Getting Clear on What You Offer & Who Wants It | Laura Hulleman

WISDOM. This is the word I would like to use to introduce my guest this week. Laura Hulleman is a Life Mender and in this interview you will see clearly how she has not only done the internal work for herself, but also how her lessons are powerful tools she leverages in her coaching business. In this podcast episode, Laura shares her story of learning patience and humility and how that has served her to building a successful business. She also talks about a common challenge many face early on, not having clarity of your unique talents as a healer and therefore being unable to clearly identify who you serve and who wants what you have to offer.

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Fear of Being Visible & Providing Value to Your Clients | Niyc Pidgeon

Niyc PidgeonLove, love, LOVE this woman! Niyc Pidgeon is a beautiful energy, wonderful storyteller and 10 year entrepreneur with so much wisdom to share! She is a Positive Psychologist, International Success Coach and earned the title of Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK.

You are going to truly enjoy our chat on the importance of doing what you love, following your passion, investing in yourself and tapping in to your intuition. Plus Niyc shares her struggles early on with the fear of being visible and a powerful story on how she learned the importance of providing value versus focusing on quantity.

A Favorite Quote:

“Leap and the net will appear.”

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Hiring and Firing Your First Employee | Maureen Fenney | TBE028

podcast-maureen01She’s back! My most popular podcast guest in 2015 by far is back to chat it up about her third year in business as a Licensed Acupuncturist. Maureen Feeney, female business owner extraordinaire is sharing the ups and downs of growing a successful acupuncture practice in Omaha, Nebraska. Hold on to your pants because this is a brutally honest look at what it is like to hire and fire your first employee. Maureen talks about the mistakes she made and the difficulty of having to fire someone. She also dives in to a powerful lesson in business, first and foremost you are running a business! This is something you hear all the time, but until you can really experience how it feels to have to put your big girl pants on and make the tough decisions, you really don’t know the full extent of this lesson. Stick around for this entire interview because you absolutely do not want to miss our conversation on defining and redefining success in your business.

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Financial Nutrition | Be Unstoppable Series | TBE027

UnstoppableIn this series hear from Michelle McGlade as she reflects on the content of her #1 International Best Selling book!

Michelle is sharing the backstory on why these strategies made the cut, more information on her personal experiences and what you can do in your wellness biz to be unstoppable!

This week Michelle dives in to the financial nutrition of your wellness biz. Do you know what money is coming in and how much is going out? Are you reviewing this information on a regular basis and leveraging it to make informed decisions about your business? In this episode you will learn the importance of having a holistic view of your practice and how to review your income and expenses and then leverage this information for planning, goal-setting, and so much more!

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