Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online

Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online

I get it. You are interested in putting together content that you can sell in an online space. You want to stop trading time for your money. I’m so onboard with you! But I want to talk about that big no-no you’re doing when you’re building that signature program. You need to use this Main Action Step to Sell Your Content Online!

The good news is, you have tons of content! You’re the expert in your field. You have a lot going on and can share so much with people and sell to them to make really good money!

The bad news is how you’re going about doing it. So what’s the best way to take all of that knowledge and expertise and put it out into the marketplace in a way that is going to ensure success?

The first step is NOT to create the course or content. Remember that!

I was talking to a naturopathic doctor recently who is doing so many things right now! She’s got tons of energy and is interested in setting up her practice in a way that’s virtual. She wants to put content out there in a value ladder of some sort that brings them in, educates them, teaches them and ultimately sells them her higher-end packages and services.


So now she has worked on putting together opt-in’s. She’s created the course she wants to sell and is ready to go! But… she’s missing a few key foundational steps. The good news is that she knew this and it’s why she reached out to me. She came in saying she wasn’t sure how it all should go together and didn’t know what her strategy should be.

And this is what I need to share with you today!

1. Do the market research. Get clarity on the target market and do the market research.


Before you even create the content, you have got to understand whom you will be selling it to! Who will the target market for the course or content that you will put out there be? After you have the answer for this, it’s time to do your research!

However, do not think you’ve defined a target market if it’s too broad. Do not skim over this piece, or it will backfire on you! Be crystal clear on whom this content is for. You need to really understand this market’s deep desires and what their struggles are.

Once this target market of yours sees the powerful message that you’re putting out into the world, they are going to say, “I want more of that, she gets me!” And this is important, because it will determine how you’re going to get their attention. How will you get them to opt-in? How are you going to get them to pull out their credit card and sign up?

You need to speak their language, so make sure you do that research!

The next natural step is for you to want to create your course all over again. Why? Because this is where you’re comfortable. You’re the expert and you know the amazing outcome and results you want to get people. But, don’t do it!

2. Run the beta test


The next step is actually to get a few people to beta test the current course you already have set. I get it. You’re in panic attack mode. It makes you anxious. You’re thinking, “I don’t have the course done, the content isn’t ready.” But here’s a big truth…

You don’t need the content ready! You just need an outline!

Once you know who you want to serve with the content, get a small group of them together. Three to five people, that’s it! Outline the content and bring them through the content as you’re creating it.

It’s so important because this is where you’re going to learn what your target market responds to! You’ll see what kind of questions they have and where they are getting stuck. This is all going to help you create even better content because you’re in-touch with your course! You’re going to see first-hand how they are digesting the information.

By running a small beta test with your content, you’re going to get so much more well-informed. This is going to position you to bring it out to the marketplace in such a powerful way. And you’re going to be more confident in your new signature course.

You’re going to be able to be more clear in your marketing and messaging, which will ultimately give you more results to share with people. This will translate into more sales!

So why doesn’t everyone automatically do this? It’s because there is no doubt that you’re more comfortable being the expert in your course, rather than being the marketer. Instead of working on the content you’re passionate about, you have to be thinking about the foundations of this course to accelerate results on the other end. But I’m here to challenge you to get out of that role and get more into the marketing hat role!

You may also get stuck on this because you THINK you’ve already done the work I’m describing. But 99% of you haven’t. How do I know? Because of my own journey in my business! I’m still continuing to go deeper and deeper and doing research with my audience. From talking to all of you, I know you’re not going deep enough.

You’re not taking the time to understand your audience! And I know you’re skipping that important beta testing because you think, “I don’t know who to get so I need to just go online and sell it.” But the problem is you’re not going to sell it if you don’t have that right target audience, along with the messaging and understanding of how to position it with them!

And those are the first stages of really taking your one-to-one knowledge and bringing it into an online environment. This is going to help you achieve the goal of not continuing to trade your time for money!

This is an opportunity! It’s open to every wellness practitioner out there because you are the consummate expert and have a ton of knowledge in your respective area of expertise.

But you may not be a great marketer.

That’s why I’m giving you tips here every week to become better at the marketing piece of your business!

The Way You Serve Makes People Show Up
Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider
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Making the Maven Episode 116: The only person who is responsible for you is you. Start showing up and start serving.


Elizabeth Rider is a health coach, TV host, and wellness expert. She offers healthy recipes and straightforward nutrition advice that draws millions of inspired readers to her blog. Elizabeth is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her recipes have been featured on MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, and more. On the show, Elizabeth offers sage advice on how to keep your business and your dreams working for you, not against you.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*For this episode, you definitely want to grab your pen and paper.

*Getting clarity in your vision and your purpose is the foundation of your business. Don’t skip this step! I’ve got a freebie that can help you get this step right from the start.

*How did Elizabeth get started as a health coach?

*Ultimately, it is not anybody’s job to believe in you, it’s only your job to believe in yourself.

*Why are people so afraid of getting started on their dreams? It’s because they’re afraid of what people will think of them.

*Remember, certainty is an illusion. So, it’s important to start feeling comfortable with uncertainty.

*We’re on this planet to shine, yet we create so much suffering for ourselves. Why?

*What’s your motivation for creating your business? If you do it just for the followers then it’s destined to fail.

*What are you struggling with right now?

*What happens if you want to help ‘everybody’? How do you handle niching down?

*Even if you have an online model for your business, you still need to do grassroots marketing. Shaking hands and looking people in the eye goes way further than a sales page ever will.

*How long did it take Elizabeth to build her business where it was no longer a struggle?

*If you feel like you’re struggling, you have to invest more in your education to help you get out of that trap.

*Elizabeth offers some actions steps on what you need to do TODAY to get a good start on your business.

*When it comes to confidence, the biggest thing you need to do is get to know yourself.

*When you’re starting out, just get your content out there. Don’t worry about the design of your website just yet.

*What’s next for Elizabeth?