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Your Worst Case Scenario Really Is Not That Bad | Jessica Eley

Believe or not, your personal life does impact your entrepreneur life.


Jessica Eley is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs who need to bridge the gap between personal development and business. As Jessica says, you can’t have one without the other. Jessica talks about why it’s so important to be a little selfish and put your needs first. If you don’t, you’ll end up burned out and unable to serve those who need your talents the most! When you run your own business, it takes a huge mindset shift in order for you to make it out, and feel 100% comfortable with your journey.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*The podcast is taking the break as the year winds down, but don’t worry! We’ll be back January 2nd.

*Afraid you’ll go into withdrawls? Don’t worry, we will be replaying the top four of the most popular episodes of all time over the next month.

*Who is Jessica? She’s a mindset coach for entrepreneurs!

*What does a mindset coach do?

*Jessica entrepreneurship and personal development are closely linked together.

*Jessica quit her job on a whim. Why did she feel like she had to do that?

*There’s no shame in quitting your job, doing your thing, and realizing that this isn’t right for you.

*Give yourself permission to try something new.

*As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly refining.

*What kind of challenges has Jessica faced?

*You could give away your talents for free, but we all know people get a better result for something that they pay for.

*We also know that if you keep giving away your talents for free, you will end up getting burned out.

*If it’s good for somebody else, then it needs to be good for you too.

*Remember, you can’t choose somebody else’s priorities for them.

*Success can sometimes scare us more than failure.

Maven Moment


Before we wrap up this final episode for 2016, I want to talk about something Jessica mentioned on the interview — her transition out of corporate. I know so many of you today are struggling with trying to branch out and get out of that job you hate, hate, hate! Jessica mentioned that we’d rather stick to something that hurts us than venture out into uncertainty. Listen in to the end of the show to hear my story of what my ‘breaking point’ was, and why I had to leave my job to start fresh.

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Productivity Reflections and Musings

Productivity Reflections and Musings | Maven Mini

I had the recent pleasure of meeting one of my mentors, Todd Herman, in person. This encounter really made me reflect on the progress I’ve had over the years, especially on the productivity side of things. I wanted to share some of the takeaways that I’ve experienced this year, as I built a business that fit more of my lifestyle needs in this Productivity Reflections and Musings episode.

One of the things I learned was that I was doing a pretty good job with goal setting, but I was not spending any time evaluating the personal side of my business. The truth is, business is personal. I honestly don’t separate the two. However, with that being said, I was not paying too much attention to the personal aspect of my day-to-day life. I wasn’t clear on goals for that side at all!

Another thing I learned about productivity, is that the thing I value in this business, for me, is really to do more in less time. When I started my first business, I was trying to do ‘all the things,’ and it drained me. On one hand, I did develop a very successful business, but it was at the expense of my well being.

Based on the experience I had, doing more in less time is really important to me. I don’t want to work extensive hours. I’m actually on a mission to see how few hours I can work, while still building a successful business. But while on this journey, I was rewarding bad behavior by moving quickly onto the next task once I completed the first item of business earlier than planned. I should be using that extra time to ‘enjoy life,’ as it were, instead of working, working, working.

One more thing that I’d like to add about what I learned about productivity is how I streamline my business. It’s not easy to streamline and make everything so seamless. Despite the goals that I have to do more with less, I was still biting off more than I could chew. And it’s forced me to stop, pivot, and re-focus myself. In fact, I’ve had to do this several times this year, to keep with my end-goal in mind.

So, that’s what I want to pass on to you today. Be clear on your goals and stay true to that. Even if it means stopping what you’re currently doing, and re-focusing.

Colette Belisle
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Have a CEO Mindset, Not a Business Owner Mindset | Colette Belisle

Always treat your business as if you were going to sell it.


Colette Belisle started her business out of necessity, and, although she was making good money, she wasn’t happy. She was working too hard, and for too little of a reward. But — she decided to make a shift, and today she’s a wonderful business strategist, who helps people find their purpose and align it correctly with their business in mind. So many great nuggets of wisdom from this week’s interview that you just do not want to miss!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Who is Colette?

*Why does Colette want to help others align their purpose with their business? Where does this desire come from?

*Treat your business like you’re going to sell it, even if you don’t plan on ever selling it.

*Colette did 50 speaking gigs in the her first year, and it completely transformed her business.

*Respect where you are in your business today. You’re not going to make millions overnight.

*It’s more difficult to sell things online. Tap into your local resources.

*Don’t pivot too early. You have to really commit to a strategy.

*Colette has a saying, “We raise together.” What does this saying mean to her?

*Entrepreneurship can get very lonely. It’s important to have a community that can help support you.

*What has helped Colette with her success?

*None of us set out on this entrepreneurial journey to get burned out.

*Decide what you want to become known for.

*Your audience wants to know who you are and what you stand for.

Maven Moment


Colette’s personal statement of, “We raise together.” resonated so well with me. Community is near and dear to my heart. In this day and age, there’s no reason why we need to be competing with our friends. It’s amazing what happens when you have a community of like-minded people backing you up. It really accelerates your results by having that support network around you! So, don’t do this alone. Seek help and seek a community.

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Are You the Bottleneck in Your Business? | Michelle McGlade | Bonus

Sometimes business bottlenecks are simply tactical, other times they are not.

So I messed up….I literally created a tactical bottleneck last week in my business when I thought I had all the pieces for the podcast this week in place and ready to go.

I did not {outing myself here}.

It happens. To us all.

But instead of leaving you high and dry……

I’m sharing my thoughts on why you’re continuing to create bottlenecks in your business that have nothing to do with tactics, and everything to do with self sabotage.

Tune in and let me know whatcha think in the comments below!

xx Michelle

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I Need to Get More Clients in the Door ASAP

I Need to Get More Clients in the Door ASAP! | Maven Mini

I received a fabulous question from one of the members of my Maven Inner Circle community. She said I Need to Get More Clients in the Door ASAP, but didn’t know the best ways to make that happen! She asked the group what were some of the quickest ways of achieving this.

I love this question, because we’ve all been in this situation before. We’ve all needed to rocket launch our hustle. It happens to everyone when they’re just getting started. Actually, it happens to all business owners, at all levels, when cash flow becomes an issue. So, what should we do? Go after the low hanging fruit! You don’t want to start new initiatives when you’re running around with your head cut off. However, because you’re in such a panic, you don’t even see the fruit that’s hanging right in front of you.

In my opinion, the fastest way to get clients in your door is through one-on-one connections and leveraging those! So, that could come in the form of asking for referrals from your already-established clientele, going back and looking for clients who haven’t been around in the last few of months, and even talking to people who didn’t follow through on your treatment plan.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making the ask. If you don’t ask, your clients won’t know how they can help you! Make the ask and follow up with the people who have drifted away! It does not need to be much more complex than that. However, if you’ve exhausted those leads, then the next best thing is to go to speaking arrangements and conferences, where you can talk to multiple people at once. These are colder leads, but this is an excellent way to get new traffic through your door, and be seen as the expert.