four Things to Do When Starting a Business

The First Four Things to Do When Starting a Business

There are four things I did when I first started my acupuncture practice, that I would like to share with you today. Okay, so, what were the four things I did to basically break even, and start making a profit? Well, let’s get into it.

The First Four Things to Do When Starting a Business

  1. When I first started out, I was fresh out of school. I knew I was starting a business, so I started seeing clients out of my house. This is an excellent way to reduce the cost, and save up for your clinic. I wanted to start practicing right away and to build a resource of testimonials from clients who fell in love with my work.
  2. I got a side hustle job. I knew that being an acupuncturist wasn’t going to pay the bills right away, so I found something extra to help supplement the income a bit. I had a lot of startup costs to cover, and I needed a boost! The side hustle job, there are pros and cons to it. I actually ended up leaving it much sooner than I thought. My clinic was growing fast, and it was spreading me thin.
  3. Before I even moved into my office, I spent a lot of time networking with other practitioners, and subletting them into my new office space. This helped cut down my costs considerably! This forward thinking really, really paid off!
  4. The last thing that I did, that really helped me break even from day one, was I worked my behind off! I really busted it! You cannot, cannot slack off, while you’re trying to take off!


What Do You Want for Your Business?

What Do You Want for Your Business? | Maven Mini

What Do You Want for Your Business? Are you struggling to be visible within your business? If you’re not crystal clear on why people should want to pay you money to come see you, or even if you don’t know what makes you, well, you, find more focus! Grab the, ‘You Don’t Suck’ worksheet at the bottom of this page!

Okay, so why am I so passionate about helping my clients build businesses? Because I’ve been there, and remember wishing I had a supportive community along the way holding my hand. Instead, I had to do it (somewhat) alone and make all the ugly mistakes with it. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through what I went through because of communities like Making the Maven!

I can tell you, I would look at other people’s success and compare myself to them. This was so, so wrong, because everyone walks a different path to get to where they want to go, right? So, comparing yourself to those super successful entrepreneurs may just get you discouraged. We often see the end result, not the ‘messiness’ of it all.

Don’t let others influence you into thinking what your ideal business is. As so many of my guests have said in the past, design your business with your lifestyle in mind. You are the only person who best knows what you want!

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Time to Get Tactical

It’s Time to get Tactical with Your Business | Maven Mini

I have four key elements for you today. You can use these four action tactics to implement into your calendar, week in and week out. These tips are not sexy, I know, but they are oh-so-necessary.  I know you’re struggling, but believe me these tactics work, as I recently helped a client with this! Ready? Okay! Let’s go.

Tip 1: Time for you.

I don’t see this enough with my clients. You’re too busy working, and struggling, and not putting yourself first. Take care of yourself, because if you don’t, no one will!

Tip 2: Pick your office hours.

One of my clients allowed for her clients to call her at anytime of the day. Exhausting! You have to set some boundaries, or else you’ll go crazy. Sit down and figure out what’s best for you, and let your clients know your schedule.

Tip 3: Schedule time to work on your business.

Schedule time to handle the knick-knacks and miscellaneous things in your business. Everyone has their set of daily operations, but it’s those administrative tasks that you can’t ignore. Whether it be getting your receipts in a row, insurance billing, etc! It’s not fun, but it’s necessary. It can definitely pile up quickly, if you’re not paying attention!

Tip 4: Block time to work on the bigger picture.

Okay, once you’ve scheduled time for the day-to-day tasks, you also want to be sure you have enough time for the big-picture tasks. These aren’t going to happen overnight, but it won’t get done, if you don’t focus on it, either. Don’t let this slip by, because time can definitely creep up, and you’ll be left wondering what you’ve been doing all this time.

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