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High school cheerleader and band geek. Corporate ladder climber and award-winning entrepreneur. Trusted advisor to unsettled high achievers and best selling author. Podcast creator and business consultant to organizations and thought leaders.

I know a thing or two about dreaming for something more and creating it. And I uniquely understand to evolve requires a transformation from the inside out; a deep understanding and connection to your internal navigation system.

My zone of genius lies in helping you tap in to your internal navigation by creating a hookup between your heart and mind. Hint: you’ve created some sophisticated mechanisms that are holding you back.

My current endeavors bring to life my vision through community and self leadership, women inspire women to dream, create, transform and evolve.

I’m on a mission to amplify my authentic voice and help you do the same. Let me show you how.

Michelle McGlade, MBA, LAc | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

Evolutionize Media

A curated collaboration of podcasts & more hosted by amazing modern leaders who believe in rising together using the combined power of their authentic voices to inspire you to do the same.

Michelle McGlade, MBA, LAc | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

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Have you ever held back from speaking your truth?

I have. And so have my guests. Subscribe and tune in weekly to hear from women leaders on self doubt, leveraging intuition {or ignoring it} and what they were afraid to say…until now.

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I’d love to hug you in person, but until then you can connect and come say hello over on LinkedIn or submit your inquiry here.

Michelle McGlade - She's Talking Back Podcast
Michelle McGlade - She's Talking Back Podcast