The Journey to Finding Enoughness and Healing Yourself | Megan Hale | MTM041

One of the biggest pieces in life is to learn how to receive. Receive love, receive truth, and receive compassion.

MeganHaleI know I always say this, but I love, love, love today’s guest! Megan Hale! Megan is a retired psychotherapist turned ‘enoughness coach’ for women. She is a fierce feminine leadership mentor and uses the fierce feminine leadership model as her framework for creating sustainable success. Megan is also a podcast host! Her podcast, The Enoughness Revolution, is in my top favorites and is a must-listen for all you ladies out there who don’t feel like you’re enough. If you’re struggling with self-confidence and just putting yourself out there, then you absolutely must listen to what Megan has to say today.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*I’m so excited to share today’s guest interview!

*I’m launching the Maven inner circle! A community just for you! It’s happening May 2nd.

*Megan noticed that more and more women who were coming to her just simply weren’t honoring their truth.

*How long did it take Megan to become an enoughness coach? Her whole life.

*Megan was chasing enoughness for a very long time without realizing what it was ‘really’ what she was looking for.

*Megan was chasing for success, for happiness, but deep down she did all these things because she thought she wasn’t enough.

*We’re so quick to put a band-aid on something so we can move forward, but things just aren’t healed so quickly.

*Megan’s work is to re-write stories.

*A women’s natural instinct or go-to is give, not to receive.

*Megan wants to remind women that it’s okay to receive. You’re not going to be ‘full of yourself’ if you do.

*You’re never going to be 100% healed, even if you’re a healer.

*Our gifts come so naturally to us that it’s almost like it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal!

*The more comfortable you can be in the uncomfortable, the better off you will be with pushing forward.

*One of the biggest challenges Megan had was thinking ‘enough’ was a destination you could reach.

*Ask yourself: What do you want? Not what you think you want, what DO you want?

*When you start to really feel your feelings, it can get messy.

*Feel your feelings. I can completely relate. I built an incredibly successful business for myself, but it was the wrong business for what I really and truly wanted.

*Now that I’ve built a business that’s in line with who I am, it feels so easy that it’s almost like something’s wrong!

*Challenge yourself to create more ease in your life.

*How can people align themselves? Question what’s possible; question what it is that you really want.

*What we really want can sometimes be buried under a cultural and family level.

*Reject whatever insults your soul. But what does insult your soul?

*Who you need to be is often the most overlooked, but it’s the most fundamental component to creating success.

*Megan is giving away (for free) the fierce feminine leadership mini course for the entire month of April.

*After April, her course will be on sale for $397

*Quick reminder, I am building an inner circle that will be launching on May 2nd!

*Also get my step-by-step guide on how to build a thriving community on Facebook.

Maven Moment

I can’t begin to touch on all the things Megan said that resonated with me because there were just so many. I completely relate to the part where Megan said she was chasing for this ideal dream she thought she had to have in order to be happy, but once she ‘got it’ she realized she was just miserable. The same thing happened to me for my business. I built an incredibly successful business that a lot of people would have wanted, but I just wasn’t happy. Megan says that you really need to break down your cultural and family beliefs and dig deep down to discover what it is that you truly want.

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Are You Pushing for What You Want or Does It Flow Naturally | Shari Teigman | MTM036

Shari Teigman emphasizes why you should always check-in with yourself and make sure you’re on the right track.

This week’s guest is Shari Teigman and she is downright awesome! She is a soul explorer, sparkle maker, life coach, and more. You know when you meet someone for the first time and you develop such a strong connection with them? That’s Shari. On the show, Shari shared with me that she never really had a plan to become an entrepreneur and she dives in on how she discovered this new-found love. Shari is just filled with passion and talks strongly on creating a business that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Have a pen and paper ready. Shari will blow your mind!
*Shari helps bust through the glass ceilings with her clients.
*Everyone should try the entrepreneurial journey, just once in their life.
*When you become an entrepreneur, everything you didn’t know about yourself will come up.
*Entrepreneurship can be the scariest way to look at the world.
*Jealous? Stop for a second and ask yourself why.
*Success is driven by the curiosity and joy that you’re willing to bring in to your life.
*Underneath the adult, we’re still that 5-year-old kid running around in joy.
*Add things back in your toolbox that create fun in your life.
*Shari lived a life that wasn’t hers. She married the wrong person and led a life she didn’t believe in.
*You need to check in with yourself and make sure you’re in alignment.
*How do you know when you’re not in alignment? When you feel like you’re studying for a dreaded history test. All. The. Time.
*It’s so easy to get derailed, especially when you’re listening to someone else to guide you.
*Find who you are and use it to your best advantage.
*Find a community of like-minded people to help raise you up.
*Get clear on what your values are and what you want. Write them down and go from there.
*Michelle will be on Shari’s podcast, so keep an eye out for that.
*Michelle shares an example of a push/flow scenario she went through.
*Look out for next week’s guest on how to go from local to global!

Maven Moment

I really loved what Shari had to say about checking in with yourself and making sure you’re in alignment with your true purpose. So often we lose focus of what really matters and those check-ins can almost become our guide and savior towards what path is right for us. You always want to set time in your calendar to make those regular check-ins, because our life and our business can definitely pull us in a totally different direction when we’re not looking!

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