Marc Ryan

There’s Nothing Wrong with Niching Down! | Marc Ryan

If you’re afraid of niching too far down, then you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.


Marc Ryan is a Hashimoto healer. Marc and his daughter were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and he knew there were others just like him and her out there. He had to do something about it. Originally with a background in acupuncture, Marc has had his practice for 13 years, and only focuses on healing others who have this disease. Is Marc too niched down? Not At All! Marc’s niche has given him more opportunities (including a book deal) than he could ever imagine.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Who is Marc? He is a Hashimoto healer!

*How did Marc get into acupuncture?

*Before Marc became an acupuncturist, he was a musician, and he also taught refugees English.

*When Marc finished acupuncture school, he kind of got thrown out to the wolves. He was in debt with no business experience.

*After going into business with a bunch of friends, Marc was ready to get out and have a simpler life.

*Did Marc have a fear that he was niching down his business too much?

*When you commit to a smaller niche, you actually get more opportunities. It sounds crazy!

*People are looking for very specific things to help them with their problem.

*What advice does Marc have for those who are having a hard time selecting their niche?

*It’s important to realize you really can’t master a lot of things. Finding what you’re great at, takes focus and commitment.

*It never feels like the right time to outsource, but either way, you have to do it to keep your sanity!

*How has understanding mechanisms made Marc a better practitioner? What does he mean by that?

*How did Marc get his book deal with Hay House Publishing?

*Want to write a book? Just start writing. Done is better than perfect.

Maven Moment

Hey everyone! Before we end, I want to share some thoughts about niching down. I personally know this is a struggle for you. As Marc was talking about his niche, it was a reminder on how I picked my niche. In the beginning, I just didn’t know what I wanted. It took me about a year of just treating anybody to figure out what kind of people I really gelled with, and that’s okay! It takes time to discover who your ideal clients are. But once you’ve hit the nail on the head, don’t be afraid to go for it!

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There is just got to be another way to provide care! I was so frustrated by traditional medicine. Click To Tweet You are only good at a minimal number of things. By committing to a niche, I’m one of the top people on this subject. Click To Tweet There is no limit to the number of people that need help. Click To Tweet
Social Tips for That Shy Introvert

Social Tips for That Shy Introvert | Maven Mini

I had an excellent question come in from one of the members of the Maven Inner Circle about Social Tips for That Shy Introvert, and that question has inspired this Maven Mini today. Shoutout to Sarah. So, the question is, any tips, tricks, and tools for someone who is introverted, and gets very nervous when talking to new people?

By the way, if you don’t get nervous going to networking events, then you gotta PM who you are and tell me your secret!

Okay, let’s start. The first tip:

If possible, don’t go to the huge, huge networking events right away. Let’s be clear, you don’t HAVE to do it a certain way. Remember, any opportunity is a networking opportunity. So, if you’re just meeting up with people in a very casual setting, then take the time to network! Dip your toes in the water a little bit on a smaller scale, before you dive head first into those big conferences.

Tip two:

Now, let’s say you have to go to a big networking event. What do you do then? Well, what I do, is break the situation up into small, and manageable, goals. Here’s what I mean by that: I know it can be super overwhelming when you first walk into a big room. You don’t anybody. All you want to do is shrink.

So, to make it less overwhelming, I always go and find the host of the party/conference. Why? Because!!! They know everybody, and will make introductions for you. Let them know you’re new! It’s the host’s job (usually) to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Tip three:

Another thing to keep in mind — don’t necessarily make it your goal to speak to everyone. You want to make deep relationships with people, not wide relationship, right? So, if you spend your time super focused on 2 or 3 people throughout the entire conference, good! At the end of the day, you want to build meaningful relationships with others, not superficial ones.

Final tip:

Don’t forget to get their contact information and then follow up with them!! This is huge. The follow up is huge!! Remember to download my freebie, which, as you may already know, is all about the follow up. So, if you’re not sure what are some of the best ways to follow up, what to say, etc., then I help you with this very process in my PDF. You don’t want to miss out!

Thanks for listening/reading, guys! Talk to you next week.

Lisa Carpenter

Let Entrepreneurship Be Easy for You | Lisa Carpenter

Take a step back and make it easy for yourself. Hard work doesn’t have to be so hard.


Lisa Carpenter is a second-time guest on the show! I had her on last year and you guys just absolutely loved her and her message, so I knew she had to come back to share more of her wisdom. If you don’t know who she is, she’s an empowerment and nutrition coach. On the show, Lisa admits that entrepreneurs tend to make it harder for themselves, when it doesn’t need to be! She also admits that she had a lot of money shame, and she was too afraid to even say this out loud, to the world, until only recently. Sometimes, you just have to face the uncomfortable and beat it!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Remember, I have a new freebie for you!

*Not enough people talk about the struggles of being an entrepreneur.

*We get so bombarded by the messages around us.

*Why are you making your business so hard?

*Relationship building should not be hard!

*Start journaling your thoughts down. Outside motivators can affect who you are, and not in the good way.

*This week, Lisa took a bunch of apps, including Facebook, off her phone. It was taking too much of her attention.

*How do we know what we need to let go of?

*Track your time!

*So many people skip the financial stuff. Don’t do this!! Lisa admits she had so much shame around money.

*Lisa is very close to paying off her debt, and that’s scary!

*If you’re comfortable, you’re truly not growing.

Maven Moment


I’m going to get on my soap box a little bit here, so bear with me! When I first started my business online, I spent so much time on one-on-one coaching. However, I wanted to find a way to scale my business at a different price point. So, how did I do this? To be honest. I was pushed, and I created the Maven Inner Circle.

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Not enough people are talking about the frustrations, the fears, the anxiety, and the ‘what am I doing’ moments. Click To Tweet What were the things I really used to love to do? Click To Tweet I believe my business is my biggest teacher in the world. All the lessons I need to learn will come through it. Click To Tweet