5 Steps to Sell Out Your Signature Program

5 Steps to Sell Out Your Signature Program

Let’s talk about 5 Steps to Sell Out Your Signature Program today! This came to me because of all of you, actually! And if you’re wondering what I mean by a “signature program”, let’s dig in!

What do you want to be known for? What kind of amazing outcome can you provide for your clients and how do you take them on that journey? This could show up in many different ways.

It could be a three month, one-to-one coaching or treatment program. Or maybe a six week small group program. How about an eight week allergy relief session? It’s up to you what you want to be known for. This would be your “signature program”!

I was recently working with one of my clients who had many different ideas for programs she wanted to do. She actually already had several courses and programs developed, but we needed to start whittling it down. If you’re not clear on who you serve and what outcome you offer, it’s hard to put yourself out there from a sales and marketing perspective to bring in the right clients for you!

What kind of target market is going to want what you are offering really badly? Why is it so hard for you to figure out? Why do so many of us struggle with this? You’re the expert, but suddenly, you want to insert yourself in many different things.

Believe it or not, the starting point is really what I consider Step #4 in my 5 Step Process!

But let’s walk through the beginning to help you sell out your signature program.

  1. Be Crystal Clear On the Problem You Solve

If you don’t know what that is, you’ve got to go back to thinking about what you want to be known for. It needs to solve a big, big problem! It will need to be something that people WANT to buy!

  1. Who Wants This Outcome?

Let’s think about this a little deeper. Say you have a client who is dealing with infertility. A side problem they experience is anxiety, which leads to sleeplessness.

Selling to a woman who is struggling with infertility for anxiety and sleep isn’t going to do the trick. What they really want is to get pregnant! While you can claim you’ll solve the anxiety, ultimately they could care less about it. While it is true that it may be driving them crazy, it’s not what they’re going to really go out and buy.

  1. Brainstorm

Before you come up with the step-by-step program you’re going to take them on, you need to put in some time to brainstorm.

Many clients may be in a bad way by the time they come to you. Think about how they got there in the first place! It’s not just taking them on the journey, it’s educating them on why they’re in this situation to begin with! I call it “ghosts of the past”.

Think about where they’re at now and what is keeping them stuck. Why can’t they get from Point A to Point B? What is holding them back?

Look at these two areas: the past and the present. Think about their lifestyle choices, the environment. Maybe their mental, spiritual, and physical health. Their relationships. You’ll want to incorporate these elements into your signature program!

Than, brainstorm the steps and possible things that you’re going to need to teach them to make sure they don’t fall back to past behaviors! To ensure that they break through what they are currently doing to move them to the next step!

Just get it all out on paper!

What I see happening is because many think it’s about perfection over progress. The idea here, however, is to just spit out as much as you can think of, that may be perfect for you to cover in your signature program.

  1. Organize and Outline

The key to a signature program is to not make it too long. If you’re new to this, six to eight weeks is ideal. This could correspond to six to eight modules.

Take all the information you came up with in Step 3 and put it into six to eight modules! Each will need to have a goal and it needs to have some key points or outcomes.

Develop the course! How are you going to walk people through this step-by-step?

  1. Beta Test

Don’t make the mistake to just think that now you’re ready to rock once Step 4 is done! Beta test your new program with five to ten people! This is really important because you don’t have to get it perfect, but you really need to get it going!

Don’t waste all your time developing some fancy signature program that doesn’t end up selling.

Now that you know the problem that you are going to solve and who it is for, go out and get beta testers to run through the new program! Now you’ll be able to develop it as you go and get feedback to adjust and tweak, where necessary.

As a recap, DON’T START WITH STEP NUMBER FOUR! Make sure you follow these 5 steps above and you’re going to develop a program that sells!

You Invest in Your Craft, Yet You Don’t Invest in Your Business
Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy

Making the Maven Episode 113: The journey looks so different for everybody. Just keep in mind the real success is in the progress.


Lori Kennedy is the Founder of The Wellness Business Hub, a website that offers health and wellness professionals resources on what they need to know to launch a successful practice. For so many students who recently graduated, they are not equipped with the knowledge of going out there and making their own business succeed. When Lori started her own practice, she made so many mistakes and wished she had a place like The Wellness Business Hub to go to. On the show, Lori discusses why single sessions don’t work for your patients or your business, how owning a business isn’t always for everyone, and so much more!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Before we get started with today’s interview, don’t forget I have a new freebie for you!

*It’s hard to find other local practitioners who want to collaborate. It’s the scarcity mindset!

*How did Lori become a wellness practitioner?

*Lori has never worked in a 9-5 office setting. She always knew she wanted to go into this field.

*It’s painful to change, so that means the pain you experience has to be so great that it’ll motivate you to find alternative solutions.

*Do you want to work evenings and weekends? Is that’s what’s best for your lifestyle? No? Then why are you doing it?!

*After you get out of school, it’s so hard to make the mental shift that you’re now, also, starting your own business. So many wellness practitioners invested in their craft, but don’t even invest in the business side of things!

*If you want to stay at your full-time job and help people for free, that’s okay too.

*Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of self-work.

*Unfortunately, it’s not profitable nor is it helpful to only see a client one time. So, why are we selling only single sessions?

*What’s your ‘why’ to being a health practitioner? Like, the real why behind why you do what you do?

*The only reason why someone doesn’t take action is because of what’s going on inside their head.

*Lori has a course on how to create your own signature program without overwhelming yourself!