Tinkering Around in Your Business

Are You Just Tinkering Around in Your Business? | Maven Mini

Today’s Maven Mini is inspired by one of my clients! Are you a business owner just tinkering around? Or are you someone who is going to own up to your role as a successful and savvy business owner? I know what role I want to be, but I can tell you there’s a huge difference between those two roles.

So, how can you dive in and really own your successful and savvy genius? First, I just want to say my client’s problem was a very common one. We’ve all been there. This woman hired a contractor that is not delivering. This has happened to every entrepreneur! If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just wait, because it will! But, the important thing to focus on is not that it happens, but how you will handle it when it does happen. That’s what you need to focus on.

So, my client is ready to do a beta test and do a first launch on her online course. She decided to outsource some of those moving parts. What happens when things go wrong is that you feel really powerless, because you don’t know what you don’t know, right? You don’t know how to ask the right questions, etc. Now, this is what she said to me, that made me know instantly she was just tinkering around instead of owning it. She said, “They would commit things to me and then they would not deliver them.” or “The work was not to my standards.”

So, I said to her, listen, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you’ve already established they’re not good! So, don’t give them more money when you’ve already found out they aren’t the quality you’re looking for. You are the business owner! It is time to take charge and find someone else.

So, dear listeners, do you want to be someone who just tinkers and lets things happen at a whim, or do you want to own it and make those decisions to get your business moving forward?


Open Mind + Open Heart = Fantastic Opportunities | Amanda Riley

Trust that there’s a plan waiting for you.


Amanda Riley is the owner of Blissful Balance, a studio that incorporates creative ways to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Amanda never imagined she’d be the owner of her own practice, but after two years of being open for business, you can say she’s finally got this whole ‘entrepreneur thing’ down. She attributes her studio’s rapid success just to having an open mind towards opportunities that pass her way.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Everyone has a calling inside to do more, and Amanda definitely listened to that calling.

*By the way I have a new freebie download! Don’t forget to download it!

*What’s Amanda up to these days?

*How did Amanda get into the wellness industry?

*How did Amanda come about opening her wellness center?

*Amanda’s clinic has now turned into a family affair, which was never the original plan.

*What helped with Amanda’s success? Her open-mindedness!

*What kind of roadblocks has Amanda faced?

*After the first year, Amanda nearly quit because it was so difficult!

*Start with daily affirmations!

*How did Amanda reignite her confidence?

*Amanda has now created an online program for her peeps!

*What is Amanda’s morning practice?

*Was Amanda always like this?!

*You just feel better when you focus on the things you’re grateful for, vs. on the things you don’t have.

*Business is so personal that if you’re not being real with yourself, everything else tends to fall apart.

Maven Moment


What separates the business newbies from those business veterans out there? Well, Amanda really hit on the differences between those two, in today’s conversation. After surrounding myself with like-minded and successful entrepreneurs, I can safely say the themes are always the same. The first begins with listening to what your audience wants. The second thing they seem to always have is the right mindset. The right reasons as to why they do what they do. Amanda had both of these from the get-go, and look at her fly off into the sunset with her business!

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Musing on Mindset

Musing on Mindset | Maven Mini

Today, I’m Musing on Mindset. We can all use the focus every once in awhile! I was talking to a potential client, and the words that were coming out of her mouth were very negative and self-defeating. At the end, I had to give some tough love! A lot of the things that were holding her back had nothing to do with business strategy, and everything to do with mindset and inner worth!

Before I continue, do you know about the app Mindset Engine? I’m just going to give a quick shoutout to my friend Kevin who is running this fun little app. You can get it for free here. I was on that app and was instantly inspired after reading the tip of the day from Kevin.

Musing on Mindset

So, if you’re two years or less into your online entrepreneurial journey, then take this advice to heart! Kevin believes it’s important to first understand where your boundaries/comfort zone are, before you try to break them down! What makes you feel uncomfortable? What are some of your limits? We can achieve so much when we overcome our mindset and the things that are sabotaging our success.

So, how do you move forward? Some think the challenge is just taking the first baby steps. However, I think before you even focus on taking those baby steps, focus on overcoming the fear, first. How long have you been dreaming about helping people? How strong of a calling do you have to get your wisdom out into the world? When you focus on your core reasons, then the fear becomes much easier to overcome!

Scott Colby

The Thirst for Freedom & Growth | Scott Colby

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.


Scott Colby continues to evolve as an entrepreneur. He went from a brick & mortar business to an online model, plus has created several passion projects along the way. Scott and I really dive into his journey on how he was able to see the growth and freedom that he wanted through his businesses. Scott talks about why he loves telesummits to build his list, how entrepreneurs like himself just have a thirst for freedom, and why practicing gratitude is so important.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Follow up with your potential clients, existing clients, and past clients!

*Who is Scott? He loves the outdoors and started his business in 2007.

*Running your business gives you so much flexibility.

*Not only is Scott a fitness coach, but Scott also takes clients on adventure trips too!

*Was Scott always an entrepreneur?

*Scott took his business from one-on-one to one-to-many.

*One-on-one coaching is great, but group coaching can be an effective way to teach multiple people within the same timeslot.

*Scott likes audio-only telesummits/podcasts because it has a more intimate experience. There are also less things that can go wrong, technology wise.

*You can build your list in many ways, but Scott just loves a virtual summit.

*What is, ‘Say It With Gratitude,’ about?

*After attending a conference, Scott wanted to put together some sort of fitness adventure when he moved to Colorado.

Maven Moment

Scott has a lot of similar values that I do, and one of the things he talked about was building a business that fits your lifestyle. As entrepreneurs, we created our businesses to become more free, but a lot of the times, we end up stressed out and overwhelmed, instead! Scott’s message of starting with the end goal in mind really resonates with me, because if we don’t set those clear intentions in the beginning, we definitely can get so, so lost in our entrepreneurial journey.

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Seek Out a Supportive Community

Seek Out a Supportive Community | Maven Mini

I was talking to a potential client today and she reminded me how important it is to Seek Out a Supportive Community around you. It’s critical for your success! This person basically said she was making excuses and having a hard time focusing. She was having somewhat negative self-talk. But, she also said something about her husband. He’s not understanding why she’s taking so long in this journey. She also talked about her friends and how she’s afraid to talk to them. All they do is tell her what she wants to hear.

Uh oh! The good news is that she knows she needs to go outside of her circle of friends. She needs to find someone who will give her that tough love, and actually help her, instead of hinder her! If you do not have someone, whether paid or free, I highly encourage you to seek out some sort of mentor or coach, to help you along and get your mind and business on the right track.

Seek Out a Supportive Community


Another thing, not everyone has a supportive spouse. I’m fortunate that I am able to talk to my husband about some of my struggles every night. Also, I have some very close entrepreneur friends, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a good fit for my everyday life issues. What it boils down to is having good, and strong, communities, where you can depend on the support of not just one, but several people who automatically ‘get it.’ You gotta find your cheerleaders and those who can help lift you up.

Again, these friendship circles aren’t an ‘it’s nice to have,’ they are a ‘need to have.’ You need support, you need guidance, and you need to know you’ve got a community of people who are all rooting for you, and that have your back.