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podcast-cover-finalWelcome to this week’s Maven Mini! I read your questions every day and it seems like this topic keeps coming up: How do you take your local business and attract an online audience or how do you grow your business on a global scale? Well, I’ve listened and today’s mini will focus on how you can become more established online. As always, I share three actionable tips you can use and apply right now, to move forward in this direction.

First: Be your authentic self. It’s very easy in your local market to be authentic, because you’re looking people in the eye and having real conversations with them. In the online world however, we sometimes get caught up and try to modify ourselves to someone else’s ‘proven’ online success and that, to me, is a huge no-no. Let me just tell you this, ‘authentic sells’ and if you can remain true to yourself, you’re going to be miles and miles ahead in your business.

Second: Be open to sharing yourself about who you are and why you love what you do. This is really important in the online space. People are looking for ways to know, like, and trust you; and the best way to do that is to be real. Let people in on who you are and expose yourself.

Third: CONSISTENCY! Consistency helps others know that you’re serious about your business and that you’re legit. The more they see you, the more they can get to know you and trust you!

These three tips are easy to apply and will get you off on the right foot when you’re approaching your online persona. Remember, the journey is sometimes long and hard, but as long as you’re authentic, honest about the challenges you are facing, and consistent, you will see results.


Building a Successful Facebook Group | Jordana Jaffe

In entrepreneurship, it can be tempting to quit, but you have to remind yourself why you started in the first place.

Untitled designI’m so excited to have Jordana Jaffe on the show. She is the guru of Facebook groups and is a really, really excellent Facebook strategist. In this interview, I pick Jordana’s brain about how to keep an engaged community on Facebook, but let me tell you, Jordana offers a lot more insight and expertise than just that on today’s show. We also talk about the real entrepreneurial journey she has faced and we really pull back the curtains on this one. Many might not know she has been an entrepreneur for nine years and that there have certainty been some struggles along the way.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Jordana first became an entrepreneur when she was 24 years old.

*She started as a professional organizer, business coach, and then in 2015, she began to focus on Facebook groups.

*Before you create a Facebook group, make sure you actually want one. Do not create something you won’t use in the future.

*Ask yourself why you want to create a Facebook group. What’s the driving force behind it?

*To promote your group, tag it onto a platform you already use on a regular basis. For example, on a newsletter.

*Have a ‘no risk freebie’ waiting for your followers in the Facebook group. Not many people have been doing this key trick yet.

*Entrepreneurship is an ongoing commitment to keep going, especially when there are invitations to quit.

*When is it a good time to outsource? The sooner the better.

*We start businesses to help people and to live our ideal life.

*Once you’ve identified a problem, the solution begins to slowly reveal itself.

*What we focus on is what we create. What is the sentence in your head that keeps coming up? Identify the negative in order to create the positive.

*Jordana recommends to hire a coach to help you through your entrepreneurial journey and to get clarity.

Maven Moment

When Jordana talked about tapping, I really resonated with what she had to say. I personally have used tapping on days where I haven’t gotten much sleep or on days where I just wasn’t feeling it! This has been a life saver for me to bring energy into my day. If it’s not something you’ve tried, I encourage you to consider!

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How Much Should You Charge? Let’s Talk Pricing! | Maven Mini

podcast-cover-finalI’ve been getting a lot of messages from my Making The Maven Facebook group lately, on how to establish pricing for both yourself and your services. You might be inclined to shop around your local area for pricing or compare prices from someone who is a little more established, but let me just tell you to stop right there!

Instead, I challenge you to grab a piece of paper and write down all of the wonderful things YOU bring to the table, not just your ‘education’, but everything! I think you and I both know that you actually bring so much more to the table and sometimes you can’t really compare that to others. Done writing that list? Good. Take a long hard look at it. That’s what you bring to the table for your clients, and with that in mind, that’s how you should price yourself accordingly.

Okay, I also want to touch on increasing your prices, because again, it’s hard to know how your pre-existing clients will react to the price hike. But let’s take a moment and realize how tired you are and how much you give and give and give to your clients. Are you working so much and not making any time for yourself? If yes, it’s time for a price increase.

The good news is that you finally have enough clients; the bad news is you’re not charging enough to take care of yourself the right way. If you don’t make a change, then you may begin to resent your clients instead of coming from a place of healing. The best way to increase your prices is to send out an email or a message to your clients and let them know of the recent changes about 30 days in advance. Give your clients room to prepare and then, guess what, you raise your prices! It’s that simple.


Serving 10,000 People in 12 Months | Dr. Chris Frykman

Are you doing certain tasks because you feel like you ‘should’ or do you truly want to?

Dr. Chris Frykman has been a chiropractor for the past 16 years and he is also the host of the Vibrant Potential podcast. Chris focuses on natural and holistic healing methods and also specializes in brain health. I really like Chris’s message and feel he does something very different than what most online business owners do. He runs a business that matches his lifestyle – not the other way around. I love this about him because so many people feel like they ‘should’ be doing something when in reality it has nothing to do with what they really and truly want. You seriously have to listen in for more amazing gems from Chris in today’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Chris is usually the only person in his office.

*Chris understands he doesn’t do everything well, so he’d rather outsource than hire employees.

*However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a ton of employees in your office. Do what works for you.

*Be careful about doing things you think you ‘should’ be doing. What do you really want?

*Should you keep growing your business or do you want to grow your business? Why?

*Chris wants to help 10,000 people reach their vibrant potential in 12 months.

*Now that Chris has a very clear goal, he’s able to say no to things that aren’t aligned with his message.

*When people say no to you, don’t take the rejection seriously. Other people are busy too and are also working towards their best message.

*You can achieve as big as you can dream.

*Talk to mentors and other like-minded people about your goals.

*It’s not automatic that your current set of friends or family will be your biggest supporters on your entrepreneurial journey.

*People who have negative opinions about what you’re doing are usually reflecting something about themselves onto you.

*Believe in yourself.

*Let’s talk about scarcity vs. abundant thinking for a moment.

*Nothing moves when you’re in the scarcity mindset.

*However, there is no such thing as competition when you come from an abundance mindset.

Maven Moment

This interview was jam packed with a ton of information, but what I really loved from Chris was when he told me how easy it was to say no after he created a clear goal. I could completely resonate with Chris on this, because it can be so hard to say no, especially if your message is to help others.

However, by having a clear goal in place, all of a sudden you know when to say yes and when to say a firm no. When you get dragged into too many ‘yes’ commitments it’s not only exhausting, but it can be the reason why you burn out. Have a clear goal in mind so that it can lead you down a path that is more fulfilling and aligned with who you are.

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How to Show Off, Shine, and Be Seen As the Expert | Maven Mini

I recently wrote an article on the Huffington Post on how to show off and shine. I know so many of you guys think about this on a regular basis, which is why I want to briefly share some tips for you to try out and practice with this week. So, how can you reach a global audience online? In order to successfully do that, you have to place yourself as the expert.

First and foremost, take a look at your online profiles and see whether it represents the image you want it to represent. Does it highlight your expertise? Are your photos high quality? You’re putting yourself out there on a first date. How do you check if you have a strong brand identity on all of your online platforms? Make sure what you post is consistent throughout all three channels. It’s the best way to take your professionalism to the next level.

By the way, you can see the piece I wrote right here: Huffington Post Article