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Are You Always Just Learning, But Not Doing? | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 102: Are You Always Just Learning, But Not Doing?


Hey everyone. For this episode, it will just be yours truly talking, Michelle McGlade! I am so passionate about helping you guys succeed, but one thing I’ve noticed is that you have a hard time putting down those books. You might feel like you’re not good enough, not experienced enough; not ready, but the truth be told, you have to stop overlearning and start getting your butt out there and helping people who desperately need you! On today’s show, I share my personal story, the defining moment if you will, on why I had to help other people with their pain.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Today it’ll be just yours truly talking, Michelle McGlade! It’ time to do a quick solo show and talk one-on-one with you.

*I’ll be taking your questions at the end of the show!

*Do not forget to join the Facebook group community! You won’t regret it!

*It’s time to put those learning books down and get those clients in the door.

*I slipped on wet ice while I was at a skating rink (I wasn’t even moving) and I pretty much broke my entire leg. I had to get surgery and I was deathly afraid.

*My leg was so bad, the doctor wanted to present my case at a conference!

*I was in acupuncture school at the time and my husband had to literally carry me into class! I had a walker, but it was just too painful getting from the hallway to the classroom.

*I did everything I could to be the 1 in 10 to recover from my type of injury. Physical therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, massages, everything!!

*One day when I was getting acupuncture done, I just start balling my eyes out crying, and my acupuncturist told me that this was a gift. That this experience will make me a better doctor. I didn’t believe it at the time, but he was right.

*At the end of the day, the experience I had, and the passion I have for helping other people, extends way beyond acquiring another degree. I hope this story inspires you to stop constantly trying to learn and learn and learn without any action and instead forces you to take action!

*What about continuous learning?

*How can you leverage your personal value?

*Stay till the end and I’ll answer some of your questions!


Michelle McGlade’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


Education will only get you so far. At the end of the day, you need to get your butt out there… Click To Tweet It is time to put those books down, own your personal value, and get clients in the door. Click To Tweet 1 in 10 make a full recovery from my type of injury. I decided I was going to do everything… Click To Tweet Ultimately, I realized that the value I brought to the table for my patients extends way, way… Click To Tweet

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Lisa Mitchell

What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You? | Lisa Mitchell

Making the Maven Episode 101: What Does That ‘Yes’ Really Cost You?


Lisa Mitchell is the premier Indianapolis-based communications expert specializing in Body Language and Nonverbal Skills training. Lisa started her career in corporate, but she quickly burned herself out of it by saying yes to too many things. She did not set boundaries for herself and one day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. In retrospect, it was one of the best lessons she could have learned for herself. Although Lisa is a people pleaser, every ‘yes,’ every opportunity out there has its costs, and you must be very careful as to what those are and how they will affect you long term.

Key Insights & Aha Moments:


*Who is Lisa and what is her purpose in life?

*I have a gift for you! A new workshop is available on my website and it’s free!

*As a body language expert, Lisa has had quite an interesting career journey how she got here.

*Lisa burned herself out so fast that she left everything behind, including her husband at the time.

*Lisa has learned now that she did not set appropriate boundaries. She let other people push her around, and one day she just couldn’t do it anymore.

*Opportunities are not free. As Lisa was saying yes to more and more things, she was not considering the other, more important things that she was giving up, like spending time with her child.

*Saying no is so, so hard. Lisa is such a people pleaser.

*What kind of lessons did Lisa learn, and how does that translate into what she’s doing right now?

*It took Lisa around four to five years before she really began to invest in herself. She did not feel worthy enough at first.

*What does Lisa’s mindset practice look like?

*First impressions begin in as little as seven seconds and they can make or break a work relationship.

*Before you really meet someone, you need to be ‘on’ before you’re really ‘on.’ Lisa explains a bit more.

*It becomes a game changer when you learn how to decode other people’s body language.

*If you can make people seen, heard, and valued, you’re pretty much set!

Lisa’s Tips Discussed in this Episode


The moment you start letting someone else define what success should look like, you’re in for… Click To Tweet I just had to be okay disappointing people and be okay with not letting people get what they… Click To Tweet Here’s the catch-22 of having the appearance of success: Everybody tells you how great you are… Click To Tweet There is always, always an opportunity cost. Opportunities are not free! Click To Tweet


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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown

Leadership in Your Wellness Business

Leadership in Your Wellness Business | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 100: Leadership in Your Wellness Business

The big 100 is here! A break was much needed over the summer but I admit, I missed you! And you are in for a treat…I’m going back to the beginning and laying out my story. Where I came from, the journey to get here, and my big vision for you and me and our industry.

Here’s what’s I want you to takeaway from our convo today: confidence and leadership are required in your wellness business. As you grow in confidence, as you grow in leadership in your wellness business…it elevates us all. Allowing the industry to get to new heights.

Before we dive in…

Check out my new workshop at

It’s a perfect fit for you if:

  • You are struggling with charging a premium price for your service
  • Wondering what to charge for your service
  • Need support in how to handle discounting with family and friends
  • Desire to create a clear strategy to meet your income goal

Key Aha Moments & Takeaways

  • I suffered from childhood with migraine headaches
  • My first year in college my mom was sick with potentially the big C word
  • My health began to decline due to emotional stress during this time
  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in college
  • The treatment plan was to “grow out of it”
  • I decided to take matters in to my own hands
  • My flute teacher was a huge influence in helping me to take the lead in my own health care
  • I cleaned up my diet, went cold turkey off all medications and cut back my schedule and eventually I healed myself
  • My passion to ensure others did not have to suffer as I did was ignited
  • I was unsure if I had chosen the right path after college, thinking maybe I should have went in to health care
  • The interest never left me and I decided to take massage therapy classes as a hobby
  • After being laid off from my Corporate job, I worked as a CMT but realized quickly it was not a fit
  • So I spent another 10 years in Corporate
  • I was miserable, I was not happy with my “stable job” making “good money” and I felt like I was being held back
  • So I left my job in 2008 after finishing an MBA program and went back to school to become an acupuncturist
  • I knew I wanted my own business and wanted to become a leader in the holistic health care industry
  • I started my clinic right out of school and purchasing a second clinic within the first year
  • A major life event caused me to look at the bigger picture
  • I asked, who am I to want something bigger for myself. I was worried what others may think.
  • I dreamt too small for myself {wow}
  • Instead of hiding, I asked myself what more can I do.
  • I am location independent and now choose to live in Vermont while supporting and coaching other practitioners
  • There is an epidemic, instead of reaching out for help, practitioners are closing their doors
  • Without your success and leadership in this industry, we are in trouble

Michelle’s Tips Discussed in this Episode

“Get focused on what it is that you want. Business is personal, and you need to be clear on the business model that fits your lifestyle.”

“Get clear on the one thing that you do really well for your clients. You cannot be everything to everyone, so get clear on your super power.”

“Understand who you serve. Who are the people who want what you have to offer?”

“Show up, be present, visible and own your leadership in your community.”

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Are You the Bottleneck in Your Business? | Michelle McGlade | Bonus

Sometimes business bottlenecks are simply tactical, other times they are not.

So I messed up….I literally created a tactical bottleneck last week in my business when I thought I had all the pieces for the podcast this week in place and ready to go.

I did not {outing myself here}.

It happens. To us all.

But instead of leaving you high and dry……

I’m sharing my thoughts on why you’re continuing to create bottlenecks in your business that have nothing to do with tactics, and everything to do with self sabotage.

Tune in and let me know whatcha think in the comments below!

xx Michelle

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How to Structure Your Webinars | Maven Mini

I listened to all my beautiful mavens in the Facebook group, and Amy was wondering how I structure my webinars. Yeah, I know. It’s not that sexy, but it’s incredibly useful and beneficial to your business. So let’s dive right in.

1)  What should the first segment of your webinar be? You should spend about 5 minutes at the most on it and talk about why your audience should be there in the first place. It needs to be a quick and punchy introduction and description of what’s to follow next. Put a stick strategy in there, like a surprise or freebie, that makes your audience want to stay till the very end.

2)  This is more about you and your story. It’s a snooze to just list your qualifications. People want to know WHO you are. Spend around 10 minutes or so on sharing a part of your story and let the audience know you really understand their pain points and who they are.

3)  This part should be about the teaching. It can be around 30 minutes. I personally don’t like to go beyond 40 minutes with this segment. In this section you definitely want people to walk away with actionable information and advise. I think the reason people go wrong here, is that they go too much into the weeds of the info and it ends up being too confusing for the audience.

You want to make it super easy, super simple, and format it in a step-by-step kind of way. Provide them with your best guidance in the shortest amount of time. You can even break this segment up into three parts, with breaks in between, where the audience can ask you questions. Give them some breathers too!

4)  You want to move from teaching into selling. This can be a tricky balance. You can let the audience know about what you’re currently working on after you’ve finished with your teaching session. Even at the beginning, you can briefly mention that this is something you’ll do towards the end, so that it doesn’t come off as a big sleazy sales surprise when you do execute it. After you’ve shared what you’re currently working on or promoting, you can then lead them into the big ‘surprise’ that you were teasing about at the very beginning.

5)  The next segment leads to your pitch. I personally do about 15 minutes of pitching, where I recap my potential customers’ pain points and the solution that I am offering to them. Show them how your product or service will benefit them and make their life easier. Also don’t be afraid to show testimonials of your happy customers along with some case studies in this section!

6)  I leave the last section for a Q&A. You definitely want to leave some time for your audience to ask questions and further build more trust and momentum. Also, make sure you post a link of your product. I know it sounds simple, but I forgot to do this in some of my earlier webinars. Showing your website link more than once throughout the webinar will never hurt!


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