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Mindset, Spirituality, and Trusting in Yourself | Jessica Nazarali

Having the right mind set and confidence in yourself is a huge part of entrepreneurship.

048Good day Mavens! I have an exciting guest for you today, her name is Jessica Nazarali and she is a business strategist and coach. Jessica has had her own business for the last three years and talks about why it’s so important for many wellness entrepreneurs to have confidence in themselves and in their abilities. This conversation even turns a little spiritual. Tune in to hear what Jessica has to say!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Jessica is a business strategist and certified master coach.

*Jessica has been coaching for the last three years and has two full time employees.

*In order to get Jessica’s business off the ground, she worked on both her coaching business and her day job at the same time for seven months. It was tiring!

*Starting a business is challenging, so if you’re not committed, your dream will never happen.

*Jessica believes mindset and believing in yourself is a big part of entrepreneurship.

*When you doubt yourself, it really affects not only your mental health, but your business as well.

*Jessica recommends setting time every day to meditate and to work on just believing in yourself.

*It’s hard getting used to being so public when you’re first trying to create your brand.

*At first, Jessica was afraid to put herself out there because she didn’t know if people would like the real Jessica.

*Finding a good community, either free or paid, is critical to getting you to the next level.

*As you grow, it’s only natural that friendships will change as well.

*Final advice? Make sure you really want to start your own business and commit to it.

*Don’t worry about your logos and your website, etc. Focus on providing value and lead generation first.

Maven Moment

Something that I took away from my interview with Jessica after reflecting on it for a couple days was that it’s so important to understand your purpose and why you want to do what you want to do. What is the core motivator and drive you have for starting your business? If you don’t know, then you may get poor results when you start out and give up.

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Do Your Inner Work Now, Reap the Benefits Later | Maven Mini

MM047I just got back from a very fun lunch meeting with one of my colleagues and fellow entrepreneur. She inspired me to talk about doing your inner work a bit more for today’s Maven Mini, because she’s the perfect example as to why you should always work on yourself.

My friend was absolutely glowing today because she went through quite a journey of doing work on the inside. She had to go through some really difficult life hurdles, but because of the inner work she did, she was able to overcome those hurdles.

Now that she’s happy, she told me that things are just clicking for her in ways that weren’t before. It’s all natural and nothing is forced. The right people she needs for her business just seem to be showing up without much trouble. Problems get easily fixed because the solution shows up without much effort. And it’s not like she isn’t working, because she’s busting her butt and still hustling! It’s just that she’s no longer burning herself out and spinning her wheels. She’s healthier and happier, which means she’s working smarter.

Do the work on yourself and on your happiness. You will shine so much brighter and positive energy just attracts more positive energy. Good things will happen if you work on yourself first!


The Challenges of Shiny Object Syndrome | Dr. Shirley Piccarreto

Anyone can create the life they want, but they have to stay focused on the end-goal.

shirleyDr. Piccarreto has been in the health and wellness industry for a long time, well over 30 years actually, and has a ton of fantastic advice to share for the Maven audience today. When Shirley first started practicing alternative medicine, she was called a witch doctor. People did not know what she did exactly, but they knew she could help them get better. This is how her business grew to what it is today without the help of advertising or the internet.

To be absolutely honest, not only is Shirley genuine in her message, but she just brings the sun wherever she goes. I love the message she instills on how she keeps her mind clear from distractions and how she is able to keep working on her goals without straying from the path. You have to listen in to see how she does it!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*I would love to hear from you! Please leave me a review on iTunes.

*Shirley has been involved in the health and wellness industry since she was 23 years old.

*What was it like being in the alternative medicine field 30 years ago? It was not pretty. People called Shirley a witch doctor!

*Her business grew through word of mouth. She never had to do any advertising.

*What does Shirley do now? She teaches weight loss to coaches.

*Shirley’s weight loss program is local, but she does plan to bring her course online in the next couple of months.

*Shirley’s book Fit, Healthy, Lean, & Sexy at Any Age, will be out in the next three weeks.

*Shirley has a hard time knowing whether she needs to keep hitting the brick wall or if she just needs to pivot in another direction.

*There are so many distractions that Shirley had to put her phone in another room just to focus.

*It’s a real problem for a lot of us to focus. I worked around that problem by scheduling everything on my calendar so I only have a certain amount of time on Facebook every day.

*Tim Ferriss only answers emails on Mondays. How?

*I have not perfected this yet, but I am trying to work on only three projects at a time.

*You can easily break through the brick wall when you have a clear end-goal in mind.

*What has contributed to Shirley’s success? Optimism and drive.

*Shirley always has her daily and monthly goals written down.

*Anyone can create the life they want to live.

*People aren’t lucky – they’re often very hard working and work for the life they want.

*It is always about personal choice and making decisions that either make you happy or miserable.

*I just have to say that Shirley brings joy where ever she is.

*What advice would Shirley give to people who are just starting out? It’s all about the service and what you give to others. People can feel when someone else cares.

Maven Moment

One of Shirley’s biggest challenges is to keep herself away from the distractions of social media, emails, text messages, etc. I feel the same way and I don’t believe my other guests have mentioned this before either.

I know a lot of my clients, even me, struggle with our phones blowing up with notifications and it can be so easy to spend time away from your work, getting lost. Her solution was to put her phone away and make a commitment to be better with her focus and intentions. I solved this issue by scheduling my time in such a way that I can only spend a small amount of time on Facebook/other social media.

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How to Position Yourself as the Expert | Maven Mini

046mmWhy is positioning yourself as the expert so important for your success and why will it accelerate your business? The answer lies simply in marketing 101. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. It’s so simple, but so many people lack this in their business. I know people are afraid to put themselves out there, but as a wellness practitioner, you’ve signed up for this!

How do you begin to do this? You have to provide value. It shows off your credibility and gets you visibility. So it’s a double bonus! When you show off your knowledge, your passion, and what makes you unique, people, you guessed it, will trust you more! People will take notice when they’ve read something incredibly valuable and helpful to them.

So, I challenge you to provide top notch value to your audience this week! Let me know how it goes!


Who Are the Five People in Your Corner? | Katie Wyatt

Save your money and just talk to your ideal audience to see what they need instead.

katiewyattI think I’ve found my clone! Katie and I agree on so much here. Katie Wyatt started out through the traditional corporate route, but everything for her changed when she got cancer. Through her journey she discovered the wellness industry and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She has had her online business for the last year and a half and shares some of her newbie mistakes when she was just getting started, on today’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Please review the show! It really helps spread the word.

*Katie had cancer and that’s what took her along this health and wellness journey.

*Katie is a solo-entrepreneur and hires freelancers for specific projects for her website. She also has a business BFF.

*Remember, you are the sum of the five people you hang out with.

*When Katie started, she didn’t know anybody.

*Katie really had to find her tribe and found an excellent support group, but it took her some time.

*Your success is my success.

*It’s good to get unsubscribed in your emails! The people who love you will stay.

*The podcast helped Katie grow. She started the podcast before she started the business.

*There are so many different types of Facebook groups, which is great because you’ll be able to find the one you resonate with the most.

*There’s so much power to being consistent.

*Katie has been doing this for the last year and a half.

*For Katie, it’s trying to re-frame what marketing really is. It’s about changing the way we feel about the selling process.

*At some point you have to stop and just trust yourself.

*Some of Katie’s first challenges were that she spent money on the wrong things.

*You need to have a support group or else you’ll go crazy.

*Katie was so desperate to succeed that she hired the first coach she spoke to.

*Stay till the end! I have a freebie for you.

Maven Moment

Katie and I agree on so much, so it’s hard to pick one specific ‘Maven Moment’ in today’s interview. What I can say though, and it’s something not many of my previous guests have mentioned before, how you spend money during the first year can almost make or break your business.

Katie spoke about not being very wise with how she spent her money because she was in this ‘desperation’ mode. Instead of shopping around for a coach, she hired the first one she spoke to. Instead of talking with her ideal audience and seeing what they needed, she just jumped in with her two feet, which isn’t always bad, but it made her feel more lost.

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