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Work Backwards from the End-Goal | Byron Morrison

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Byron Morrison is a corporate dropout, much like the rest of us. He was overweight, stressed, and unhappy with his marketing job. He kept fooling himself into thinking that it was the company he hated, but after a job interview, he quickly realized it was really the career that he hated. He decided to quit everything, and go back to school for nutrition. Today, he’s the Founder of Tailored Lifestyles, where he offers habit, nutrition, and fitness coaching.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*How did Byron get started as a coach?

*Byron was overweight and stressed when working at his corporate job.

*What’s the wellness industry like in the UK?

*Solid business skills are what’s missing in the wellness industry.

*Byron wants to help people who are just starting on their fitness journey.

*At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships.

*It’s harder to build trust and a strong relationship online.

*Make sure your niche and your passion are aligned.

*What kind of goals has Byron set for himself?

*Byron had a huge fear of failure when he first launched his business.

*How did Bryon structure and achieve his goals?

*Everything always takes a little longer than you think.

*What’s Byron’s book about?

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Maven Moment


I want to quickly share a thought about finding your target market. I don’t think you should pick a career if you’re not passionate about it. So many people pick particular niches because they think it’s marketable, and it might be, but are you passionate about it? Because if you’re not, it’s just going to be an uphill struggle.

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If you’re faking it, people are going to work it out quickly, and stop trusting you. Click To Tweet I realized at a job interview, that it’s not the job I hate, it’s my entire career. Click To Tweet Once you start getting comfortable, it’s death. Click To Tweet
What Do You Want for Your Business?

What Do You Want for Your Business? | Maven Mini

What Do You Want for Your Business? Are you struggling to be visible within your business? If you’re not crystal clear on why people should want to pay you money to come see you, or even if you don’t know what makes you, well, you, find more focus! Grab the, ‘You Don’t Suck’ worksheet at the bottom of this page!

Okay, so why am I so passionate about helping my clients build businesses? Because I’ve been there, and remember wishing I had a supportive community along the way holding my hand. Instead, I had to do it (somewhat) alone and make all the ugly mistakes with it. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through what I went through because of communities like Making the Maven!

I can tell you, I would look at other people’s success and compare myself to them. This was so, so wrong, because everyone walks a different path to get to where they want to go, right? So, comparing yourself to those super successful entrepreneurs may just get you discouraged. We often see the end result, not the ‘messiness’ of it all.

Don’t let others influence you into thinking what your ideal business is. As so many of my guests have said in the past, design your business with your lifestyle in mind. You are the only person who best knows what you want!

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The Entrepreneurial Hustle | Skyler Dennis | MTM081

If you’re in your comfort zone, then you’re in your broke zone.


Skyler Dennis is the co-founder of I Stay Woke and the Co-author of the fictional book, How to Cheat Death. Skyler went from making $5,000-10,000 a month from the comfort of his own bed to being absolutely broke! If anyone has had an up and down entrepreneurial journey, it’s definitely been Skyler.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*What is Skyler up to these days?

*How did Skyler become an entrepreneur?

*Skyler went from $5-10k a month with just laying in bed to being absolutely broke.

*How do we start overcoming our fear?

*What are you more afraid of? Being broke? Letting your family down? Pinpoint those feelings.

*You have to be visible for your audience! If you don’t do that, then you won’t be able to help those who need it the most!

*Skyler shares some of his blogging tips.

*There is no secret to success.

*Skyler honestly didn’t even have a clue that he’ll be where he is today, a couple of years ago.

*Skyler wrote a business fiction book entitled, How to Cheat Death.

*This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who need a little pick me up or inspirational boost!

*Skyler gives a quick shoutout to his mentors!

*What’s it like having a business partner?

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Maven Moment


Let’s go back to fear. My client and I were discussing this recently. We don’t always want the same thing for our business today, than we did when we first started our entrepreneurial journey. Those pivotal moments can be very scary for us, because we’re venturing into the unknown. We don’t know if the leap we’re about to take will be a successful one! But here’s the thing, don’t be afraid! Fear is a good thing, and if we didn’t have it, then we’d never try to strive for bigger and better goals.

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How To Cheat Death: Nine Keys To Overcoming A Dead Broke Mentality, by
Skyler Dennis and Jamonica Nunnery



If you’re staying in your comfort zone, it’s your broke zone. Click To Tweet Wisdom doesn’t come without great challenge. Click To Tweet It’s healthy for you to have fear. Click To Tweet
Time to Get Tactical

It’s Time to get Tactical with Your Business | Maven Mini

I have four key elements for you today. You can use these four action tactics to implement into your calendar, week in and week out. These tips are not sexy, I know, but they are oh-so-necessary.  I know you’re struggling, but believe me these tactics work, as I recently helped a client with this! Ready? Okay! Let’s go.

Tip 1: Time for you.

I don’t see this enough with my clients. You’re too busy working, and struggling, and not putting yourself first. Take care of yourself, because if you don’t, no one will!

Tip 2: Pick your office hours.

One of my clients allowed for her clients to call her at anytime of the day. Exhausting! You have to set some boundaries, or else you’ll go crazy. Sit down and figure out what’s best for you, and let your clients know your schedule.

Tip 3: Schedule time to work on your business.

Schedule time to handle the knick-knacks and miscellaneous things in your business. Everyone has their set of daily operations, but it’s those administrative tasks that you can’t ignore. Whether it be getting your receipts in a row, insurance billing, etc! It’s not fun, but it’s necessary. It can definitely pile up quickly, if you’re not paying attention!

Tip 4: Block time to work on the bigger picture.

Okay, once you’ve scheduled time for the day-to-day tasks, you also want to be sure you have enough time for the big-picture tasks. These aren’t going to happen overnight, but it won’t get done, if you don’t focus on it, either. Don’t let this slip by, because time can definitely creep up, and you’ll be left wondering what you’ve been doing all this time.

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Amy Selbach
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Risk Tolerance Is Just a Muscle | Amy Selbach

Structure your business in a way that feels good to you!


Amy Selbach is a powerhouse full of energy. She is an adventure seeker, traveler, and the founder of Taut Body studio, located in Kenya. Amy started her business just as a side hobby, but it has steadily grown into something amazing. Amy talks about what it’s like running a business overseas, especially when she, personally, is located in California. She also discusses how she combines online strategies to keep her brick & mortar clients engaged, even if they’ve never stepped foot in her studio!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Be sure to grab the “You Don’t Suck” worksheet!

*Amy has had 20 years’ background in marketing and brand strategy.

*In Amy’s case, she said no, and the universe opened the right door for her.

*Why did Amy decide to start a fitness studio in Kenya?

*Amy tested this concept in her garage first. When she saw that it would work, she opened a studio.

*Amy is an adventure seeker, but when it comes to her money, she’s very, very conservative.

*Risk tolerance is just a muscle! Work those muscles and they’ll get bigger overtime.

*So many business owners don’t think of themselves as a leader in their community, but that’s what you’ve signed up for!

*Brick & mortar business tend to just want to push product, but Amy approached it differently.

*When you have bouts of courage, be sure to use that energy wisely and take action!

*What kind of challenges has Amy experienced?

*Amy knows her family is not going to be in Kenya, so it’s been a bit difficult managing her business overseas.

*What is Amy working on right now?

*Set boundaries for yourself.

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Maven Moment


Let’s talk about acting before you’re ready. Okay, I’m going to be honest with you. There’s really never a perfect time, there’s never really a perfect ‘ready.’ It’s either too early or too late. Acting before you’re ready is a critical element to being a successful business. I can confidently tell you, just from my personal experience, I was never truly ‘ready,’ but I jumped into it anyway! If you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable, then that’s a very good sign.

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It only takes 20 seconds of insane courage to really change your life. Click To Tweet Guys, start on a small scale and test the concept. Don’t throw your life savings into something before you know! Click To Tweet Risk tolerance is a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to get bigger. Click To Tweet