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Hey everyone! I’m excited to tell you that I’m celebrating right now. I had a huge goal set for the last 90 days and it was to be published on MindBodyGreen.com. Well, as of June 21st, I did it! I’d like to talk to you about the topic I wrote for the publication. The title of my article is, “The Crucial Element Of Living Your Purpose That Most People Forget”.

The purpose of today’s mini isn’t to have a lot of actionable steps, but to understand that there are people out there who are in the same situation as you. If you’re going through a transformation in whatever aspect of your life, understand that you are not alone!

When taking big leaps, it can be a difficult process. When we’re transitioning in our business, it can often feel like we’re losing something. Some of us even experience a brief moment of grief. I know for many of you transformation can come easy in certain instances, but there are other times where transformation takes forever!

I just want to remind you that transformation comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you just need to be persistent to make the change happen. When we finally do let go, it’s like we’re ‘grieving’ the dream. We have to let go of the past in order to step forward and create new opportunities, but this still doesn’t stop us from feeling sad about what we’re leaving behind.



Why Intuition is Everything | Amber Annette

Trust in the universe. It will have answers for you if you just sit and listen.

amberFirst of all, I just want to thank all of you so, so much for reviewing my podcast. I always love your feedback, good and bad! Second, next week marks my one year podcast anniversary and you’re invited to celebrate with me! Tune in next week to get a bunch of goodies!

And third, today’s guest. Wow! Amber Annette is absolutely amazing. She is a life and business psychic medium who only recently discovered her inner power when she gave birth to her child. She realized right away she had a special ability and ran with it. Amber has been a psychic medium for the last three years, but has been running her business full-time for the last year. Listen in for more!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*One full year of podcasting! Tune in next week for some goodies!

*Thank you so much for your feedback! A shout out to Lisa and Jane.

*Amber has been a life and business psychic medium for the past 3 years.

*When Amber started her business, she wasn’t clear on the how, but she knew she had to do it now.

*Not everyone has the support of their spouse.

*Amber doesn’t have a business plan. She relies on her intuition.

*Has Amber ever felt fear or uncertainty despite not having a ‘plan’?

*Amber doesn’t let her fear linger. She handles it right away.

*The universe always has an answer for us if we just take the time to slow down.

*Amber built a 6-figure business in one year.

*Are you leaning into your intuition or ruining away from it?

*What kind of challenges has Amber faced?

*Things really accelerated for Amber when she invested in an office outside of her home.

*Just getting started? Amber talks money and money mindset.

*You can’t go into the entrepreneur space feeling worried.

*It’s so important to spend additional time building your reputation and credibility.

*Don’t forget to join me next week to celebrate my year of podcasting!

Maven Moment

So many tidbits here in this episode with Amber. Having the support of your spouse is huge! But not as huge as getting into entrepreneurship with the right mindset. Amber’s advice on being incredibly confident and secure about your entrepreneur journey is correct. You do have to push out that negative energy and jump in with both feet. Clients can instantly tell if you’re in it to help them and if you believe in what you are doing. There’s nothing wrong with creating safety nets for yourself in order to push out the right healing energy for your clients.

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Your Business vs. Your Lifestyle | Maven Mini

mini 051Hey everyone! I really want to talk to you guys today about the importance of structuring your business to your lifestyle. Why is this so important? Well, take it from me, I totally screwed this one up when I first started my brick and mortar business and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. As a healer, I never thought about the ideal ‘business model’ for myself. I just thought you had to grow and grow and grow your business until you burst (basically), but realistically, there are so, so many ways you can structure your business without killing yourself.

So, how do you want to spend your day? What do you want to invest your time in? What does your ideal day look like? Who will you be interacting with? How will you grow yourself? What will be your main sources of income? How will you give back? Do you want to work every day of the week or just part-time? Who else will be there? How will you leverage your strengths? These are the kind of questions I want you asking yourself to get a clearer picture of what you want for your ideal business.

Remember, there’s more than one way to do this. Don’t follow in my footsteps and assume that there is only one way to become successful, that there’s only one path. Life isn’t like that, so why does your business have to be as well?

If you’re not sure what your next move is, then you will want to tune in to today’s Maven Mini where I discuss what other options you have beyond the one-to-one services most healers are currently providing!

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Let Go of Your Own Personal Flaws | Lisa Carpenter

You have to do the inner work, especially if you own a business and want to be a pleasant boss.

I have a fantastic guest for today’s Making The Maven Podcast. Her name is Lisa Carpenter and she is a nutritionist, coach, and helps women practice healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Lisa’s work and message is clear, helping women develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

In today’s show we talk about Lisa’s journey and how she ‘did it all wrong’ when she brought her business online. She really goes there and speaks on how she was having a hard time coming to terms with some of her flaws and why she decided to do the inner work, to not only help herself grow but to help her business grow as well. You have to listen in for more!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*I have some surprises for you!

*Lisa is a nutritional ninja and she helps women make peace with food and their bodies.
*Lisa used to compete in figure and physique competitions.
*Two years ago Lisa moved her business online, but she had to make a hard choice to let go of her then-clients.
*When Lisa moved her business online, it was literally like starting a brand new business.
*Lisa had a lot of resistance from within herself when she started her online business.
*Four years ago Lisa found out her husband was an addict and that experience took her through a personal transformation.
*Putting your head down and fighting through will only get you so far, but personal development can help you break through that brick wall.
*We experience change when we’re faced with things we don’t want to hear or don’t want to look at.
*If you want to get to know yourself, start a business.
*If your why isn’t strong, you won’t be inspired to get up and work on your business every single day.
*Lisa had to grieve when her dream didn’t come through last year, when she didn’t hit certain goals.
*But you know what? She got back up and did it again and she started small to regain her confidence.
*When Lisa’s business was ‘on the ground’ it just felt so easy to her.
*There comes a point in time where we have to stop creating and we have to start taking action instead.
*Final piece of advice for those just getting started? You really, really have to love what you do.
*We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in three years.
*I love getting feedback on my podcast! Keep it up you guys and thank you!

Maven Moment

It was really transformational listening to Lisa’s story. She digs deep today. Lisa mentions something so important that I don’t want any of you to overlook and that’s doing the inner work. Lisa talks on how personal development helped her break through and helped her achieve new highs and new levels in her business. I couldn’t agree more. Inner work is so critical when starting a business because you really learn a lot about yourself and sometimes it’s not pretty. But as Lisa mentions, change happens when you’re faced with things you’re uncomfortable with.

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There comes a point where you have to stop creating and start taking action. Click To Tweet You cannot run a successful business without paying attention to your emotional thermostat. Click To Tweet That's when we have change, when we're faced with things we don't want to hear or we don't want to look at. Click To Tweet

The Number One Thing That Will Change Your Business Forever! You Ready for This? | Maven Mini

050 miniDo you want to know the number one thing that will change your business forever? It’s the follow-up! Yeah! I know it’s not sexy, but it will make a huge, huge, HUGE difference in your business. This really gets missed for most business owners. The follow-up is critical to your success! It’s in the follow-up that people get to know, like, and trust you.

Here are some ways you can follow-up with your customers:

1)  If someone’s opting into your freebie offer or newsletter list, make sure you have a follow-up process by creating an auto-responder series for your list. Those simple emails help people get more familiar with who you are.

2)  When you have the opportunity to meet a potential client, say at a networking event, but then you don’t do anything after that initial meet; you’re missing connections there. Send them a follow-up email after you’ve met them.

3)  Lastly, follow-up with the people who tell you ‘no’! Why? Because often times ‘no’ doesn’t mean they don’t like you. People don’t buy on the first interaction. I used to believe it took around 5 touch points to break through, but I think it’s actually around the 8ish touch point that they start to come around and trust you. ‘No’ just means, ‘No, not right now.’ You’re building relationships with people, so it takes time.

Those who are consistently able to follow-up with others and make it a priority will thrive in their business. I know it sounds simple, so what are you waiting for? Go follow-up!