Build Your Business Based on Your Lifestyle, Not the Other Way Around | Brodie Welch | MTM 035

Untitled design(1)Brodie talks about cutting down the noise and building a business with your strengths, not with your weaknesses.

Brodie Welch is an acupuncturist, a holistic health counselor, and more! Brodie’s wisdom on how she achieved success is something to pay attention to. I was very interested to hear from Brodie on how she came to the decision to expand her business. Brodie was very open throughout the interview and talked about some of the growing pains she has been having since making that decision. She is the perfect example of how you can take a one-to-one business model and convert it to a one-to-many. I hope you like the show and I always welcome feedback on what you think!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Brodie was doing what she loved, but it was a little too much.

*While Brodie was adjusting to parenting her step kids, she realized quickly her business needed an extra set of hands.

*There’s never really a ‘right’ time to hire an extra set of hands, but when you do you’ll realize you can bring more to the table.

*As a wellness professional, it can become really easy to get lost in the ‘hustle’ of it all and not be as yin and balanced as you’d like to.

*Brodie moved to a town where she didn’t know anybody.

*Going out and pursuing your personal interests and hobbies helps you meet new people. Tell them about what you do!

*Provide people with an incentive to take a risk. Give them a coupon or something similar to make it easy for them to try something new.

*Brodie is very interested in providing value to her patients.

*People are problem-aware, but might not be solution-aware.

*Brodie has invested in a business coach. She believes in shortcuts. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

*Brodie found Quiet Power Strategy, by Tara Gentile, to be extremely helpful. The book talks about running a business that matches your lifestyle.

*You’re never going to know it all, but you do know enough to help someone.

*It was hard for Brodie to get a realistic view on what her true role was as a wellness professional.

*Patient education and expectation management is an incredibly important part of the business.

*Brodie just launched a class on the basics of Chinese Medicine.

*Brodie sent out a survey to her mailing list to ask what they wanted from her and she listened to their responses.

*It’s a different ‘animal’ trying to communicate your message and your trustworthiness through the Internet.

*Do you ever feel alone in your business?

Maven Moment

Brodie shared with us how she was able to grow her acupuncture practice very quickly and to create a consistent stream of leads in less than six months. How did she do it? Networking in her own community played a critical role to her success.

You can apply this as well, by selectively choosing your networking opportunities that place you in a manner that makes you shine! Instead of going to a networking event surrounded by other industry experts, branch out, go to a yoga class or join a book club and get more involved with the community.

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